How to Easily Contact Saudia Airlines Customer Care Department?

Saudia Airlines Customer Care Department

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What are the Channels to Connect with the Live Agent at Saudia?

The airline has developed several channels to make the process easier and more flexible. However, to connect with the live agent of the airline, passengers can call the customer care number of the airline, live chat, email, or even through social media accounts.

Let’s explore all the channels and the steps to connect with the live agent at Saudia Airlines Customer Support department.

Connect with the Airline via Phone Call

Are you planning an exciting journey and need assistance booking your flight or managing your reservations with Saudia Airlines in the USA? Look no further! We’ve covered you with the essential contact information to make your travel plans seamless and stress-free.

Saudia Airlines Sales Number for USA: 1-800-472-8342. This number is specifically for the passenger within the USA. 

Saudia Airlines Sales numbers for other countries 

Country Sales Phone Number 
Saudi Arabia920022222
United Arab Emirates042485777
UK+44 (0) 1217900430  +44 (0) 1613940567 +44 (0) 20799312380
France33187651866 33187651055

Connect with Saudia Airlines Alfursan Group 

Alfursan is the loyalty program offered by Saudia Airlines, the primary airline of Saudi Arabia. As part of the SkyTeam airline alliance, Alfursan enables members to accumulate and utilize miles across all airlines within the SkyTeam network.

Below is the table representing the phone numbers to directly connect with the live agent at Saudia Airlines Customer Support department and seek assistance regarding the Alfursan program 

Country Contact Number 
Saudi Arabia920022222 within KSA+966 14847 9797 Outside KSA (Alfursan Queries)+966 12686 1010 Outside KSA (Reward Tickets)
UK+44 (0) 1217900430 +44 (0) 1613940567

Connect with Saudia Airlines Cargo Group

  • The CCC’s primary goal is to furnish domestic and international customers with essential information, services, and innovative solutions pertaining to their outgoing, transit, and arrival shipments.
  • The CCC operates from 8 a.m. to 11 p.m. Saudi local time (+3 GMT) seven days a week.
  • Customers can reach the CCC by calling +966 92000 3111.
  • For additional information, please visit our website at
  • The Cargo Contact Center exclusively handles commercial cargo shipments and is not involved in tracing or claims for passenger and baggage services. For all requests related to these services, please contact Saudia Airlines baggage service at +966 920022222.

Connect with the live agent of Saudia Airlines via WhatsApp

The airline has a dedicated team of executives responsible for handling all the inquiries passengers share via WhatsApp. To discuss your concern regarding the flight booking with the live agent of the airline, passengers can drop a text on their WhatsApp number, i.e., 920022222. 

As soon the airline will receive your request to connect with the live agent, they will connect with you as soon as possible 

Message through the official website of the airline 

Apart from WhatsApp, passengers can also opt to drop a message to the airline by using the airline’s official website.

  1. Open the official website of the airline at 
  2. On the website’s homepage, you can see a chat icon in the right corner.
  3. Click on the Chat Icon.
  4. Start by chatting with the airline, and then you can ask to contact the live agent at the Saudia Airlines Customer Service department.
  5. The airline will redirect you to the live agent of the airline or provide you with ways to connect with a specific department.
  6. Once connected with the airline’s agent, you can share all the concerns or inquiries regarding the bookings made with the airline.

Follow Saudia Airlines 

Passengers can use social media platforms to connect with the airline directly, share their feedback inquiries, ask for additional services, and even complain about unsatisfied services.

Passengers can get in touch with the airline through these social media handles:







Can I connect with the live agent at Saudia Airlines via mobile app?

Yes, apart from making reservations, proceeding with online check-in, and making booking changes, passengers can also opt to contact the airline via the mobile app.

What is the Saudia Airlines lost and found phone number?

You can reach Saudia Airlines’ lost and found department by calling +966 920022222. This number is for reporting any items you may have lost during your flight with Saudia Airlines. The team at the baggage services office will do their best to locate your lost item and promptly arrange for its return to you.

What is the Saudia Airlines group booking phone number?

You can reach Saudia Airlines for group bookings at +966 9200 22222, available round the clock. Share passenger names, nationalities, travel dates, classes, routes, and special requests like dietary preferences or wheelchair assistance.

What is the Saudia Airlines Customer Care phone number for Turkey?

The toll-free Saudia Airlines Customer Care line in Turkey is +90 8504551601. Feel free to call for flight bookings, baggage inquiries, or addressing travel concerns.

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