Seat Upgrade On Air France

Air France Seat Upgrade

Take off for elevated elegance with the Air France seat upgrade policy. With this airline and its mind-blowing policy, you can experience plush seats, delectable cuisine, and attentive services once you upgrade during your journey. Whether in Business Class or First Class, your flight and journey in the flight will be remarkable.

How Can I Upgrade My Seat on Air France?

Air France allows passengers to upgrade their seating plan to a better class. To upgrade their seat on Air France, passengers can use the miles. Check out the details for the Miles upgrade with Air France

Miles Upgrade

The airlines allow passengers to use their miles to upgrade their seats to a higher class. The miles can be utilised to enjoy more comfortable seating with the airline’s top-notch in-flight services.

Steps to Upgrade Seat on Air France 

The airline allows passengers to change seats before or after the check-in portal opens. Refer to the steps below for upgrading to a preferred seat with Air France. 

Upgrade via Phone Call

Seat upgrades on Air France can be done by calling on the customer support number of the airline +33 96 939 36 54. Passengers can use this option to upgrade seating before opening and closing the check-in portal.

Upgrade Online 

The passenger can only use the online portal to upgrade seats after the check-in portal is open. To upgrade seats with the online portal, passengers can follow the below-mentioned steps:

  1. Access the website on 
  2. Look out for the option labelled “Manage Booking.”
  3. You can either log in to your account using your Flying Blue account or retrieve your booking by submitting your reference number and last name.
  4. View all your bookings made with the search button.
  5. Next, press the search button to view your booking, and choose the flight from the list to apply for your seat upgrade. 
  6. Click on the upgrade button. The airline may ask you to pay for upgrading seats. You can pay either using miles or cash.
  7. On the successful payment of the upgradation, your seat will be upgraded to a higher class.

Upgrade At the Airport 

Last-minute plan changes are also accepted by the airline. If you decide at the very last moment, a few hours before the flight’s departure. Then also, you can upgrade your seat to a higher class after the check-in portal opens. 

Upgrade on Board 

Per the Air France seat upgrade flight policy, passengers are entitled to upgrade seats even after boarding the plane. Passengers can contact the flight attendant and enquire about seat availability to upgrade to a higher class. One key factor to remember is that all seat upgrades are subject to availability. 

Charges to Upgrade Seat with Air France

The airline allows passengers to pay with either cash or miles during the seat upgrade with Air France. 

Upgrading Seats with Cash 

The charges to upgrade seats with Air France can range from $250-$500, depending on certain conditions. The charges depend on the flight, the availability of seats, and the time when you prefer to upgrade your seating class to a higher class.

So, it is always advisable to get in touch with the customer care department of the airline to confirm the charges associated with seat upgradation on Air France.

Upgrading Seats with Miles 

If you have miles received, it can be the best way to use them. However, to upgrade your seat to a higher class, the airline may ask you for more miles, but you can save a lot of your money. 

Here is a brief information regarding the miles that can be utilised during the Air France Seat Upgrade. 

  • For the flights operating from North America- Europe, the miles required can range between 7,500-75,500 for upgradation to Premium Economy. Whereas for the Business class, it may increase upto 15,000-60,000 miles.
  • For the flights operating from North America to the Middle East, approx 10,000-78,000 miles can be used to upgrade seats to premium economy and 25,000-96,000 for Business Class. 
  • For the flights operating from North America to Southwest Asia, the miles required to upgrade to the premium economy will be 10,000-75,000; for Business Economy, it will take 25,000-95,000 miles. 


When do I need to pay for my Air France seat upgrade?

The charges to upgrade the seat on Air France should be paid at the time of booking only. Even if you upgrade it a few hours before the flight’s departure, you are also expected to pay the payment right away to reserve your seat with Air France.

Is there any additional charge to upgrade my seat on Air France on a phone call?

Yes, the airline may incur additional service charges if you choose to upgrade your seat on a phone call by connecting with the agent of the airline.

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