Print Brussels Airlines Boarding Pass

Brussles Airlines Boarding Pass print

Go on a voyage of wonder and discovery across the most iconic destinations across different continents with Brussels Airlines boarding pass print. It is your key to enchanting locations filled with captivating history, diverse cultures, and breathtaking landscapes. The impeccable in-flight experience ensures comfort and enjoyment throughout your extraordinary journey. 

Process Of Obtaining Boarding Pass

Anytime you want to get your boarding pass for the flight, it is important that you do the check-in first. You can check in from 24 hours until 1 hour prior to the departure of your flight. This carrier offers many methods in order to obtain it. 

Online Boarding Pass

You can avoid long queues at the airport by getting your boarding pass via online methods. This can be done either via the website or the mobile app of the airline. 

Web-based Boarding pass

Stick to the steps mentioned below if you prefer this method to receive your boarding pass.

  • You will be able to see the “Check-in” option at the top right corner of the homepage. Select it as your first step. 
  • A drop-down menu will appear where you have to click on the “Check-in now” tab. 
  • A new page will open and there you can enter your booking or ticket number along with your family name. 
  • Select the box below to accept the terms and conditions of this airline and then click on the “Continue” button. 
  • Now, you will be able to complete the check-in for yourself and also for other people included in your booking. 
  • In the next step, you can select or change your preferred seat, add a frequent flyer number (if any) and proceed further. 
  • After your check-in is done, click on the “collect boarding pass” option.
  • You can receive your print Brussels Airlines boarding pass via email or as a mobile boarding pass. In case there are any other passengers traveling with you, send the boarding pass directly to their inbox or smartphone. 

Mobile App Boarding Pass

For this feature, firstly, you need to download the mobile application of the airline. It is available in both, Play Store (Android) as well as App Store (iOS). Once the application is installed, follow these steps:

  • Reach the “Profile Login” tab by following the prompts before. 
  • Then, you have the option to Login/Register or continue as a guest. Click on the one that suits you the best. 
  • Now, select the “Add booking/ Check-in” tab and add your booking reference, first name, and last name. Click on the “Continue” button to complete the procedure. 
  • The system will create your Brussels Airlines boarding pass print online. Once it is done, you can access it offline and be ready for your exciting journey. 

Note: In case the airport you are departing from is not equipped with the scanning system of mobile boarding passes. Then, you need to go to the check-in counter where your boarding pass will be printed for you.  

Boarding Pass At The Airport

The agents at the dedicated check-in counters of this airline will happily help you with the whole process. The things you need to do in order to obtain your boarding pass after arriving at the airport are:

  • Go to the airport’s departures section and find the check-in counter of the carrier. 
  • Provide your passport and other related travel documents to the available agent. 
  • In case you have luggage to be checked, you can hand it over to them.
  • The representative will then check you in for the concerned flight and print your boarding pass. 
  • Collect it and go through security to proceed to your boarding gate. 

Boarding Pass With Automated Check-In

You don’t have to worry about checking in for your flight with this feature. You can register with your Miles&More profile to take advantage of this service. 

The carrier will do the check-in on your behalf and send you the boarding pass 24 hours before the flight’s departure. You can choose to either receive your boarding pass via email or SMS. 

The email boarding pass will come in the form of a printable PDF or mobile boarding pass. And the SMS one will have a link to a mobile boarding pass. 

Boarding Time

So that everything runs smoothly, you should arrive at the airport well in advance. If you have already obtained your Brussels Airlines boarding pass print. Then, you should be at the gate approximately 30 minutes prior to the departure. 

You can check out the information about your specific boarding gate and its timings on the airport displays, mobile app, and also on your boarding pass. Listen to the announcements at the gate attentively and keep your boarding pass, ID/passport handy. To board the aircraft, show these documents to the staff available at the gate. 

If you are planning to check in at the airport and then receive your boarding pass. Then, this airline has different deadlines for the flights. You should do the check-in around 40 to 70 minutes prior to the departure depending on the route of your journey. And arrive at the boarding gate accordingly. 


Can I get a boarding pass for my return flight with Brussels Airlines?

This air carrier allows you to check in and receive your boarding for a return flight at the same time. But, it is only possible if you are flying back within 24 hours from your destination airport. You can get additional information on this feature by connecting with customer care at 18004011801. 

What if I am denied boarding on Brussels Airlines?

Brussels Airlines can deny you to board the aircraft in case you showed up too late at the check-in counter or boarding gate. Or your travel documents are incomplete. The carrier will also not be held responsible for this. But if you missed your flight due to overbooking or a missed connection. Then, you can fill out a form at the official website of the airline. And the service center of this air carrier will assist you further.

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