Print LOT Polish Airlines Boarding Pass

LOT Polish Airlines boarding pass print

Sealed with excitement, your LOT Polish Airlines boarding pass print is your invitation to explore the world. Step into a realm of possibilities with your ticket to the skies and beyond. Every seat on its aircraft holds a story and every journey with this carrier sparks new beginnings. So, embrace the adventure and make it a tale of wanderlust and wonder. 

Boarding Pass Obtaining Methods On LOT Polish Airlines

You can obtain your boarding pass via different methods that are offered by the carrier. Let us dive into these procedures in detail so you can easily choose one method that suits you the best. 

Online Boarding Pass

Online check-in via the website or the mobile app helps you in receiving a boarding pass without any hassle. The check-in usually begins around 36 hours prior to your flight’s departure and is closed 2 hours before. Go through the steps mentioned below in this process. 

  • Visit the official website of the airline at or install its mobile application on your smartphone. 
  • Under the “Check-in” tab, enter your booking reference and surname in the given spaces.
  • Follow the steps displayed on your screen in order to move forward with your check-in. You can also make a seat selection for free during this process. 
  • In the last step, it is your choice how you would like to receive your boarding pass.
    • LOT Polish Airlines boarding pass print online. 
    • Receive it as a text message or an email.
    • Save it on your mobile device.  

If you select to receive a boarding pass as a text message. Then, the carrier will send you a link including a web address. Firstly, you need to click on the link to land on a page that has your mobile boarding pass information. Next, you have to save it on your phone so you can access it easily at the airport.  

Boarding Pass Via Automated Check-In

With this feature, you will receive your boarding pass on your email or phone number automatically from the airline. It will be sent to you 24 hours before the scheduled departure of your flight. 

You can use this feature during your initial flight booking at the website. You just need to click on the automated check-in option. You can also register yourself for free by calling +12127890970. But the registration needs to be done at least 24 hours before your flight’s departure date.

The carrier will automatically check you in and you don’t need to register if:

  • You are traveling in Business or Premium Economy Class.
  • You have a Star Alliance Gold or Silver card. 
  • Your booking includes a child under the age of 12 years. 

Working Of Automated Check-In System 

Below are the details of how automated check-in works and its advantages. 

  • The system will check you in according to the departure time of your flight and send you a boarding card. You can use it as a web boarding pass or mobile boarding pass. 
  • You can also change your assigned seat with the help of the link sent to your inbox. 
  • By opening your electronic boarding card, you can easily go through the security lane at the airport. 

You can access the mobile boarding pass only if you have an active internet connection. If your smartphone does not have internet, then you can go to the airport check-in counter and get a paper boarding pass. 

Note: Automated check-in is not available on flights to Romania, the UK, Russia, Ukraine, The US, Canada, China, and Japan. Because these countries require your passport data for the journey. 

Boarding Pass At The Airport

If you want to get a LOT Polish Airlines boarding pass print at a later stage. Then, you can easily complete your check-in at your departure airport and obtain the boarding pass. 

You should be at the airport at least 3 hours prior to the flight’s scheduled departure to use this feature hassle-free. Once you are at the airport, locate the check-in counter of the carrier. Provide all the necessary flight information to the agent present at the counter. 

They will check you in for your flight and soon hand you over the boarding pass. Lastly, you just need to go to the gate mentioned on your pass and wait for boarding to start.


How to get a LOT Polish Airlines boarding pass for intercontinental flights?

You can get your boarding pass for flying on an intercontinental route or outside the Schengen area by checking in personally. It can be done at the website or after arriving at the airport. And if you are traveling out of India with this carrier. Then, do remember you have to show a printed boarding pass to the security and immigration officers. It is required at all Indian airports and is dictated by local procedures.

Can I cancel my LOT Polish Airlines flight after getting a boarding pass?

This airline gives you the advantage of canceling your flight journey even after receiving your boarding pass. But for this cancellation, you must connect with the LOT contact center at +12127890970. Only the airline staff can help you out with this procedure. There might be some charges to pay which will be told to you by the agent.

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