Print Allegiant Air Boarding Pass

Allegiant Air Boarding Pass

Adventure awaits with Allegiant Air boarding pass print. It is your token to new horizons, cherished memories, and thrilling adventures. From stunning destinations to warm hospitality, this airline is committed to making your trip extraordinary. Fly with Allegiant Air and let your travel dreams soar high. 

Ways To Get Your Boarding Pass

Allegiant Air provides you with three options in order to obtain your boarding pass. Save your time and money by avoiding the check-in lines at the airport. 

Online Boarding Pass

At the official website of Allegiant Air i.e., you can use your confirmation code, email, or debit/credit card to access your flight itinerary. 

Once you click on “Find My Trip”, you can select to check in online and print your boarding pass at home. Just make sure you check in at the given time frame for your flight. 

Mobile App Boarding Pass

With the new and free Allegiant app, say goodbye to the print Allegiant Air boarding pass. And hello to the speed and convenience of smartphone technology. Follow the steps mentioned below to get your boarding pass. 

  • Go to the play store on your device and search Allegiant Air.
  • Click on the Allegiant App and continue to install it.
  • After that, tap on the check-in tab. And enter your confirmation code and name in the given spaces.
  • View your details promptly and click on continue on the next page.
  • Proceed further to get your boarding pass for free. 
  • A QR code will appear which you can scan to obtain the boarding pass. 
  • You will also see the download button. You can click on it and your Allegiant Air boarding pass print online will be downloaded. 

At Airport Boarding Pass

You can take the help of an agent of this air carrier to print your boarding pass. But, you will be charged a $5 fee per boarding pass. This fee will be waived only if you do the check-in also at the airport counter. Please try arriving at the airport well in advance if you want to make it to your flight and get your boarding pass on time. And also go through all the airport procedures required for boarding the aircraft. 

Note: It is important to bring your government-issued ID as well along with your boarding pass for your journey. 

What Is The Boarding Time Of Allegiant Air?

You must be at the gate around 1 hour before the departure and be ready to board your flight with Allegiant Air. If you fail to arrive at the gate minimum of 30 minutes prior to the departure of your flight. Then, Allegiant Air may cancel your booking. 

The gate doors for boarding the aircraft of Allegiant Air close 10 minutes before the scheduled flight departure. 

Flights Boarding Process

The boarding process of Allegiant Air begins with 4 named zones and is followed by 6 numbered zones. Below is the order of boarding zones on the aircraft of Allegiant Air.

Pre-boarding: This zone includes special assistance passengers or who require more time to board the flight. You need to reach out to the gate agent and inform them about your requirement for boarding first. 

Priority boarding: You can board in this zone if you have purchased priority access as an add-on or hold an Allegiant World Mastercard.

Military boarding: As the name suggests, active-duty military personnel and their companions can board the aircraft in this zone.

Family boarding: If you are traveling with a child and their stroller or car seat. Then, you will be allowed to board in this zone.

Zone 1: You are allowed to board here if you are occupying an exit row seat.

Zones 2 & 3: These include passengers seated in rows 1-40 who are traveling without carry-on baggage.

Zones 4 & 5: In these zones, travelers who are sitting in rows 10-40 with a carry-on item board the aircraft. 

Zone 6: This zone offers boarding to people who have a seat in rows 1-9 and are traveling with a carry-on bag. 


Does Allegiant have outdoor boarding?

Yes, Allegiant Air does offer outdoor boarding at selected airports. In this, you can use an outdoor ramp or stairs instead of an enclosed jet bridge that attaches the aircraft to the airport. You can check out your reminder email or check-in to see if you will be boarding outside. And you can dress accordingly for forecasted weather. 

What should I do if I encounter issues with my Allegiant boarding pass?

If you face any issues with your Allegiant Air boarding pass like incorrect information or technical difficulties. Then, reach out to the customer care of Allegiant Air at +1 (702) 505-8888. They will be able to help you in resolving any problem and provide further guidance.

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