Print Jetstar Airways Boarding Pass

Print Jetstar Airways Boarding Pass

Unlock boundless skies with an effortless Jetstar Airways boarding pass print. It is your key to a seamless journey, where convenience meets excellence. Designed with precision and efficiency, a boarding pass ensures a hassle-free experience from check-in to departure. Let this air carrier take care of details while you sit back, relax, and savor the excitement that lies ahead. 

How To Get A Boarding Pass With Jetstar Airways?

This air carrier allows you to receive your boarding pass either at the online portal or airport. It totally depends on your flight reservation type and origin location regarding the online boarding pass that will be provided.

According to your eligibility, once your online check-in is complete, the carrier will send you the boarding pass print for the concerned flight. It is also possible that you might be permitted to travel with a mobile boarding pass.

Mobile Boarding Pass

You can use a boarding pass on your mobile phone instead of a printout on some flights of Jetstar Airways. The flights on which it can be used are:

  • Jetstar Airways domestic flights within Australia or New Zealand.
  • Jetstar Airways international flights. 
  • Jetstar Japan domestic flights.
  • Selected Jetstar Asia international flights departing from Singapore and Indonesia. 

Note: You can go straight to the boarding gate upon arriving at the airport with a mobile boarding pass. 

Usage Of Mobile Boarding Pass

First and foremost, install the mobile application – Jetstar App on your smartphone. Then, follow these steps to use your mobile boarding pass.

  • Open the mobile app, sign in with your credentials, and click on the “Check-In” tab to proceed. 
  • When checking in, select the “Send By SMS” option. In Japan, select “Email mobile boarding pass.”
  • You can choose to send all boarding passes to one person or individual boarding pass to each person.
  • Jetstar Airways will send your boarding pass as a link via SMS or email. Open this link to access your mobile boarding pass. 
  • If you need to download your boarding pass again for any reason. Then, go to online check-in, and enter your name and booking reference to view, save, and print Jetstar Airways boarding pass. 
  • You must save your mobile boarding pass to your Apple Wallet on iOS. Or Google Wallet/WalletPasses on Android. Jetstar doesn’t accept boarding passes from any other apps. So, save your time and stress by adding your boarding pass to your smartphone’s app before you are at the gate.

Tip: Turn up your mobile phone’s screen brightness at the gate for easy scanning. If your screen is cracked or the phone loses power and the boarding pass is not scannable. Then, you can use the PDF version if you have it or ask the airport team for a printed boarding pass. 

Jetstar Airways Boarding Time

You should arrive at the airport well ahead of time for your flight. Because you don’t want to miss your flight and board the aircraft at the right time period.

  • For domestic flights, except the ones departing from an international terminal. You should be present at the boarding gate at least 25 minutes prior to your flight departure. 
  • You must be at the boarding gate 40 minutes before your flight departs. It is for international flights as well as domestic flights departing from an international terminal.

Note: Jetstar Airways closes the door 15 minutes before the departure strictly. And for Jetstar Asia Flights, the door closing time is 10 minutes prior to the departure. 

Helpful Information Regarding Jetstar Airways Boarding Pass

Here are some essential points that you should be well aware of regarding the Jetstar Airways boarding pass. 

  • If you are flying domestically from an international terminal. You will need to visit the check-in counter to present identification and get your Jetstar Airways boarding pass print. 
  • Check your itinerary to see which airport and terminal your flight will depart from. You will need to be at the airport earlier as you check-in.
  • On all domestic and international flights departing from Japan. If you have already checked in and selected your boarding pass. Then, you can no longer reprint it at an airport kiosk. For this, you will need to see a Jetstar team member at the airport for help. 
  • Don’t forget, even if you have checked in online. You will still need to drop your bags off and be at the boarding gate on time. If you don’t reach there before a flight closes, you won’t be able to board and might lose your fare in full. 


Can I use my Jetstar Airways boarding pass for multiple flights?

Jetstar Airways boarding pass is specific to the flight for which it was issued. In case you have multiple flights with layovers or connecting flights. Then, you might need to check in at the connecting airport to obtain your next boarding pass. You can also receive a separate boarding pass for each leg of your journey beforehand. 

How do I check-in baggage with a mobile boarding pass?

You need to scan your mobile boarding pass at the airport kiosk. There, you can print your bag tags and attach them to the correct bags. Next, drop off your bags at the bag drop and you are good to go. If kiosks are not available, you can drop your checked baggage at the check-in counter.

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