Know About Frontier Airlines Baggage Policy

Frontier Airlines Baggage Policy

Flying with Frontier Airlines is a unique experience on its own. Being a low-cost carrier, Frontier provides very cheap and reasonable tickets but also sets limitations to various other services in return. Frontier Airlines baggage policy is among those, so here we will be discussing all the details about the policy and providing you insights on how you should carry your baggage.

Types Of Baggages And Their Allowances

Frontier Airlines allows one personal item free of cost to be carried on board, however, the bag must fit perfectly in the space underneath the seat. Apart from that all other items you check-in are paid for and you need to pay certain fees for carrying them on board. So without wasting any time, let’s dive deep into the types of baggage and their size limit to understand the Frontier Airlines baggage rules.

Personal Item

The airlines allow only one personal item to be checked in free of cost. These items may include anything from purses, totes, computer bags, briefcases, diaper bags, and kid’s backpacks. This must adhere to the size limitations that are mentioned below-

Allowance and Extra Fee

The personal item carried by you will be measured at check-in and it must be within the size limit that is equal to or less than 8”D x 18”W x 14”H including handles, wheels, and straps. 

If your item goes beyond the allowed size limit, it will be subject to additional charges. The item must fit perfectly in the space beneath the seat. 

Carry On Baggage

Carry-on baggage on Frontier is not free and you will have to pay the fees associated with it. The item might include large backpacks, small duffel bags, and small suitcases/wheeled bags. The size and weight should not exceed the allowed limit mentioned by the airlines.

Allowance and Extra Fee

The carry-on bags will be measured and weighed during the boarding process and they should not exceed-

  • The size limit of 10″D x 16″W x 24″H including handles, wheels, and straps.
  • The weight limit of 35lbs. 

Any carry-on bags exceeding the size or weight limit allowed will be subject to additional charges. The item must also fit perfectly in the overhead bin in the airplane. 

Checked Baggage

The largest of all items, checked baggage is also not free of cost on Frontier Airlines. The items that are included in the checked baggage are large duffel bags, large suitcases, and sporting equipment. There are various exceptions to checked baggage but we will get to it slowly. The allowed checked baggage must not exceed the size and Frontier Airlines baggage weight limit.

Allowance and Extra Fee

The checked baggage that is carried onboard will be measured while boarding the plane. So the size and weight limit mentioned below should not be exceeded by the passenger- 

  • The size limit is 62 linear inches (length x width x depth) including handles, wheels, and straps.
  • The weight limit is a maximum of 40 pounds (18.1 kilograms).

Any checked baggage exceeding either limit or any one of them is subject to additional charges and extra fees should be paid for carrying them onboard. 

Frontier Airlines Special Cases In Baggage Policy

There are always exceptions or some kind of additions, the same is here with Frontier Airlines. So go through the special cases and the fees related to it-

Oversized Or Overweight Baggage Limit and Fees

Flying with Frontier Airlines you must be well aware of what are the Frontier Airlines baggage limits. Frontier allows a maximum of 40 pounds of weight on any checked baggage and any baggage exceeding the limit will be considered overweight. The same applies to baggage exceeding the size limit of 62 linear inches and is considered oversized. Here are all the limitations and fees for overweight and oversized baggage (all of the fees are non-refundable)-

  • Any baggage measuring between 63-110 linear inches will be considered oversized baggage and will be charged $75 per bag and in a single direction.
  • Any bag weighing between 41-50 pounds will be categorized as overweight baggage and can be charged $50-$100 per bag, per direction. The Frontier Airlines baggage price might vary depending on the size and weight of the oversized or overweight baggage.
  • Any bag exceeding the overweight or oversized bag allowance will not be allowed to fly on the plane. 
  • Additionally carrying antlers will cost you $100 per bag, each way.
  • Carrying a bicycle with you onboard can cost $75 per bag, each way.

Want to Carry Extra Baggage For Free?

Frontier Airlines allows passengers to upgrade to WORKSsm and PERKSsm bundle and get various additional amenities and services. These bundles do override the Frontier Airlines baggage policy but provide extra allowances at certain price ranges. One such service includes carrying one carry-on and one checked baggage for free along with seat selection and priority boarding. 

The bundle prices start from $50 onwards. However, keep in mind that these prices are likely to change according to route and also depending on the trip type (one-way and round-trip).

Special Allowance For Military Personnel

All active duty military personnel in the US Army are warm-heartedly welcomed on board via Frontier Airlines. They just need to carry a Common Access Card (CAC) with a uniformed services affiliation and present them at the airport counter and they will be waived off of the normal Frontier Airlines baggage allowance, allowing them to carry-

  • One free personal item for free.
  • One free carry-on bag at no additional cost.
  • Two free checked bags absolutely for no additional fees.

This however is only applicable to active duty personnel and does not extend to any travel companion or their family members. The benefit is only limited to active duty armed forces, reserves, and national guard. 

Frontier’s Responsibilities for Lost & Damaged Baggage

Frontier Airlines does care about your baggage and makes sure that each one of them reaches the right owner. However, there are certain conditions where Frontier does not stand liable for lost or damaged baggage- 

  • If your bag is damaged, find a Frontier representative at the airport to report damage to a checked item within 4 hours of arriving at your destination.
  • If you were unable or could not report damage to a Frontier representative at the airport, you can report the damage to our Central Baggage Office by filling out our Damage Baggage form.
  • If you are at the airport, present your damaged bag so the agent can determine the liability. It’s important to keep in mind that while we will always do what we can to help, we simply can’t be liable for normal wear and tear. This includes scratches, small dents, rips, tears, and general grime and dirt.
  • Frontier accepts no responsibility if your bag was clearly overstuffed beyond its capacity.
  • We aren’t liable for the baggage carried in the passenger area of the aircraft (carry-on baggage).
  • If the agent determines that Frontier was responsible for the damage, we will proceed with the next steps from there.

In case you have lost your baggage at the airport or on the plane you can contact the Frontier Airlines baggage phone number at 801-401-9000. Apart from that here’s what you can do-

  • While being at the airport, get to an agent and let them know about your situation, they will surely help you with the processes involved.
  • In case you’re not at the airport, you can still get the required assistance. Just fill out the form for reporting lost items online and the concerned officials will get to you soon.

*Note- You must report any missing item from your baggage within 24 hours of your flight arrival.

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