Print Singapore Airlines Boarding Pass

Print Singapore Airlines Boarding Pass

Indulge in a flight journey that surpasses all expectations and keep your Singapore Airlines boarding pass print ready. Delight in exquisite culinary creations and be treated to personalized attention from the cabin crew. Your voyage will be just extraordinary with this air carrier. Make the most of your trip and create treasured memories that will forever linger in your heart. 

Boarding Pass Receiving Methods

You can get your boarding pass in several ways when you are flying with this airline. Here is the information regarding the process you need to follow to receive your boarding pass.

Auto Check-in Boarding Pass

If you and your flight are eligible for auto check-in. Then, you can turn it on via “Manage Booking” once your flight reservation is confirmed. The airline will automatically check you in once the check-in starts for your flight. And you will receive a check-in confirmation through email. 

After this process has been completed, you can generate your digital boarding pass at your convenience. 

This method of obtaining a boarding pass is not available for:

  • Group bookings.
  • Unaccompanied minors.
  • Passengers without a confirmed booking or have waitlisted flights.
  • Travelers who have booked an extra seat.
  • Customers who have not checked in for preceding flights in the same booking. 

Online Or Mobile Boarding Pass

To obtain a digital or mobile boarding pass, you need to check in online at or on the mobile application of the airline. Upon successful check-in and if you are not required to have your travel document verified before you fly, you can easily generate a Singapore Airlines boarding pass print online. 

At some places, you may be prompted to verify your pre-departure test or vaccination certificate during the online or mobile check-in. It is to facilitate the issuance of your boarding pass. 

For countries that require additional documentation checks, you might not be eligible to generate the digital boarding pass. 

Note: For such cases, you should proceed to the airport check-in counter of the airline to obtain your boarding pass. 

Kiosk Boarding Pass

Singapore Airlines check-in kiosks are available at selected airports. You can see the whole list on the official website of this air carrier. If you wish to get your boarding pass from the self-service kiosk. Then, you need to follow a few steps that are mentioned below. 

  • On the home screen of the kiosk machine, select “Singapore Airlines.”
  • Firstly, read and agree to the terms and conditions on carrying dangerous goods.
  • Then, you can retrieve your booking by either:
    • Scanning your passport.
    • Entering your e-ticket number.
    • If you are checking in more than one person, enter your booking reference.
  • Once your reservation has been retrieved, place your passport with the photo page face down on the reader.
  • If you wish to select or change your seat, tap “seat map.” or else, complete your check-in by tapping “Confirm Check-in.” Alternatively, you can continue to check in other passengers in your booking, up to five people.
  • In the next step, if you have bags to check in, click on Yes. If not, tap No, and you will be handed over a print Singapore Airlines boarding pass right away. 

Note: You should keep only the latest copy of your boarding pass for each flight with you. To avoid inconvenience at the airport, any older copies of your boarding pass should be deleted from your mobile device. You can also dispose them of or hand them over to any check-in agents at the counter. 

Boarding The Aircraft

It is always a good idea to arrive at the boarding gate as early as possible for a great start to your journey.

You can find the details about the boarding gate and time on your pass. Do note that the boarding gate closes 10 minutes before your flight departs. 

At some airports, the boarding gate might be far away from the immigration checkpoint. In such cases, you should give yourself ample time to make your way to the gate.

Sequence For Boarding

Singapore Airlines boards the passengers who require special assistance and those with infants or toddlers firstly. Then, the boarding order begins with:

  • First class and Suite passengers.
  • PPS Club members and travelers with Business class tickets.
  • Premium Economy cabin customers, KrisFlyer Elite Gold, and Star Alliance Gold members.
  • Lastly, Economy class passengers.


Why is passport info needed for online boarding pass?

Immigration and customs authorities go through a comprehensive process of checking the personal details you provide before arriving. So, it is important for you to ensure the information is correct and up-to-date. Because any inaccuracies may cause delays in immigration clearance. That is why you have to enter the passport information to get a Singapore Airlines boarding pass print online. Also, make sure the passport details you provide are the same as that you will carry with you when you travel.

Who is not eligible to get an online/mobile boarding pass?

It is available to mostly all the flyers, except if:

1. You are below the age of 18 and not accompanied by an adult passenger.
2. You have one or more preceding flights in the same booking for which you have not checked in.
3. You are an Australian citizen or permanent resident exiting Australia, due to the countries’ border control requirements. 

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