Seat Upgrade On Fiji Airways

Fiji Airways Seat Upgrade

Picture yourself soaring above the clouds, cocooned in the lap of luxury with Fiji Airways seat upgrade. As you recline in style, you will relish the extra space, ergonomic designs, and lavish touches that make your journey truly exceptional. This carrier’s in-flight service is a symphony of personalized attention, making you feel like a VIP every step of the way. Let the seat upgrade redefine your trip, making every second in the sky a testament to redefined comfort and sophistication. 

How To Upgrade Your Seat On Fiji Airways? 

The airline offers an amazing facility where you can place a bid and upgrade from Economy to Business class. Let us know about all the details of this upgrade service. 

Bula Bid Upgrades

You can check the eligibility of your flight booking after purchasing the ticket on the inline portal of the carrier. The airline might also send you an invitation via email for the seat upgrade up to 7 days prior to the departure of your flight. The steps you can follow in this process are mentioned below. 

  • Navigate to the official website of the carrier by typing on your preferred search engine. 
  • Select the ”Manage” tab from the homepage and the drop-down menu. 
  • From that menu, under “Upgrade and Add Ons”, click on the “Bula Bid Upgrades” option.
  • You will be directed to a new page where you can enter your last name along with the booking reference. 
  • Then, click on the “Check Availability” button to proceed further and participate in the bidding offer. 
  • Add the amount you are willing to pay to place your offer. 
  • In the next step, enter your credit card details and click on the “Submit” button. 
  • If your bid becomes successful, you will receive an email regarding the confirmation. 
  • The bid amount you placed will be deducted from your credit card for the seat upgrade on Fiji Airways. 
  • The new flight itinerary and upgraded seat details will be sent to you in a short interval. 

Terms And Conditions Of Bula Bid Upgrades 

If you wish to participate in the Bula Bid program, you should be aware of some terms and conditions. Have a look at the Fiji Airways seat upgrade policy below. 

  • You should be at least 18 years old to make an offer for the seat upgrade. 
  • Your flight ticket number should start with the prefix FJ and be operated by the carrier itself to place the bid. 
  • The carrier will accept or reject your offer at its sole and absolute discretion. Various factors will be taken into account on a case-by-case basis. 
  • If you have multiple passengers in your reservation, then the offer amount will be multiplied by the number of people. 
  • You are permitted to modify or cancel your offer up to 9 hours before the scheduled flight’s departure. 
  • You are advised to wait for the notification of whether your seat upgrade offer has been accepted or rejected before checking in online. 
  • If you check in for your flight before receiving the upgrade notification, your offer will be no longer valid. 
  • You cannot make a special meal request in case your seat upgrade offer is accepted within 24 hours prior to the departure. 
  • You can access the business class lounge at your departure only upon the acceptance of your upgrade offer. 

Business Class Seat Upgrade Offer Benefits

You can experience loads of benefits on your Fiji Airways upgrade to Business Class. We have mentioned them below. 

  • You will be offered a premium check-in facility and priority boarding for your journey. 
  • On the aircraft, indulge in a signature cocktail or mocktail and a three-course fine dining experience. There are also complimentary world-class wines and beverages available. 
  • You can spend your time on board with the latest movies, television series, music, international magazines, and newspapers. 
  • For your overnight flight, you will get an amenity kit including an eye mask, dental supplies, socks, earplugs, and a moisturizing travel kit. 

Airbus A350 Aircraft Features

This airplane of the carrier is equipped with 33 business-class seats and has direct aisle access. They are fully lie-flat, providing lots of personal space and privacy. The cabin crew will deliver high quality service at all times throughout your flight. 

The seat pitch is around 60-62 inches with a width of 26 inches. The seat features a 17-inch Thales AVANT inflight entertainment screen. There are AC power and USB storage compartments to make your journey more comfortable. 

Airbus A330 Aircraft Details

The Business class seats have a lie-flat system with an 8-degree incline bed, 60 inches pitch, and 76 inches bed length. You can charge your electronic devices, phones, and iPads with the help of an in-seat USB power outlet. 

There is an integrated privacy divider and modern styling feature on the seat that provides you with optimized comfort. The Panasonic eX2 15.4-inch LCD screen can be used for in-seat entertainment video on demand. 


How can I pay for my Fiji Airways seat upgrade offer?

You can place your seat upgrade bid with the following forms of payment:

American Express
Diners Club
When you pay via these modes, only then can you fulfill your seat upgrade offer. 

Will I get a refund for my seat upgrade offer on Fiji Airways?

The airline does not offer any refunds, exchanges, or credits once your offer for upgrading your seat is accepted. But, there are some conditions when you can apply for a refund from the carrier. 

1. In case the carrier re-accommodates you in your original class ticket on another flight after your offer for the higher class seat was successful and canceled by the carrier itself.
2. You were given a seat upgrade but were not able to be seated in the higher class due to some reasons by the air carrier. It can happen if your connecting flight was delayed and you missed boarding the other flight for which you purchased the seat upgrade. 

Your Fiji Airways fees for seat upgrade will be refunded in the same currency in which your offer amount was charged. 

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