Print Air Mauritius Boarding Pass

Air Mauritius boarding pass print

Your Air Mauritius boarding pass print is your personal portal to a world of wonder. Clutching this document, you are on the brink of an extraordinary journey with this air carrier. It is not just a pass; it’s the key to azure waters, lush landscapes, and unforgettable experiences. With it, you unlock the warm embrace of Mauritian hospitality, savor gourmet delights, and bask in unparalleled comfort as you soar through the skies. 

Methods To Obtain Your Boarding Pass With Air Mauritius

The boarding pass required for your upcoming flight can be obtained via different methods of check-in. We are going to discuss all the ways in detail below. 

Boarding Pass From The Website

You can get your boarding pass anytime after completing the online check-in from 30 hours to 2 hours before the departure of your flight. The steps you must follow in this process are:

  • Navigate to the official website of the carrier i.e. on your favorite browser. 
  • Select the “Check-in” tab displayed on the homepage of the carrier’s website. 
  • Enter your e-ticket number, and flight number, and choose the date from the box. 
  • Click on the “Search” button to retrieve your flight information. 
  • You can even make a seat selection without paying any charges before confirming your check-in. 
  • Follow the prompts to complete your online check-in and click on the “Confirm” button. 
  • Now, you can get a print Air Mauritius boarding pass with the help of a printer connected to your desktop. 

Note: Please keep in mind that you cannot cancel the check-in or modify your seat once the boarding pass is printed. 

Electronic Boarding Pass

To get an e-boarding pass, you have to complete the check-in procedure on your smartphone. You should first check whether your departing airport accepts the e-boarding pass or not. After the completion of check-in, click on the “Boarding Pass” button to view your electronic boarding pass. 

Now, you can take a screenshot of the boarding pass and save it on your mobile device. Make sure the QR code and flight details are clearly visible in order to use the e-boarding pass at the airport. 

You have to show your e-boarding pass at the following places:

  • If you have checked luggage, then you can show it at the baggage drop-off counter. 
  • After dropping off your bags, present the pass to the official at the immigration and security checkpoints. 
  • Once you reach the boarding gate, open up your e-boarding pass on your smartphone and place it in front of the gate reader (where available) to scan it. You can now directly board the flight. 
  • Show it to the cabin crew when you are boarding the flight for your journey.    

Note: A printout of the electronic boarding pass is not a valid format and it will not be accepted by the airline. 

Boarding Pass At The Airport

You can obtain your boarding pass easily at the airport. There are two ways if you wish to receive it at your departure airport. 

Kiosk Machine Boarding Pass

The carrier has interactive kiosks at many airports worldwide. You can check in by yourself with just a few simple steps. 

After checking in, tap on the “Boarding Pass” button and you will receive a hard copy from the dispensing slot of the machine. 

You can then proceed to the baggage drop counter and check in your bags. In case you face any issues, feel free to ask for assistance from the airline’s agents present at the airport. 

Boarding Pass From The Check-In Counter

It is possible that the airport you are departing from is not equipped with the check-in kiosks. So, you have to check in for your flight journey at the counter of the air carrier.

You should arrive at the airport well ahead of time to avoid any inconvenience. Locate the check-in counter of the airline and stand in the queue. 

When your number comes, give your flight details to the representative. They will verify the information you provided and check you in for the flight. 

Soon, you will be handed over your Air Mauritius boarding pass print by the agent. You can move forward to the security checkpoint and then to your boarding gate area. 


Why am I not able to receive my boarding pass online on Air Mauritius?

There are some instances when you have to check-in at the airport in order to get your boarding pass for the flight. The carrier will not provide you with the boarding pass via online check-in if:

1. You are traveling with an infant or children below 2 years of age. 
2. You have a group reservation of more than 9 passengers. 
3. You require special assistance during the journey.

What is the boarding time for the flight with Air Mauritius?

You will be told about the specific boarding time by the airline when you check-in for your flight. It will also be mentioned on your boarding pass along with the gate number. Usually, you should have completed the check-in and must have your boarding pass in hand at least 45 minutes prior to the scheduled departure. If you do not reach the boarding gate according to the specified time, then your reservation might be canceled resulting in a denial to board the aircraft.

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