Print Sun Country Airlines Boarding Pass

Sun Country Airlines Boarding Pass Print

For a smooth and hassle-free journey, you are required to have a boarding pass. With Sun Country you can get your boarding pass through various methods. If you are thinking about How to Download Sun Country Airlines Boarding Pass then kindly go through the article and explore all the possible ways to get your boarding pass. 

All About Sun Country Airlines Boarding Pass

To receive your boarding pass without any trouble, check out the timings, various procedures, and priority boarding list mentioned in the context given below; 

Timings to Get My Sun Country Boarding Pass

You can easily get your Sun Country boarding pass via numerous methods if you apply for it within the given time span by the airline. 

Timing to Get Online or Mobile Boarding Pass

The digital boarding pass portal opens 24 hours before the flight departure time and closes 1 hour before the departure time. This portal is only applicable for passengers who are flying within 50 states of the US (domestic flights). 

Kiosk Boarding Pass Timing

If your flight is going to depart from Southwest Florida International Airport – Fort Myers or San Francisco International Airport then you can use a kiosk machine 3 hours prior to the flight time to get your boarding pass. And for all the other airports with kiosk machines, 2 hours before.  

The kiosk portal will shut down 30 minutes before the domestic flight departure time and 60 minutes before the international flight departure. 

Timing Slot for Boarding Pass at the Airport 

If your flight is going to depart from Minneapolis/St. Paul (Terminal 2) then you can reach the airport 90 minutes before the scheduled flight departure time to complete the boarding pass obtaining procedure. And for all the other locations 2 hours prior to scheduled departure. 

The boarding pass counter shuts down 45 minutes prior to the flight departure time for the US airports and for the rest of the international airports 60 minutes before. 

Various Ways to Print Sun Country Airlines Boarding Pass

The airline offers various ways to download boarding passes very easily and conveniently. Let’s discuss some of the ways in detail. 

Digital Boarding Pass

Complete your check-in within the given time span and then proceed to get your boarding pass online or through their mobile app by following the steps; 

i. Access Your Boarding Pass:
  • Website: If you are using a computer, after checking in online, you will often have the option to download or print your boarding pass. Look for a “Download” or “Print” button/link on the confirmation page.
  • Mobile App: If you have the mobile app, then after checking in, your digital boarding pass should be available within the app itself. Look for a “Boarding Pass” or “My Trips” section.
ii. Save Your Boarding Pass:
  • Website: On your computer, you can save the boarding pass as a PDF file. Click on the “Download” button/link and choose a location to save the file (e.g., your desktop or a folder).
  • Mobile App: With the mobile app, your boarding pass will usually be displayed on the screen. You might have the option to save it to your device’s wallet or photos.
iii. Screenshot (Optional): 

To have easy access to your boarding pass even if you are offline, you might consider taking a screenshot of the boarding pass. 

iv. Additional Tips: 
  • Make sure your phone is charged or carry a portable charger to ensure you have access to your digital boarding pass at the airport.
  • Before you proceed with the Sun Country Airlines boarding pass print online procedure, double-check the information on the boarding pass, including the flight details, departure gate, and boarding time.

Note: If you are flying to Mexico, Central America, the Caribbean, or Canada then you must have your passport to complete the boarding pass receiving process. The passport should be valid for at least 90 days (approx 3 months) from the last date of travel mentioned on the booking.

Get Your Boarding Pass Via Kiosk Machine

If you want to get your boarding pass offline, then you can visit the airport and go to the kiosk machine. There are some airports that offer kiosk machines to get the Sun Country Airlines boarding pass print. 

  • Find the Kiosk machine: Look for the Sun Country Airlines kiosk in the departure area of the airport. These kiosks are usually placed near the check-in counters or at designated self-service areas.
  • Retrieve Your Reservation: Start by touching the screen or using the interface provided. Select the option to retrieve your reservation. You will likely be prompted to enter your reservation code (also known as a confirmation number) or your last name, along with other identifying information.
  • Confirm Details: The kiosk will then display your flight details. Review the information to make sure it’s accurate.
  • Select Passengers and Flight: If you are traveling with others on the same reservation, the kiosk will likely prompt you to select the passengers who are checking in. After that, choose the flight for which you want to print the boarding pass.
  • Choose Seat (if applicable): If you haven’t already selected a seat during the booking process, the kiosk may offer you the option to choose a seat. This step might not be applicable if your seat has already been assigned or if the flight is fully booked.
  • Print Boarding Pass: Once you have confirmed your flight and any seat selections, the kiosk will generate your boarding pass. Review the pass to ensure that all the details are correct, including the gate number and departure time.
  • Collect Boarding Pass: The kiosk will usually print your boarding pass on a sheet of paper. It’s a good idea to have the pass printed on a sturdy sheet, as you will need to present it throughout the airport process.
  • Additional Options: Some kiosks might offer additional services, such as checking baggage, or signing up for flight alerts. If you are interested in any of these options, follow the prompts provided.
  • Proceed to Security and Gate: With your printed boarding pass in hand, follow the signs to security and then to your departure gate. Make sure to arrive at the gate well before the boarding time indicated on your boarding pass.

Restrictions in Using Kiosk Machine

There are certain passengers who are not allowed to use the kiosk machine to obtain their boarding passes. You may check out the below-given list to know whether you are in that criteria or not; 

  • International passengers.
  • Passengers with small children under 2 years of age. 
  • Passengers with disabilities.
  • Unaccompanied minors.
  • Passengers who are going to sit in an exit row seat. 

Sun Country Airlines Boarding Priority

This airline offers various boarding priority groups to streamline the boarding process. The breakdown of the groups is mentioned below; 

  • Pre-Boarding: This group typically includes passengers who need extra assistance or have special needs, such as passengers with disabilities, unaccompanied minors, and families with young children.
  • Elite and Premium Passengers: These are passengers who hold elite status with Sun Country’s frequent flyer program or have purchased premium fare classes. They often get to board early to ensure they have ample space for their carry-on items and to settle in before the main boarding process begins.
  • Priority Boarding: This group usually includes passengers who have purchased priority boarding as an add-on service or are part of certain fare classes. It allows them to board after elite and premium passengers but before the general boarding groups.
  • General Boarding: This is the main boarding group that includes all other passengers who have not been assigned to the previous priority groups. They typically board in zones or groups based on their seat rows, starting from the back of the plane and progressing toward the front.


Does Sun Country allow online boarding pass with excess baggage?

Yes, you can use online mode to get a Sun Country boarding pass with excess baggage. You can do this by checking in online at least 24 hours before your flight. When you check in online, you will be able to add excess baggage to your booking. However, you will need to pay for the excess baggage at the time of check-in.

Who is not eligible for online boarding passes?

If you have some kind of disability, need special service and assistance, have a reservation for a group of more than 10 people, or traveling with an infant then you cannot apply online for a boarding pass. In case you made a partial payment, then also the airline will not allow you to apply online. Apart from that, the airline also does not allow international passengers to obtain online boarding passes. Only domestic flight travelers can get the facility.

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