Print Breeze Airways Boarding Pass

print Breeze Airways boarding pass

How to Download Breeze Airways Boarding Pass? If this question ever strikes your head and in recent times if you ever felt stressed before your trip due to the boarding pass obtaining procedure, then you are at the right place. 

This article has all the details that a passenger of Breezer Airways needs to know, before boarding the flight. Here you will get simple and easy steps to obtain your boarding pass. Apart from that, there are some additional information also written that are related to boarding pass and flight boarding. 

So without any delay, let’s dive into this informational article and acquire all the knowledge. 

At What Time Can I Get My Breeze Boarding Pass?

Like all the other airlines, Breeze Airways has some time limits to obtain or print Breeze Airways boarding pass. To know the timings for different methods, check out the pointers below; 

  • If you are planning to get your Breeze boarding pass online through the official website or mobile app then you can get it within 24 hours to 45 minutes prior to the scheduled departure time of your flight.
  • In case, you plan to get your boarding pass at the airport, then reach the airport at least 2 hours before to complete the procedure, the counter and kiosk machine might get close 1 to 45 minutes before your flight departs. 

Methods to Get Breeze Airways Boarding Pass Print 

Two prominent and easy methods through which you can get your boarding pass with any harsh attempt are given below for your convenience. 

Alternative Get your Boarding Pass Via Kiosk Machine

If you do not want any assistance and want to avoid the long queue line at the airport check-in counter to get your boarding pass, then head straight to the kiosk option. The steps are given below; 

  • At the airport, find the self-service kiosk area. These kiosks are usually located near the check-in counters or departure gates depending on the airport structure.
  • Once you successfully find the machine, you will need to identify your booking in the kiosk system. This can often be done by entering your booking reference number, flight confirmation code, e-ticket number, and frequent flyer number, or by scanning your passport or ID.
  • Follow the on-screen instructions to select the check-in option. This might be labeled as “Check-In,” “Print Boarding Pass,” or similar.
  • If you have not completed your check-in then you are required to complete that first. And if you have already done it then get your boarding pass. You can initiate the process by filling in or verifying your passenger details, which may include your last name, first name, flight number, and departure date.
  • If you have not already selected seats during the booking process, the kiosk may give you the option to choose your seats at this point. And if you selected your seat priorly but want to modify the seat then also you can do it during this time.
  • After that, carefully review the flight details, passenger information, and any additional services you have selected. Make sure everything is accurate before proceeding.
  • Once you have confirmed your details, the kiosk should generate your boarding pass. It will usually be printed on a receipt-sized piece of paper.
  • Retrieve the printed boarding pass from the kiosk. Some kiosks might also offer the option to send the boarding pass to your email or mobile phone.
  • With your printed boarding pass in hand, follow the airport signs to the security check and then to your departure gate.

Breeze Airways Boarding Pass Print Online

To get your online boarding pass you may have two options, through the official website or through the Breeze mobile app. Once you determine the way to obtain the boarding pass, follow the steps given below; 

  • Check the Breeze Airways website or app to find the exact timing for your flight.
  • Visit the Breeze Airways website or open their mobile app. Look for the “Check-In” or “Manage Booking” section. You will need your booking reference or confirmation number along with your last name to access your booking.
  • Verify or update your passenger details, such as contact information and any additional requirements.
  • If you have not already selected seats during the booking process, you will usually have the option to choose your seats during online check-in. However, the airline might charge a fee for preferred or specific seat selections.
  • Provide necessary security information, such as passport details, when prompted.
  • If you need to add baggage or other services, you might have the option to do so during online check-in. This can include adding extra baggage, choosing meal preferences, or other services offered by the airline.
  • Double-check all the information you have provided, including flight details, passenger information, and any added services. Confirm that everything is accurate.
  • Once you have completed the check-in process, the system will generate your boarding pass. You can usually choose to receive it as a mobile boarding pass on your smartphone (usually sent to your email or available in the airline’s app) or you might have the option to print Breeze Airways boarding pass.

Note: If you download the mobile app, then you will get 500 BreezePoints that can be used to book future flights or to purchase additional services. 

Add Breeze Boarding Pass to Apply Wallet

If you are an iPhone user and want to add the pass to your Apple wallet then kindly follow the below-given points; 

  • Receive Boarding Pass: After completing the online check-in process for your Breeze Airways flight, you should receive your boarding pass. This is typically sent to your email or made available through the airline’s mobile app.
  • Check Apple Wallet Support: Verify if the airline now supports adding boarding passes to Apple Wallet. Check their official website, app, or any communication they have provided to passengers regarding this feature.
  • Get Apple Wallet App: If you don’t have the Apple Wallet app installed on your iPhone, download it from the App Store.
  • Open the Boarding Pass: Open the email or app where you received your Breeze Airways boarding pass. Look for an option to “Add to Apple Wallet” or similar wording. 
  • Add to Apple Wallet: Click on the “Add to Apple Wallet” option. This should open the pass in Apple Wallet for review.
  • Review and Confirm: Check the details on the boarding pass in Apple Wallet to make sure everything is accurate. This includes your flight details, seat assignment, and any other relevant information.
  • Authenticate: Depending on your settings, you might need to use Touch ID, Face ID, or enter your device passcode to confirm the addition of the pass to Apple Wallet.
  • Accessing in Apple Wallet: Once added, your Breeze Airways boarding pass will be accessible in the Apple Wallet app. You can access it even when your phone is locked by double-clicking the home or side button (depending on your device model).

Note: In case, you have a disability or need special assistance then you must fill out the Special Service Request Form before getting the boarding pass.

Breeze Boarding Zones

You will board the flight as per the Breeze Airways boarding zone numbers. After obtaining the boarding pass you are required to seat at the gate until the Airport Team/ crew member calls for your Zone to board. Your zone will be mentioned on your boarding pass next to your assigned seat.

The zone bifurcations are; 

  • The priority (first zone) boarding facility will be given to the passengers who have bought the Nicer and Nicest bundles.
  • The second zone will be provided to the passengers who have paid for their carry-on baggage. 
  • Then the next zone will be allotted to the passengers with the assigned back-row seat on the plane who have not purchased a carry-on bag. 
  • The last (fourth) zone is for passengers who have not bought a carry-on bag and have been allotted assigned middle-row seats on the plane. 


How to get my Breeze Boarding Pass at the airport counter?

If you like old school method or if you are already at the airport without a boarding pass, then you can obtain your boarding pass at the Breeze Airways check-in counter by just following the 3 easy steps; 

1. Go to the Breeze Airways check-in counter.
2. Ask the agent that you want your Breeze boarding and show your passport or other valid ID and your confirmation number to the agent.
3. Then the agent will print your boarding pass for you.

Can I get a Breeze online boarding pass for my group booking?

Yes, you can get a Breeze online boarding pass for your group booking. However, you can only get online boarding passes for group bookings that are made through the Breeze Airways website or app. If you made your group booking through a travel agent, you will need to contact the travel agent to get the boarding passes.

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