Print My Frontier Airlines Boarding Pass

Frontier Airlines boarding pass print

Simplify your journey and experience smooth travel with Frontier Airlines boarding pass print. Present your boarding pass at the gate and get swift access to your flight. Be ready to explore new horizons with Frontier Airlines, where every journey begins with ease. The friendly staff of this airline will make sure that you never forget your flight experience with them. 

Boarding Pass Obtaining Procedures

There are several procedures with which you can get your boarding pass for the flight. Below are the details about the different methods. 


You can easily print your boarding pass when you check in for your flight at the online portal of Frontier Airlines. Visit the official website of Frontier Airlines i.e. and click on the “My Trip/Check-In” tab on the homepage. 

If you don’t want to print your boarding pass right away, you can always log back into “My Trips” on your Manage My Booking page. From there you can get your boarding at a later time before your journey.


Download the free mobile application of Frontier Airlines. It is available for both iOS as well as Android devices. You can even skip the airport line and head straight to the gate. But only if you just have a carry-on and your mobile boarding pass in hand.  

To view your boarding pass, open your Frontier Airlines app.

  • Once opened, click on the “My Flights” option.
  • Now, put in your last name and confirmation code and click “Retrieve.”
  • You will be able to see your flight itinerary on the app screen.
  • The boarding pass will be available to you after you check-in. 


You have the opportunity to print Frontier Airlines boarding pass at the check-in counter or one of the self-service kiosks at your departing airport. All you need to bring is

  • Confirmation code
  • Credit card 
  • Confirmation email
  • ID or passport

Frontier Airlines Airport Timeline

Here is a brief of what timeline Frontier Airlines follows at the airport for its flights. 

  • Arrive at the airport 2 hours before your flight.
  • 60 minutes before the flight, be checked in with your Frontier Airlines boarding pass print. 
  • Be at your gate 30 minutes prior to the departure of your flight. If you don’t, your reservation might be canceled, and you may lose your seats on the aircraft. 
  • You cannot get on the aircraft 15 minutes before the departure because the doors close. 

Plane Boarding Order

Reach your gate well ahead of time for a smooth boarding process. Frontier Airlines usually begins boarding 30-35 minutes before departure time. The order in which passengers board the Frontier Airlines plane is mentioned below.

Passengers with Special Needs: It includes unaccompanied minors, anyone needing a wheelchair, and other boarding assistance. Frontier Airlines does not make any announcements for special needs boarding. Therefore, if you require assistance. Then, make sure to check in with an agent of Frontier when you arrive at the gate. In this way, they will know you need to board first. 

Zone 1: This boarding is offered to those who purchased a carry-on bag, WORKS bundle, or PERKS bundle from this air carrier. Elite members of FrontierMiles’ frequent flyer program can also board in this zone. 

Board First: It is available if you purchased a carry-on bag on Frontier Airlines.

Courtesy Boarding: In this boarding, families traveling with children under three years of age are allowed. And any other passengers requiring additional time to board are allowed.

Zones 2, 3, and 4: Now, the passengers are called in order. These zones move progressively from the back of the aircraft forward.


Will my Frontier boarding pass automatically update for any flight changes?

Yes, your mobile boarding pass will be updated automatically if there are changes made to your flight. Your gate assignment and departure time could change due to operational reasons. For this, it is recommended you stay updated by checking the flight monitors at the airport and by checking your Flight Status. 

Does my infant need a Frontier Airlines boarding pass?

Frontier Airlines allows infants from seven days old up to 2 years of age to fly free of charge in your lap. But they must be added to your reservation and will have a boarding pass, even if they don’t occupy a seat.

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