Seat Upgrade On Avianca Airlines

Avianca Seat Upgrade

Take your flight to a whole new level of luxury with the enticing Avianca Airlines seat upgrade. You can savor the tranquility of a devoted cabin that is adorned with refined aesthetics and premium amenities. The upgraded seat will offer you unmatched comfort and ample legroom to ensure a restful journey. 

Seat Upgrade Options On Avianca Airlines

The air carrier offers around three options with which you can upgrade your seat. We are going to discuss all these options in detail below. 

Bid For Seat Upgrade

You can request a seat upgrade to the Business cabin of this airline by placing an offer for bid. The upgrade is allocated by its supplier called Plusgrade which is quite famous for the upgrades on various airlines. 

Go through the steps given underneath to know how you can get a desired seat upgrade by bidding. 

  • Type on your favorite search engine to reach the official website of the carrier. 
  • You will see the “Upgrade to Business Class” tab on your screen on the homepage. 
  • Select the tab and fill in your reservation code along with your surname. Then, click on the “I want an upgrade” button. 
  • On the next page, click the flight on which you want to upgrade your seat. 
  • Now, you have to choose the amount you would like to pay for the seat upgrade. 
  • Add your credit card information in the specified boxes. You will be charged only when your bid will be accepted. 
  • The carrier will send you an email for the receiving of your placed bid. 
  • Approx, within 24 hours prior to the departure of your flight, you will get an email regarding your seat upgrade confirmation. 

Conditions Related To Bid Upgrade

You have to be aware of some terms in Avianca Airlines’ seat upgrade policy before you place a bid for it. 

  • The seat upgrade on the aircraft of this carrier is not guaranteed. And it totally depends on the availability of seats in the Business Class. 
  • You can place the offer for a seat upgrade only if you are an adult according to the laws of your residential country. 
  • The airline will place a temporary authorization hold on your credit card after your offer submission. And $1 will be deducted in order to verify your card. 
  • Your seat upgrade bid is applicable for a single segment of your flight and must correspond to your already-bought ticket. 
  • The decline of your credit card will result in the forfeiture of the seat upgrade. 
  • Your seat upgrade is non-transferable to any other passenger or flight. 

Seat Upgrade With LifeMiles

The airline has an Elite LifeMiles program specially designed for its frequent flyers. Your membership and Elite status can help you with loads of benefits including cashless Business Class seat upgrades on flights. 

Avianca Upgrades

In this seat upgrade feature, you can redeem your LifeMiles on flights operated by Avianca. You can log in to your account with the credentials. And then, add your flight details to check how many miles are required for the seat upgrade. In case there are enough miles for seat upgrade on the route, you must call the contact center of the airline. Because only the representative can redeem your miles for the upgrade. 

The number at which you can connect and confirm your seat upgrade with LifeMiles is 01 800 0953 434. You have to give your information about your Elite status and let the agent verify your details. If the upgrade is available on your flight, they will deduct the miles from your account and confirm your new seat. 

Star Alliance Upgrades

As this airline is an exclusive member of the Star Alliance. So it gives you the benefit of getting a seat upgrade with the miles on its partner airlines. 

But your seat upgrade will only be granted if that specific partner airline allows redeemable upgrades. You can check this on the website of the airline and move forward with your upgrade. The redemption of your miles for seat upgrades can be made only through And in this feature, you can upgrade your seat for up to two flight segments. Waitlisting and standby upgrades at the airport are not permitted when you fly with the Star Alliance airline. 

E-coupons LifeMiles Seat Upgrades 

This membership also provides you with e-coupons which you can use to upgrade your seat for the next flight. On the website of Avianca, you can see how many e-coupons are required to get a seat upgrade from and to different locations. 

You should be a cardholder of the co-branded credit cards to avail of the seat upgrade on Avianca Airlines benefit. While booking your flight ticket, provide your LifeMiles number and purchase the ticket in which you can apply the e-coupons. And issue your ticket in the commercial class that does not include N, R, and X classes. 

Note: It is advised that you visit the official website of the carrier. Because there you can learn the various terms and conditions of the above seat upgrade options with LifeMiles. 

Last-Minute Seat Upgrades

This air carrier offers the privilege of upgrading your seat even at the airport. Once you arrive at your departure airport, go to the check-in counter of the airline first. There you can ask the agent if there are any seats available in the higher cabin on the aircraft. The agent will give you the information regarding the seats and the amount required for the upgrade. 

Then, you just have to pay an additional fee and the representative will generate a new boarding pass after confirming your new seat. That’s it, now you can fly on your upgraded seat relaxingly to your destination.


What benefits will I get after the Avianca Airlines seat upgrade?

You can enjoy loads of benefits once your seat is upgraded to the Business class of this carrier. For example:

1. You can access the VIP lounges at airports where they are available. 
2. You will be given the baggage allowance that is permitted in the Business cabin. 
3. You get the advantage of priority check-in, boarding, and baggage handling. 
4. You can relax and fly comfortably in the spacious seats of a Business class cabin.

Can I get a refund for my Avianca Airlines seat upgrade?

Generally, if the offer you placed for the seat upgrade is approved, then no Avianca Airlines fees for seat upgrades will be refunded. But, you can get a refund if:

1. Your flight is canceled by the carrier itself. 
2. The flight on which you were traveling is rescheduled and your seat upgrade cannot be accommodated in the new flight. 
3. case the upgraded seat is not assigned to you due to connecting flight delays, aircraft changes, etc. 

You can request a refund in the above situations within three months after your flight’s original date. This can be done by filling out a form on the website of Avianca.

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