Seat Upgrade On LOT Polish Airlines

LOT Polish Airlines Seat Upgrade

Experience the luxury of higher altitudes with a LOT Polish Airlines seat upgrade. Raise your journey to new heights as you indulge in ultimate comfort and premium services. Stretch out in the seats designed for maximum relaxation accompanied by personalized attention from the cabin crew. Make every moment in the air a truly memorable one while flying with this Airline.

Details Of Seat Upgrades On LOT Polish Airlines

Below is the guide for seat upgrades:

Ways To Upgrade Your Seat

This air carrier allows you to upgrade your seat in three ways. They are:

  • You can place an offer on the official website of this airline. If it is the highest, they will exchange your ticket and send it to your email address provided in the booking. 
  • 24 hours before the departure, you can connect with the LOT Polish contact center and upgrade your seat at a promotional price. +1 212-789-0970 is the number at which you can contact.
  • On the day of your travel, you can upgrade at the gates of LOT Polish at the airport. The seat upgrade options might be limited at this time. 

Online Seat Upgrade Process

If you already have a flight reservation but dream of traveling in a higher class at an attractive price. Then, you just need to make a bid in the auction and gain access to the LOT Upgrade service. All flight segments included in your booking which are eligible for bidding will be displayed.  

Bidding for LOT Upgrade service involves the below-mentioned steps:

  • Firstly, go to the official website of LOT Polish Airlines i.e.
  • Log into “Manage My Booking” with your reservation number and name.
  • Click on the LOT Upgrade service appearing on your screen.
  • Now, enter the amount you would like to pay to upgrade the class of your choice. You can make an offer up to 24 hours before the departure.
  • Add your credit card details in the given spaces. Your credit card will only be charged if your offer is accepted. 
  • Verify the information and submit it correctly. Your offer will be confirmed by email.
  • If you wish, you can modify or cancel your offer using the link provided in the email as long as the carrier has not notified its acceptance thereof.
  • This Airline will send you an email up to 23 hours before the start of your trip to let you know if your offer is accepted. 

Important Information Regarding LOT Upgrade Service

There are some important points you need to know to avail the benefits of the LOT Polish seat upgrade service.

  • Your ticket must be issued up to 24 hours before your journey starts to qualify for this service.
  • LOT Upgrade service is not available on all routes.
  • The number of seats available in the offer is limited. So make an upgrade as early as possible.
  • The automatic LOT Upgrade service applies to all passengers on the reservation. 
  • The offer you make for one person will be automatically multiplied by the number of travelers in your booking.
  • When using LOT Upgrade, the original fare conditions, including baggage allowance, remain unchanged. 

Perks Of Upgrading A Seat On LOT Polish

This Airline permits you to upgrade your seats to Business Class on short-haul flights. And to Premium Economy as well as Business Class on long-haul flights. Let us know the benefits of both these cabin classes.

Relax Before Travel

Traveling in these classes is comfortable even before you board the aircraft. When at the airport, you can check in at the special counters and use Fast Track to go through the security check. You will receive a higher number of Digital Press downloads including the latest editions of magazines from all over the world. 

With a LOT Polish Airlines upgrade to Premium Economy, you can buy access to business lounges at the Warsaw Chopin Airport. And with Business Class, you get free access to the lounges. 

Cabin Comfort

You can enjoy priority boarding and be the first to claim your baggage. The cabin crew will welcome you with a refreshing drink onboard. Travel solace is ensured by comfortable seats with fold-out footrests in LOT Premium Economy. And by exquisite flat bed seats in LOT Business Class. You can watch your favorite films, TV series, etc. on an individual monitor. 

Tasty dishes, made from the best ingredients will make you feel like you are in a restaurant. LOT Polish selects only the best wines from around the world for their menu, based on their quality and rich taste. 

In addition to a standard meal, you can also choose a special menu in LOT Polish upgrade to Business Class. They offer gluten-free, vegan, vegetarian, diabetic, lactose-free, or halal special meals. Make sure to order your meal at least 24 hours before the trip and discover the unique culinary delights on your journey. 

Terms And Conditions Regarding LOT Upgrade

You should be aware of a few specifications under the LOT Upgrade service of this air carrier.

  • The passenger shall have a LOT Economy class ticket in order to upgrade their seat to Economy Premium or Business Class.
  • The passenger who submits the offer confirms – by ticking the checkbox- that the offer binds them from the moment of its submission until being accepted by the airline.
  • Any refunds to the credit card shall be processed in the currency in which the payment was made for the upgrade. 
  • Under the LOT Polish Airlines seat upgrade policy. It does not guarantee the assignment of specific seats to passengers whose offers are accepted and are granted an upgrade. 

You can look out for some other related terms and conditions at the website of LOT Polish. 


Does the LOT Upgrade apply to the roundtrip?

All flight legs of your booking which are suitable for a LOT Upgrade will be displayed on your screen while going through this process. You can decide yourself for which flights you want to make an offer.

What happens if my upgrade is accepted, but LOT cancels my flight?

Your seat upgrade on LOT Polish Airlines remains valid if you are re-booked for another LOT flight at the same amount. In case there are not enough seats available in the higher class to fulfill your upgrade. Then, LOT Polish Airlines will refund the amount offered for the canceled flight to your credit card.

Who is not eligible for getting a LOT Upgrade?

LOT Polish Airlines does not permit a LOT Upgrade if you are:

1. Traveling with children under 2 years of age.
2. Booked within a group of more than 9 people.
3. Traveling on charter flights operated by PLL LOT.

And for flight bookings that are not yet confirmed. 

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