Seat Upgrade On Air Canada

Air Canada seat upgrade

Unleash a new level of travel with an Air Canada seat upgrade. Elevate your journey to one of comfort, style, and refined luxury. Treat yourself to an upgraded flight that compliments your destination. Stretch out and relax, savor gourmet meals, and experience attentive service while flying. 

How To Upgrade Your Seat On Air Canada?

There are various ways that can help you to upgrade your seat for the flight. Let us dive into the different methods of seat upgrade with this air carrier.

AC Bid Upgrade

You have a great option of upgrading your seat by making an offer for it. The bid facility is however not available on all routes. 

With your purchase of an Economy or Premium Economy ticket, you can easily place a bid and fly in a higher cabin class. The steps you can follow in order to apply for an offer are given below. 

  • You may directly visit the AC Bid Upgrade Webpage and first check the eligibility of your flight to make an offer.  
  • Scroll down the page and enter your booking reference along with your last name in the given spaces. 
  • Now, you can place an offer according to the price you are willing to pay for the seat upgrade on Air Canada. 
  • The next step is very important as here you have to enter your payment details. Do not worry about any deductions as your card will only be charged once your bid is accepted by the airline. 
  • Review your details once and agree to the terms and conditions before submitting your request for the upgrade. 
  • You will receive an email from the carrier which includes a confirmation receipt of your offer. 

It is also possible that your flight has an option of “Instant Upgrade.” This feature gives you the benefit of getting a seat upgrade at a reasonable price. 

Last Minute Upgrade Purchase

You might be able to buy a seat upgrade to the Business or Premium Economy Class just before the departure of your flight. This option is available at the time of check-in via the web or self-service kiosk. 

A web check-in begins around 24 hours prior and you can check-in at a self-service kiosk approx 12 hours before the departure. You can upgrade your selected seat up to 1 hour before your flight departs.  

Benefits Of Last-Minute Upgrades

This seat upgrade includes a number of perks so you can travel much more comfortably. 

  • At the airport, you can access the Maple Leaf Lounge and take advantage of priority security clearing and boarding. 
  • The seats convert into a lie-flat bed mostly if you are traveling on an international flight. 
  • You get a wide array of luxurious amenities including delicious cuisines, premium wines, and spirits on board. 

Additional Information On Last-Minute Seat Upgrade

There are a few terms and conditions that fall under this seat upgrade facility. 

  • The seat upgrades at the last minute are only given if there is availability on your flight. 
  • You cannot upgrade your seat if you have a codeshare flight or are flying with a partner airline. 
  • In case there are more people in your booking and they don’t want to purchase an upgrade or the carrier cannot confirm an upgrade for each of you. Then, also the last-minute upgrade is not available. 
  • A ticket of Basic Fare also does not grant you to upgrade your seat at the last minute. 
  • The Air Canada fees for seat upgrade in this feature is dependent on the flight segment you have selected. 


You can earn eUpgrade credits and use them to get a seat upgrade for your journey if you are an Aeroplan Elite Status member. Follow the steps given below to use this service and upgrade your seat.

  • Open up the official website of the carrier on your desktop or mobile device. 
  • Move your cursor on the “Aeroplan” tab and select the “Sign-in” option from the drop-down menu. 
  • Enter your credentials like Aeroplan number or email with the password to open up your account. 
  • Add in your booking reference and last name in order to retrieve your flight reservation. 
  • Have a look at the available seat upgrade options, the number of required credits, and any extra fees. 
  • After reviewing the information, make a choice and upgrade your seat accordingly. If there are any charges, proceed with the payment. 
  • The airline will send you a confirmation regarding your upgrade request. 
  • When the clearance window opens, you will get an upgraded seat as per the availability. 
  • The eUpgrade credits required for the seat upgrade will be removed automatically from your account. 

eUpgrades Requirement

The credits you have earned for the seat upgrade are based on the time period and have an expiration date. The carrier will first use the eUpgrade credits which have the shortest validity. 

The number of these credits needed for an upgrade depends on the fare you have bought, your traveling route, and the cabin in which you wish to have a seat. It also depends on the factor of the geographic market you are flying to. 

If your request for a seat upgrade is not confirmed. Then, the credits will be sent back to your account within 72 hours of your flight’s arrival. 


How much should I offer for a seat upgrade on Air Canada?

There is a strength meter gauge and a chart on your offer page which helps in determining the chances of your seat upgrade. You can move the slider to place your bid and choose the highest offer in order to receive an upgraded seat for your flight. But, do note that the confirmation of a seat upgrade will still be dependent on the availability of seats. 

How can I cancel an eUpgrade request on Air Canada?

In the event that your seat upgrade request is waitlisted. Then, you can cancel it by signing in to your eUpgrade account or by contacting the reservation department of the airline. And if you wish to cancel your confirmed seat upgrade, then it is only possible by connecting with the agent of the carrier on call. 

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