Seat Upgrade On American Airlines

American Airlines Seat Upgrade

Uncover the full potential of your journey with the unbeatable American Airlines seat upgrade. Glide through the skies in absolute comfort and style with its premium seating options. The upgraded amenities and individualized service will exceed your expectations at every turn. Fly like a VIP and create unforgettable memories on board this carrier. 

The best way to upgrade your seat on this airline is by signing up for its frequent flyer program called AAdvantage. No doubt you can get a seat upgrade if you are not a member of the program. But your chances are as less as possible. 

Types Of Seat Upgrades On American Airlines

The airline offers various types of upgrades so you can sit on your desired seat. Go through the details about the different seat upgrade types below. 

Complimentary Upgrades 

These upgrades will be given to you automatically with your AAdvantage status level. But it also depends if there is available space on the aircraft. And your Main Cabin or Premium Economy fare is eligible for the seat upgrade. 

This seat upgrade is also based on your status level and is confirmed up to 3 hours before the departure. Your 1 companion (if any) will also be upgraded to the next higher cabin seat for free. 

Once you have completed your flight booking, you can check your upgrade status in the “My Trips” section on the website. If the airline confirms your seat upgrade, you will receive the information regarding the same in the email mentioned in your AAdvantage profile. 

Upgrade With Miles

You can use your AAdvantage miles and upgrade your seat to the next higher cabin. This feature can be availed on flights marketed and operated by American Airlines and American Eagle.

You can use your miles for a one-way journey which can include up to 3 flight segments. Simply log in to your account on the website or mobile app and check if you have the miles to redeem for the seat upgrade.  

  • Upgrading your seat from a discount Economy fare to Premium Economy can cost you around 15,000 miles + $75. It is if you are traveling within 48 contiguous states of the US. 
  • For your flight from North America to different countries, a discount Economy to Premium Economy seat upgrade can be between 15,000 miles + $150 and 25,000 miles + $350.   
  • You can upgrade your seat on a discount Business class fare from 15,000 miles + $175 to 25,000 miles + $550. 
  • The fares you bought for full (Economy or Business) can get a seat upgrade only with miles. The number of miles ranges from 5,000 to 25,000 for flights around various locations. 

Note: You are not permitted to upgrade your seat with miles if you have an award ticket or a Basic Economy fare ticket. 

Systemwide Upgrades

This seat upgrade is an exclusive feature provided by the carrier to its members of AAdvantage. 

You can enjoy a confirmed seat upgrade from Business to First class or from Economy to the next class of service free of cost. Go through the steps below if you wish to request a seat upgrade with this type. 

  • Head to the official website of the carrier at on your favorite browser. 
  • Click on the Login option and enter your credentials in the given spaces on the next page. 
  • Find the link for the systemwide upgrades and then search for the flights for your next journey. 
  • Suppose you can see the seat upgrade availability. Then, you need to contact your AAdvantage status service desk to confirm the upgrade for your seat.
  • Your account balance will be deducted as per the required amount of upgrades.   

Conditions For Systemswide Upgrades

The airline adheres to a few terms under its American Airlines seat upgrade policy which you must follow. 

  • You cannot get this upgrade on an open ticket as it will not be issued. 
  • It is important that you confirm the seat upgrade before its expiration date. Although your traveling dates can be after expiry. 
  • If you do not use your systemwide upgrade, then the value of it will not be refunded, transferred, or exchanged. 
  • To use your seat upgrade on any future flight will be based on approval from the carrier. 
  • You have to show your identification proof at the time of travel. 
  • You cannot advertise or sell these seat upgrades for cash, it will be voided. 
  • Your membership entitles you to use this seat upgrade for some other passenger. 

Seat Upgrade Not Possible

By any chance, you can’t request the seat upgrade while booking your flight ticket. Do not worry as the carrier will put your name on the upgrade waitlist. The request will be confirmed as per the below order.

  • Status Level: Firstly, Concierge Key members, followed by AAdvantage Executive Platinum, Platinum Pro, Platinum, and Gold.
  • Upgrade Type: Systemwide, Mileage, Complimentary. 
  • 12-month rolling Loyalty Points.

If your seat upgrade on American Airlines is still not confirmed until the time of check-in. Then you will be added to the airport standby list for upgrades. And will be given the seat upgrade in the same order as mentioned above.


Can I upgrade my American Airlines seat on British Airways?

Yes, you can definitely upgrade your American Airlines seat on flights operated by British Airways. But you can only take advantage of this seat upgrade on systemwide upgrades. You just need to log in to your account and check the availability. 

How can I track my upgrade balance on American Airlines?

The systemwide upgrade balance can be tracked in your AAdvantage account. It will be displayed with the summary details only if there is an expiration date included for the current or next year. Your account will show: 

1. The systemwide upgrades that are available. 
2. The dates of deposit and expiry. 
3. Your used upgrades and the ones you plan to use.

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