Seat Upgrade On Air Astana

Seat Upgrade On Air Astana

Open the door to a world of elevated experiences with the Air Astana seat upgrade and enjoy a personalized journey according to your preferences.  From the moment you step on board, you will be greeted with unparalleled comfort, exceptional service, and a sense of exclusivity. The upgraded seats offer a haven of tranquility, allowing you to work, sleep, or simply relish the serenity of the skies. So, make a seat upgrade with this carrier on your next flight to escape the ordinary and embrace the luxury of travel. 

How To Upgrade Your Seat With Air Astana?

There are numerous ways in which you can upgrade your seat on the aircraft of this airline. This feature is offered on selected domestic and international flights by the carrier. You will get detailed information about different methods through this article. 

Bid For A Seat Upgrade

The airline has an innovative upgrade tool known as MyUPGRADE. With this, you can make an offer to the carrier of the amount you want to pay for the seat upgrade. Have a look at the steps you need to follow in this procedure.

  • Open up your favorite internet browser on your system and type
  • You will be taken to the official website of the carrier in a few seconds. 
  • Now, you can select the “Book & Manage, tab displayed at the header of the homepage. 
  • Under the “Manage” section in the drop-down menu, click on the “MyUPGRADE” option. 
  • A new page will open up on your screen where you can check whether you are eligible to place a bid or not. 
  • Enter your surname and booking reference in the specified fields. Then, click on the “Check” button. 
  • Now, if your flight is eligible for the seat upgrade on Air Astana, you can make an offer according to the minimum and maximum bid amount. 
  • In the next step, you have to add your credit card information properly. Do not fret because your card will only be charged once your bid is accepted. 
  • Review your added information and continue to submit the bid for the seat upgrade. 
  • You will know about the result of your bid seat upgrade via email. The carrier will inform you about its success or failure between 48 and 7 hours prior to the departure time of your flight. 

Note: The airline might also send you an email invite through which you can place a bid and upgrade your seat. It can be sent from 7 days to 7 hours before the flight’s departure. 

Terms And Conditions For Bid Upgrade

The carrier adheres to some terms and conditions that fall in the Air Astana seat upgrade policy for the bidding process. You should keep them in mind if you want to make an offer for the seat upgrade.

  • Your ticket number must start with 465 and you should be at least 18 years old to enter the binding contracts. 
  • You can submit only one offer per flight and the payment should be done by using a credit card. 
  • The decision of whether or not to accept your offer is fully in the hands of the carrier. 
  • You are permitted to change or cancel your offer provided that your bid is not accepted. You can make this request a minimum of 7 hours before the departure. 
  • The fare conditions of your initially bought ticket will remain in effect even if your offer is accepted and your seat is upgraded. 
  • There is no guarantee given by the carrier for specific seat assignments after your offer is accepted for the journey. 
  • This upgrade program is only valid for the flight operated by the carrier and it should be booked under the two-letter designator “KC.” 
  • In case your offer was accepted and the payment was done but the seat upgrade was not provided, then you can apply for a refund. You have to include your boarding pass for the flight in question to make this request. 

Nomad Club Online Seat Upgrade

The frequent flyer program of the carrier is known as Nomad Club. With its membership, you can use your points on the online portal for award upgrades and fly to various destinations. 

You must have a confirmed and ticketed reservation before you request this seat upgrade award. The prompts you can follow in this process are:

  • Visit the official website of the airline on your preferred search engine and select the “Nomad Club” tab from the homepage. 
  • You will see the “Online Award Upgrade” option under the “Manage My Account” section. Click on it in order to move forward with your seat upgrade. 
  • On the new screen, you have to enter your membership number and password in the given spaces. 
  • Then, click on the “Enter” button to retrieve your account details. 
  • Now, you can check the availability of seat upgrades in the next higher cabin class. 
  • Make a seat upgrade and pay for them with points redemption. 
  • You will soon receive a response or acknowledgement regarding the seat upgrade award to your registered email address. 

Note: In case you do not get a response for the upgrade from the carrier. Then, you can contact its call center on the phone number +7 (727) 2 44 44 77.

Last Minute Seat Upgrade

You can upgrade your seat right at the check-in desk if you have a membership of the carrier’s frequent flyer program. It is designed especially for the members only where you can redeem your Nomad Club points and use them as Air Astana fees for seat upgrades. 

The last-minute seat upgrade feature is available at all airport check-in counters except for Dubai, Paris, Hong Kong, London, and Urumqi. 

You just need to arrive at the airport in advance and give your membership details to the personnel present at the counter. They will verify your account information and make a seat upgrade by redeeming the points. 

Important Information On Last-Minute Upgrades

A few key points you should be aware of when you make a last-minute seat upgrade are given below. 

  • The Nomad Club points accrual will be based on your originally booked Economy Class ticket. 
  • It is not guaranteed that you will get the amenity kit or meal on board in the higher cabin class. 
  • This seat upgrade can only be done one way and it becomes non-refundable after the flight has flown. 
  • You can apply to upgrade your seat at the last minute only if you are traveling single under one passenger name record. 
  • Once you get this upgrade, you can access the airport lounges of the airline anywhere around the world. 
  • The right to limit the availability of last-minute seat upgrades is fully reserved by the carrier. 

Benefits Of Seat Upgrade

After getting a seat upgrade for the travel, you become a premium passenger for this carrier. And it does not leave any stone unturned to provide you with the best services. We have mentioned all the benefits that you can take advantage of while traveling with the airline. 

Business Class Seat Upgrade

The Air Astana upgrade to Business Class offers you a number of benefits. 

  • You get priority services for baggage delivery, boarding, and disembarkation. 
  • Your checked baggage allowance is increased to 2 pieces up to 32 kg each. 
  • Indulge in the renowned cuisine and beverages of business class on board. 
  • Your upgraded business class seat gives you great comfort with more width and pitch. 
  • With a touch of a button, you can convert your seat into a flatbed or an angled flatbed. 
  • Enjoy watching the personal HD screens that have on-demand in-flight entertainment. 

Economy Sleeper Seat Upgrade

Your Air Astana upgrade to Economy Sleeper lets you make the most of your journey. This is a great seat upgrade option for placing a bid on selected routes in case your business class offer is not accepted. Go through the benefits of this seat upgrade mentioned below.

  • You can take advantage of priority check-in, boarding, and disembarking. 
  • You are allowed to increase your checked luggage allowance up to 30 kgs. 
  • You will get a guaranteed row of three economy-class seats per person. 
  • The cabin crew will provide you with a mattress layer, a luxury duvet, and a pillow set so you can have a sound sleep on board. 
  • You can access the international business lounges at your departure airport for free. 
  • The services of meals, beverages, and inflight entertainment are extraordinary. 


1. Can I get a refund for the accepted seat upgrade bid on Air Astana?

Once you are provided with a seat upgrade, there are no refunds, credits, or exchanges given by the airline. The circumstances where you might get a refund are:
If your flight is canceled for which the seat upgrade bid was accepted and you are re-accommodated on a new flight in your original seat. 
You were not able to be seated in the upgraded cabin class for reasons attributable to the air carrier. 

2. Can I re-offer if my bid is unsuccessful for a seat upgrade on Air Astana?

The time when the carrier sends you an email notification that your seat upgrade offer is not successful. Then, it is not possible to place a second bid for the same flight and date. So,  you should make your initial offer as high as possible to increase the chances of getting a seat upgrade. You can find more information on this topic by calling the carrier or visiting its official website. 

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