Print Air Canada Boarding Pass

Air Canada boarding pass print

Embark on a sky-bound odyssey with an Air Canada boarding pass print. The promise of adventure and discovery awaits beyond the gate. This pass is your key to a journey of endless horizons and amazing memories. As you soar through the heavens, may your flight be as smooth as the wisps of clouds outside. 

Procedure For Receiving Your Boarding Pass

The carrier allows you to get your boarding pass in various ways. You can check in for your flight with any of the offered methods and travel to your destination with your boarding pass. Find the details below of the procedures you have to carry out in order to receive it. 

Boarding Pass At The Airport

When you arrive at the airport, you are going to get your boarding pass for sure. Now, it is your wish whether you want it from a self-service kiosk or from the airline agent. 

Locate the check-in counter of the carrier at the terminal and wait in the queue. Give your travel information when your number comes to the present personnel. 

They will review the details first and confirm your check-in. Once the process is complete, you will be given a print Air Canada boarding pass by the agent. 

Then, you can drop your bags and proceed further to security and to your boarding gate. 

You can receive your boarding pass only through the carrier’s agent if you:

  • are traveling with a pet in the cabin or baggage compartment. 
  • are flying as an unaccompanied minor. 
  • require medical assistance, or have a special request included in your booking. 

Kiosk Boarding Pass

The self-service kiosk machines of this airline are available at many airports. They are quite easy to use and also offer various services. The steps you have to follow in this process are:

  • Firstly, choose the language you prefer from the available options on the kiosk machine. 
  • Enter your booking reference and last name in the given spaces. 
  • In your retrieved flight information, you can even select a preferred seat or make a seat upgrade
  • Indicate the number of bags for checking in and also pay any fees related to them. 
  • Confirm the process by clicking on the “Check-in” button. 
  • Next, you have to select the “Print Boarding Pass” option and the machine will generate your pass and bag tags. 
  • Take out your Air Canada boarding pass print from the dispensing slot and head straight to the security clearance counter. 

Electronic Boarding Pass

You can obtain an electronic boarding pass for your flight when you check in online through the website or the mobile app of the carrier. This type of boarding pass makes your travel more hassle-free and a bit environment-friendly. 

Once you have checked in, you can choose the way in which you want to receive your electronic boarding pass. 

Via Email: You need to provide a valid email address while checking in and your boarding pass will be sent to your inbox. The email will include your flight information and a link to your electronic boarding pass. 

By SMS: To get your boarding pass as a text message, simply add your phone number during the process of check-in. You will receive the SMS from the carrier to your mobile device shortly. You can access your electronic boarding pass by hitting on the link given in the message. 

Via App: You can also obtain your boarding pass when you check in for your flight on the mobile application. The boarding pass will be saved automatically and you can use it from your home screen. The latest flight details and gate information will be updated in your electronic boarding pass. 

Wallet Electronic Boarding Pass

The air carrier has enhanced its electronic boarding pass. You can now add it to your Wallet on Apple or Android smartphones. A few features of the wallet-enabled electronic boarding pass are:

  • The boarding pass has been redesigned by the airline. The important information required for your travel is displayed on the front of the boarding pass. And the rest of the details are at the back. You can view them, by tapping on the information icon “i.” This boarding pass also features the carriers’ signature branding and reflects your cabin class. 
  • You can add the boarding pass easily to your wallet. Just click on the buttons appearing at the end of your check-in. Once it is added to your wallet, the boarding will be downloaded directly to your mobile device. So, you can show it at the time of boarding without any need for an internet connection. 

Boarding Timings On Air Canada

You should reach the airport well in advance of your flight’s time so you can go through various processes without any hassle. 

If you are planning to get your boarding pass at the airport. Then you should be checked in for your flight at the counter around 45-60 minutes before the departure. 

The Air Canada boarding time deadline is around 30 minutes prior to the scheduled departure. And the gate closes approx 15 minutes before. 

If you are not at the gate in the given time frame. Then, there is a possibility that your seats will be reassigned or your reservation will be canceled. You might also be denied boarding and no compensation will be provided to you in such case. 

Zones Of Boarding With Air Canada

The carrier boards its passengers on the aircraft zone-wise. Your particular zone will be mentioned on your boarding pass and it corresponds to your seat. 

Pre-Boarding: You will be invited to board first if you require wheelchair assistance or need more time because of a disability. 

Zone 1: You can board your flight in this zone on your Business class ticket. And also if you are flying in Premium Rouge on a domestic or a Caribbean flight. Members of Aeroplan Elite Status also board in zone 1. 

Zone 2: Passengers are allowed to board in Zone 2 on a Premium Economy class ticket. It is also available if you are a Star Alliance gold member or have bought a Latitude fare as an Aeroplan 75k, 50k, 35k, and 25k. If you are a Primary or Secondary cardholder of Aeroplan Black credit card, then you will be boarded in this zone. 

Boarding with Family or Musical Instrument: You can board the aircraft in advance of general boarding if you are traveling with children under age 6. Or you have a musical instrument as a carry-on baggage. 

Zone 3: With this zone, the general boarding of the airline starts. You are offered to be on board in zone 3 on your purchase of Latitude fare, Comfort fare, or a preferred seat. 

Zone 4 & 5: These zones allow all passengers to leave in the Economy Cabin on Basic Fare. You will board Zone 4 if you are traveling on a flight operated.


How to use an Air Canada electronic boarding pass if traveling with checked baggage?

You can use your electronic boarding pass to retrieve your flight details at available kiosk machines. You can self-attach the baggage tags and go to the drop-off counter. Or you can show the pass to the representative at the baggage drop-off counter and they will check your bags into the hold. At last, you can easily proceed to the security clearance and then to your boarding gate. 

Why am I not able to get an electronic boarding pass on Air Canada?

It is unfortunate that not all flights are eligible for the electronic boarding pass on this air carrier. You will not receive a boarding pass if:

1. The airport you are departing from does not avail of this service. 

2. You are traveling on a flight operated by some other airline. 

3. Your reservation includes more than four passengers or one of the passengers is an infant. 

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