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Contact Spirit Airlines Lost and Found

Travelers can’t ignore the fact that traveling and exploring new places is all exciting and fun. But amidst the excitement, losing something precious can bring frustration. Fear not! Spirit Airlines Lost and Found team is here to help. 

They’re dedicated to reuniting travelers with their lost items. By following some simple and really quick steps, you will be able to find your belongings. This team’s commitment turns mishaps into triumphs, easing worries and ensuring happy endings. 

Let’s embark on a journey where no item remains lost, and every traveler’s story concludes with a smile.

What are Spirit Airlines Lost and Found?

The Lost and Found department of Spirit Airlines is a dedicated service that assists passengers in locating their lost items after a flight with Spirit Airlines. This service provided by Spirit Airlines is completely free of charge, and any passenger with any ticket type can avail of it.

If you misplace an item during your Spirit Airlines flight, it’s important to report it promptly to the nearest Spirit Airlines staff member. They will assist you in filing a lost item report and provide you with a unique file ID number. This file ID number is crucial for tracking your lost item and ensuring its safe return to you.

How do Spirit Lost and Found work?

If you have lost any luggage during your journey with Spirit Airlines, follow the steps below to receive your luggage back.

Through Form Submission 

You can fill out and submit a form on the Spirit Airlines website. The form will ask for details like your personal information and the description of the lost things. Once you have submitted the form, the airline will verify it and try to find your lost luggage.

Follow the steps below to fill out  Spirit Airlines lost and found form and file a claim for your lost luggage

  • Locate the bag claim page.
  • Enter the passenger’s last name and “File ID” in the provided fields.
  • Click on “Create Online Claim.”
  • Fill in any additional information required to enhance the effectiveness of the Spirit Airlines lost and found feature.
  • Attach the requested documents, such as proof of purchase for the lost items/baggage and government-recognized photo identification.
  • Click the “Submit” button.

Through Phone Call

Passengers can also call Spirit Airlines lost baggage number to report their misplaced baggage. The dedicated team of Spirit Airlines is always there to assist the passenger in such a hectic situation. You can call and give details about the lost luggage. 

On the Airport 

You can visit the Spirit counter at the nearest airport if you want. At the airport, you can talk with the agent of Spirit Airlines and inform them about your lost luggage. The agent may ask you for all the related details. Share your contact details to make it easier for the airline to contact you after they find your lost luggage.

What to do if you find an item on a Spirit Airlines flight?

If you find any item in the plane or at the airport, try to inform the airline or the airport authority as soon as possible. If the item is not yours, then submit it to the airport authority so that they can search for its owner.

How to reclaim a lost item with spirit airlines?

If you have misplaced an item during a Spirit Airlines flight, follow these steps to reclaim it:

  • File a lost item report at the Spirit Airlines baggage claim area or by contacting Spirit Airlines customer service.
  • Provide detailed information about the lost item, including its description, flight number, date of travel, and contact details.
  • Spirit Airlines will initiate a search for the lost item, and if found, it will be securely held for 30 days.
  • Retrieve your lost item from the designated Spirit Airlines baggage claim area, ensuring to bring along your identification and the lost item report number.

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