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Singapore Airlines refund policy

Get your cancelled flight refunds without any delay or problem with the help of the Singapore Airlines Refund Policy. This airline’s main priority is to gain your trust and provide you with comfort, and a better experience. They never cease to amaze you. Whether you want a full refund or future travel credit, this airline will give its 100% to provide you with the best solution. 

What is the Singapore Refund Policy?

Check out the below-given points to know more about the Singapore refund policy to avoid any unfortunate situation; 

  • If you have a non-refundable ticket, then after flight cancellation you will get only the refundable taxes as a refund. 
  • In order to claim a refund, you might have to pay a certain refund fee to the airline. 
  • The airline will provide you with a refund to your credit or debit card that you used to purchase the Singapore ticket.
  • If you want to claim a full refund of your flight, then you will have to cancel your flight with your local Singapore Airlines office. 
  • All the refundable tickets are fully refundable. 

Various Ways to Claim a Singapore Flight Refund

After cancelling the flight, you can easily claim a refund by following the below-given various methods. 

Online Refund Claiming Process

If you are looking for an easier and more convenient way to proceed with the Singapore refund claiming process, then the online method will be the best option for you. If you do not hold any in-depth knowledge about the procedure, then you may check out the steps written below with a clear mind; 

  • Begin the process by visiting the official Singapore Airlines website, which you can find at This is where you will embark on your digital journey to request a refund.
  • If you already have an account with Singapore Airlines, you will need to log in using your username and password. For those who don’t have an account yet, don’t worry! You can quickly create one to proceed with the refund claim.
  • Once you have gained access to your account, look for the “Refund” or “Manage Booking” section on the website. It’s usually located on the main page or under options like “My Bookings” or “Manage Your Trip.”
  • To proceed with the refund claim, you must have to provide some basic yet essential information. Such as entering the booking reference number and the last name of the passenger associated with the booking. This will allow you to access the specific booking you wish to claim a refund for.
  • Before proceeding, it’s essential to check whether your booking is eligible for a refund. Review the fare conditions or any applicable travel waivers to ensure you meet the necessary requirements.
  • Now comes the part where you fill out the Singapore Airlines refund form. Don’t worry; it may sound daunting, but it’s not. This form will ask for some details about you and your booking, as well as the reason for your refund request. Just provide honest and accurate information.
  • Once you have completed the refund application, it’s time to submit your claim. Take a moment to review all the details you have entered to make sure everything is correct.
  • After submitting the refund claim, you will receive a confirmation message or email. That will acknowledge your request. Then Singapore Airlines’ customer support team will process your claim and respond accordingly.
  • It’s essential to understand that the refund process may not be immediate. The refund claiming process timing can vary depending on several factors, such as the type of ticket you purchased, your chosen payment method, and the airline’s specific procedures. Always remember that patience is the keystone during this waiting period.

Via Calling the Airline’s Customer Agent

If you encounter any challenges or have questions regarding the online refund process, do not hesitate to contact Singapore Airlines directly. Their customer support channels, which you can find on their website, are there to assist you. 

Before calling, be sure to have all the necessary information which are related to your booking, such as the booking reference number, flight details, and personal identification details. Once you gather these booking details, follow the steps given below; 

  • Find the Singapore Airlines customer service number for your country or region. You can usually find this information on the Singapore Airlines website or your booking confirmation email.
  • Make sure you call during the airline’s operating hours to speak with a customer agent who can assist you with your refund request.
  • Once connected to a customer agent, provide your booking details and personal information to verify your identity.
  • Clearly state the reason for your refund request, whether it’s due to a flight cancellation, or any other eligible circumstance for a refund.
  • Once you do that, the airline representative will guide you throughout the refund process. This refund process may include form filling or providing additional documentation related to the flight.
  • Understand that the refund process may take some time, and the customer agent will do their best to assist you. Stay patient and polite during the call.
  • After your call, keep a record of the refund request reference number or any other details provided by the customer agent. This will help you follow up on the status of your refund if needed.
  • If you are eligible for a refund, then within 7 to 14 working days you will receive your refund to the original form of payment. 

Call the Third-Party Agency to Proceed With Singapore Airlines Refund Request

If you have purchased your ticket through a third-party agency, then you will have to request your refund from them only. For that, you just have to call the agency. After dialing the number, wait for some moment. Then an agent will come over the phone. 

You will have to talk to the assigned agent and provide him/her with your flight details. Then ask him to cancel your flight and give you a refund. Then the rest of the work will be done by the agent only.

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