Print Aer Lingus Boarding Pass

Aer Lingus boarding pass print

Enchanted skies await with the Aer Lingus boarding pass print. With this pass, set to traverse horizons and unfurl a world of rich culture and scenic wonders. Each moment from check-in to touchdown will add a new page to your story. So embark on an expedition that promises to enrich your soul and broaden perspectives. 

Ways To Get A Boarding Pass On Aer Lingus

There are several ways to get your flight’s boarding pass for the journey. Below are the details about these ways. 

Boarding Pass Through The App

The mobile application of this carrier provides you with a digital boarding pass after checking in. The app also has a few other benefits. For example:

  • You can stay notified about the updates related to your flight and any changes in departure time. 
  • The information about your gate number, and boarding time will be sent straight to your smartphone. 
  • You can browse the in-flight magazine, food menu, etc. even in the offline mode on the app. 

Complete your check-in process on the app. It usually begins 24 hours and closes around 95 minutes prior to the departure of your flight to and from North America. 

Accessing Your Boarding Pass

By following the straightforward check-in prompts, a mobile boarding pass will be displayed on your phone’s screen automatically. It will be stored in the “Boarding Passes” section on the app. 

You can access it anytime from there and your phone will be scanned at the airport counter to confirm your boarding pass. Then, you can head to the security check and to the boarding gate shortly. 

Web-Based Boarding Pass

You can get an Aer Lingus boarding pass print online by visiting the official website of the carrier either on your desktop or smartphone. Have a look at the steps below that you need to follow in this process. 

  • Type on your favorite browser and land on the website of the airline. 
  • Select the third tab displayed as “Check-In” on the homepage. 
  • Enter your booking reference, surname, and click on the “Check-in” button ahead. 
  • The system will confirm your check-in within a few seconds. 
  • Now, you have the option of printing your boarding pass or storing it on your mobile device as a PDF. 
  • Choose your desired option and be ready to fly to your remarkable destination.

Note: It is important that Adobe Acrobat Reader is installed on your computer if you wish to print your boarding pass. 

You can also reprint your boarding pass by going to the “Manage Trip” section on the website. There, you can click on the “View Boarding Pass” and take out a print.  

Boarding Pass Via Airport Counter

Receiving your Aer Lingus boarding pass print at the airport is also a hassle-free process. But this can be a lengthy and time-consuming one. So keep more than enough time on your hands and arrive at the airport accordingly. 

You just have to go to the check-in counter of the carrier and give your flight information. The check-in procedure will be completed by the available agent on your behalf. After it, you will receive a paper that will include your boarding pass details. 

You need to show it to the security officers and the representatives present at the boarding gate. Only then, your journey will begin. 

Time For Boarding On Aer Lingus

The airport check-in counters can close anytime between 75 to 45 minutes before the flight’s departure. After this, the boarding for your concerned flight starts. So make sure you arrive at the airport beforehand. 

Once you have checked in online and received your boarding pass, you still need an ample amount of time at the airport. Because you have to check your bags and go through the security checkpoints. And the time required for them can vary by date, time, and airport. 
The airline advises you to be present at the boarding gate minimally 30 minutes prior to the scheduled departure. Because your boarding will be denied and you won’t be able to travel if you arrive late at the boarding gate area.


Can I get a boarding pass from an Aer Lingus kiosk machine?

Yes, you can surely complete the check-in process at a self-service kiosk of the airline and print your boarding pass. But this facility is only available at the Dublin International Airport. So, if you are flying from this airport and do not require a visa, you can take advantage of the self-service kiosk and get your boarding pass easily. 

Can I receive boarding passes for group booking from the Aer Lingus app?

Unfortunately, if you are traveling with 7 or more people on a group booking. Then, you cannot complete your check-in on the mobile application of the airline and receive boarding passes. In such a booking, you need to complete the check-in on the official website of the carrier. The check-in process can be done within 48 hours before the scheduled departure of your flight.

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