Print Avianca Airlines Boarding Pass

Print Avianca Airlines Boarding Pass

Get an Avianca Airlines boarding pass print a day before and save a lot of your time on D-day. Yes, to obtain your boarding pass, you will not have to leave your home 4-5 hours before your flight time. 

You can easily complete your check-in 48 to 24 hours before and get your boarding pass saved on your mobile or can take out a print. If you are curious and want to know more then take a quick look at the context mentioned below. 

Overview About Avianca Boarding Pass

A boarding pass is a crucial document that you need to board your flight. If you are flying on board for the first time and do not know anything to get the boarding pass, then this article is just for you. Take a quick tour of this article to know the details. 

Timings to Complete Avianca Boarding Pass Procedure

All the boarding pass obtaining timings for various ways are given below; 

Online and Mobile Boarding Pass Timing

Apply for an online or mobile boarding pass you can start the process 48 hours before the departure of your flight. If you are going to fly to or from the United States and Canada then the digital portal will open 24 hours before your flight time. 

The online portal will close 45 minutes before departure for domestic flights and 60 minutes before the departure time for international flights.

At the Airport Boarding Pass Obtaining Timing

At the airport, you will have two ways to get your boarding pass. One is the check-in counter and the other one is the kiosk machine. The time details are given below; 

  • To get your boarding pass for an international flight go to the counter or machine 3 hours before your flight time. And for domestic flights in Colombia 2 hours before. And 1 hour and 30 minutes in advance for domestic flights in Ecuador.  
  • The boarding pass counters and machines shut down 60 minutes before the flight time for domestic flights and 45 minutes before the scheduled departure time for international flights. 

Different Ways to Get Avianca Boarding Pass

Before you board your Avianca flight, you will have to get your boarding pass to show at the airport boarding gate. But if you are not aware of the procedure to get the passes, or if you ever asked yourself how to download Avianca Airlines boarding pass, then check out the steps below and forget the confusion once and for all. 


The first and the most suitable mode to get boarding passes for passengers who love comfort is the digital/online mode. In the below-given points, you can check out the steps to get boarding passes by using the official website or mobile app. 

  • Open your web browser and go to the Avianca Airlines official website or download their mobile app if you have not already.
  • Navigate to the ‘Online Check-in’ section on the website or app. 
  • Provide the required information such as your booking reference or ticket number, your last name, and any other requested details to access your booking.
  • If you have multiple flights on the same booking, select the flight for which you want to get the boarding pass.
  • Review the passenger details and make any necessary updates.
  • Choose your preferred seat from the available options, if applicable.
  • Add checked baggage if required and pay any applicable fees.
  • Ensure you have your travel documents (passport, visa, etc.) ready, as you may be required to verify your identity during the check-in process.
  • Carefully review all the details you have entered, including your flight information, passenger details, and seat selection.
  • Once you have reviewed and confirmed your details, the website or app will generate your boarding pass. This pass will typically display your flight details, seat number, departure gate, and any other relevant information.
  • Download and save the electronic boarding pass as a PDF or image file to your device. You can also take a screenshot for easy access.
  • If you prefer a printed boarding pass, then tap on the command “Avianca Airlines boarding pass print online” and you can print the downloaded pass and bring it with you to the airport.
  • On the day of your flight, make sure to arrive at the airport well in advance, following Avianca’s recommended time.

Note: You cannot get access to the online boarding pass if you have special services or your itinerary includes codeshare flights. And your reservation should not hold more than 7 to 8 passengers. 

Print Avianca Airlines Boarding Pass With the Help of Kiosk Machine

The second mode is offline mode, this mode can be only used at the airport. If you want to get rid of the long check-in counter queue to get your Avianca boarding pass then, use the kiosk machine. The guidelines to operate this machine in order to get the pass are below; 

  • Find the Avianca Airlines self-service kiosk at the airport terminal.
  • Touch the screen or follow the instructions to start the process.
  • Enter your booking reference or ticket number using the keyboard or touch screen.
  • Provide necessary passenger information, often including your last name.
  • Choose the specific flight segment you want to check in for.
  • If applicable, select your preferred seat from the available options.
  • Add baggage and pay the fee.
  • Carefully review the passenger and flight details displayed on the screen.
  • Have your travel documents (passport, visa) ready to scan or enter information if prompted.
  • The kiosk will generate your boarding pass with flight details and seat number.
  • Choose to print the boarding pass or save it as a digital copy (if the kiosk offers this option).
  • If you paid any baggage fees, the kiosk might provide a receipt.
  • Complete the process and wait for your printed boarding pass to be issued. 

Note: For kiosk service, you must have a booking code, ticket number, passport or barcode, and frequent flyer number.               

Airport Counter

If you need assistance to complete the process, then receiving the boarding pass from the airline’s employee at the check-in counter would be the best option for you. 

You just have to go to the counter, provide your flight details and personal documents. After that, just complete your check-in process and ask the staff to issue the boarding pass and luggage tags if any. 

Note: If you get your boarding pass at the airport counter and have XS and S fares then you will have to pay some charges. All the charges are not refundable. 

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