Print Japan Airlines Boarding Pass

Japan Airlines boarding pass print

Boundless horizons await with the Japan Airlines boarding pass print. Beyond the barcode, a world of exploration and elegance unfurls. Relish in a blend of poetic traditions and contemporary marvels above the clouds. As you fasten your seatbelt, you are securing a passage to cultural richness and impeccable service on board. 

Boarding Pass Receiving Process On Japan Airlines

Below is a guide for getting a boarding pass for Japan Airlines:

Ways To Get A Boarding Pass On Japan Airlines

The air carrier allows you to obtain your boarding pass for the flight via various methods. We are going to discuss all these in detail so you can choose your preferred one. 

Boarding Pass Through Website

You can get your boarding pass by completing a web check-in on the online portal of the carrier. You will need your e-ticket, passport, and email address in this procedure. Follow the steps mentioned below to go through this process. 

  • Head to the official website of the airline i.e. Japan Airlines on your favorite browser. 
  • Select the “Web Check-in” tab from the top of the homepage. 
  • Click on the “Check-in now” option. Do note that the check-in begins 24 hours prior to the scheduled time of your flight’s departure. 
  • Now, you have to enter your e-ticket number, flight number, departure date, and your name in the given fields. 
  • You can select the passengers you want to be checked-in. This page will be skipped if there is only one person in your reservation. 
  • The restricted items page will appear on your screen. Read the policies regarding them and click on the box to confirm them. 
  • On the next page, review your selected seat number and the information about your flight. 
  • Click on the “Continue” button if you don’t want to make any changes to your seat. 
  • Enter your passport details carefully and hit on the “Save” icon. 
  • After adding your details, tick the box that says “I confirm all the information is true and correct to the best of my knowledge.”
  • Then, click on the “Confirm Details” button in order to move forward. 
  • In the next step, you have to enter your contact details so you can receive updates on your journey. 
  • You can now select the option to get your boarding pass, receive it via email, print it out, use the wallet, or get a mobile boarding pass. 
  • If you choose to print Japan Airlines boarding pass, then the pass will be displayed on your screen with the “Print” button at the bottom. 
  • Your check-in will be completed and you will have a paper copy of your boarding pass in hand. 
Automatic Boarding Pass

The carrier will send your boarding pass directly if you select the automatic check-in for your flight. You can complete this process at the website of the airline with quite a few easy steps. 

  • By opening the website of this air carrier on your search engine, select the “Apply automatic check-in” option. 
  • This option will take you to the “Web check-in advance registration” page. 
  • Your booking details will be displayed on your screen once you enter the relevant information on the page. 
  • After entering the necessary details, click on the “Register” button. 
  • Your boarding pass as an attachment for the particular flight will be sent to you automatically around 24 hours before the departure. 

Boarding Pass Via Mobile App

You can go through the process of check-in by installing the application of the airline on your smartphone. You will receive a mobile boarding pass after completing the process. 

You can display the boarding pass directly from the JAL app, iPhone Wallet, or Android Google Wallet. 

In case you have connecting flights then you can show your boarding pass at the gate by following these steps. 

  • On the home screen of the app, tap on the reservation confirmation tab. 
  • Select the target flight on which you are flying at the moment from the connecting flight options.
  • Your mobile boarding pass will be displayed on the timeline screen. 

Note: Please make sure that your departure airport accepts the mobile boarding pass well in advance. Because if it doesn’t, then you have to get your boarding pass from the check-in counter of the carrier. 

Boarding Pass At The Airport

The boarding passes are always given at the airport if you don’t want them beforehand. However, the check-in process might take longer as there are many other passengers at the counter. 

You should have your verification documents ready if you wish to get your boarding pass from the agents. They will confirm your details and hand over a Japan Airlines boarding pass print for your flight. 

Self-Service Kiosk Boarding pass

You can obtain your boarding pass from a kiosk machine at the available airports. Have a look at the steps you need to follow once you locate the self-service kiosk of the airline. 

  • Choose from the options on the screen to begin your check-in process. 
  • Select the “Check-in” tab on the next screen and follow the further instructions. 
  • The machine will then issue you a boarding pass according to your flight number. 
  • After the completion of this process, you will be able to see the items that are required for boarding the flight. 
  • Confirm that you have all the items and proceed to the security clearance counter. 
  • Once you are cleared by the security personnel, you can head to the boarding gate area of your flight. 

Sequence Of Boarding On Japan Airlines

The carrier boards its passengers on the aircraft in a particular order. The group in which you will go on board will be mentioned on your boarding pass specifically. 


You can board the airplane first if you need more time to reach your seat. The pre-boarding is allowed for: 

  • JAL family service passengers.
  • Pregnant women and people traveling with small children. 
  • Travelers requiring special assistance or have an illness or injury. 

You can contact the staff member at the airport if you want to pre-board your flight. 

Priority Boarding

The priority boarding includes the frequent flyer program status members and the passengers flying in premium cabin class. There are three groups in priority boarding. 

Group 1: You can board in this group if you have a first-class ticket. The JMB Diamond, JGC Premier, and Oneworld Emerald members can also board in this group. 

Group 2: In this group, JMB and Oneworld Sapphire members as well as JAL Global Club members are allowed to board. If you are flying in Business class with this carrier, then you can board the aircraft in group 2. 

Group 3: Travelers who have Premium Economy class tickets or JMB Crystal/Oneworld Ruby membership are offered boarding in this group. 

Rear Cabin Boarding

The airline starts the boarding of group 4 once the passengers in priority service are on the aircraft. It begins from the last cabin of the plane according to your seat number to avoid congestion. 

Other Passengers

People who have a seat in the middle and front rows of the Economy cabin will board in group 5. You will be called out by the staff member at the gate after the rear cabin passengers have boarded. 

Boarding Time On Japan Airlines

The airline strictly advises you to check in for your particular flight at least 60 minutes prior to the departure. Because after the check-in, there are many other procedures to complete at the airport. You have to drop off your bags, clear yourself through the security check, etc. 

You should be at the boarding gate approximately 30 minutes before the scheduled time of departure. This allows you to be seated on the aircraft without any hassle or delay as per the Japan Airlines boarding time.  

The carrier closes the boarding gates 10 minutes before the flight is to depart. If you arrive at the gate after this time, then you will not be permitted to board your flight. So be punctual and arrive according to the flight departing time.


Can I get online boarding passes for Japan Airlines group booking?

You can check-in online at the website and obtain the boarding passes for your group. But you need to prepare the Authorization number that is advised by your agent. This is also required if you are traveling on a package tour with the airline. To get detailed information, you always contact the airline and state your queries.

Who can get a Japan Airlines boarding pass at the airport only?

Not every passenger is allowed to get a boarding pass by going through the check in process themselves. In some cases, you have to check in at the airport only and obtain your boarding pass. The travelers who are required to follow this process are:

1. Flying on a codeshare flight. 
2. Requiring special assistance.
3. Traveling on a fare in which you have to present your documents to the carrier. 
4. Wishing to check in with another airline’s ticket. 

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