Print Air New Zealand Boarding Pass

Air New Zealand Boarding Pass Print

Unveil the world through your Air New Zealand boarding pass print. As you take flight, embrace the allure of stunning landscapes, rich heritage, and endless adventures. Let your journey become a symphony of moments that define your travel experience with this airline. 

Ways To Get A Boarding Pass On Air New Zealand

The air carrier provides you with various ways to receive your boarding pass. Below is the detailed information about the different ways. 

Website And Mobile Boarding Pass

You can obtain your boarding pass by checking in at the website of this carrier or on the mobile application. The check-in usually begins 24 hours prior to the flight’s scheduled departure. 

Web-Based Boarding Pass

Follow the steps given underneath in this procedure to check in at its web portal.  

  • Click on the second option at the top right corner of the homepage, labeled “Check-In.”
  • Enter your booking reference along with your surname and click on the “Continue” button. 
  • Your flight information will appear on a new page where you need to follow the prompts to proceed further. 
  • Lastly, you have to hit on the “Boarding Pass” tab. 
  • The carrier will soon send you an email that will include your Air New Zealand boarding pass print online.  

The boarding pass you received via this method can be printed at home and used at the airport. But, do keep in mind that only a printed version is accepted and not any screenshot or email version. 

Note: If you have requested a seat upgrade and it is not confirmed. Then, you can check in with the usual method, and your upgrade won’t be canceled. You can be informed about the upgrade at the last minute and will be given a new boarding pass at the boarding gate. 

Mobile App Boarding Pass

The mobile boarding pass is a great option if you are flying within New Zealand as it is accepted at all airports. But firstly you need to install the Air NZ app on your smartphone. 

Once the application is downloaded, add your flight details to complete your check-in. You will receive your digital boarding pass once the check-in is processed by the app. 

Benefits Of Mobile Boarding Pass

Your digital boarding pass holds loads of benefits for your journey. For example:

  • You can easily scan your boarding pass to get bag tags from a kiosk machine. 
  • You can download boarding passes for up to 9 passengers in your booking. 
  • With a digital boarding pass, you can access the lounges of Air New Zealand at available airports.
  • Open your mobile boarding on your smartphone and show it to the agent during the time of boarding. 

Boarding Pass Via Kiosk Machine

The air carrier has self-service kiosks at some locations around the world. You can use them to obtain your boarding pass if you are flying from:

Los Angeles, Hong Kong, Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne, Queenstown, Auckland, Wellington, and Christchurch. 

Make sure you have all the documents required for traveling to your destination. Then, follow the below-given steps:

  • Locate this airline’s self-service kiosk at the airport. 
  • Scan your passport on the machine and enter any asked information. 
  • Confirm the seat you have selected and click on the “Print Boarding Pass” option. 
  • Take out your Air New Zealand boarding pass print and bag tags from the dispensing slot of the machine. 

Boarding Pass At The Airport

Sometimes, there is a possibility that you need to get a boarding pass from the check-in counter of the carrier at the airport. Because there might be some restrictions and your documents need to be checked manually before check-in. Airport check-in is also required if you are an unaccompanied minor or need special assistance. In such conditions, you should arrive at the airport quite well in advance to not face any issues. 

Once you reach the airport, go to the check-in counter of this airline. Wait in the queue and provide all the important documents to the agent when your number comes. The representative will verify your passport, visa, entry, and transit documents, etc. first. 

Then, they will check you in for your concerned flight. After the process is complete, you can take your boarding pass from the agent and move forward. 

Timings For Boarding

The exact time for boarding will be specified on your boarding pass along with the gate number. Usually, you should be at the check-in counter around 2 hours before the scheduled departure of your international flight. 

For domestic travel, the check-in closes approx 30 minutes prior to the departure and boarding begins. You can also see the boarding time near the gate areas displayed on the screens. 


Can I get a boarding pass for connecting flights with Air New Zealand?

You will receive separate boarding passes for all your connecting flights with this air carrier. After completing your check-in, keep your boarding pass handy for the specific flight. If your first flight itinerary is with a partner airline. Then, you need to check in and get your boarding pass from the partner airline’s website or airport counter. 

What if my name on the Air New Zealand boarding pass doesn’t match my ID?

Your name should be exactly the same on your boarding pass as on your government-issued ID. You will be denied boarding if there is even a minor spelling error in your name. This is a major issue and should be resolved in advance of your departure. You can contact the service center of the airline and make changes to your name in order to fly peacefully. 

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