Air Serbia Customer Service Manual

Air Serbia customer service

Redefine your travel through Air Serbia customer service. The dedicated helpline stands as a beacon of excellence and support for all your travel needs. Whether you seek help with reservations, flight information, baggage concerns, or special requests, the team of highly trained professionals is always just a call away. With this airline, you are not just a passenger; you are a valued guest. So, contact the carrier to embark on a voyage of unparalleled service, where every detail is meticulously cared for. 

Contact Information Of Air Serbia

The airline is the flag carrier of Serbia and is headquartered in Belgrade. It was known as Jat Airways until 2013. 

The address of the airline’s head office is:

Air SERBIA a.d. Beograd, 

Jurija Gagarina 12, 

11070 Novi Beograd, Srbija. 

You can call the carrier for free from anywhere in Serbia on the number 0800 111 528. The operating hours of the call center are 6 am to 11 pm, every day. On Thursdays, Fridays, and Saturdays, you can speak to the agent from 6 a.m to 2 a.m. is the email address of the airline that you can use to send your queries. 

In this article, we are going to discuss all the other call centers of the airline available at different locations around the world. 

USA Contact

The carrier provides Air Serbia customer care to each passenger traveling to and from the USA. The telephone number to reach out to a representative of the airline in the US is + 1 (718) 725 8642. The steps you need to follow while calling this number are given below. 

  • Dial this number on your device and choose your preferred language. 
  • Listen to IVR instructions carefully and tap on the digit according to your concern. 
  • As soon as you get connected to the agent, give them your personal information first. 
  • Then, tell them about your query so that the agent can work accurately with you. 
  • Pay any charges (if required) with the help of available payment options. 
  • Once you get the right information and your doubts are cleared, you can cut the call. 

The services you will be offered by contacting the call center of the airline are:

  • Flight reservations
  • Details about flight delays, cancellations, and diversions. 
  • Ticket refunds
  • Changes in your travel itinerary, etc. 

Disable Passengers Contact

If you are a person with some kind of disability and require special assistance while traveling. Then, you can make a request by calling the US toll-free number +1 (888) 390 9847. 

Speech or hearing-impaired passengers can contact this number via telecommunications relay services. It means you need to dial 711 prior to entering this number on your smartphone. 

International Contacts

As this air carrier flies to and from many destinations across the globe, you can connect with its call center easily from different places. 

Belgium: The telephone number for speaking with one of the representatives from Belgium is + 32 (2) 7810158. 

Croatia: You can call the number + 385 18 000 240 and talk to the staff member of the airline regarding your concern. 

Czech Republic: The number to dial on your mobile device from the Czech Republic is + 42 023 40 92 522. 

Denmark: You can reach out to the airline from Denmark on the telephone number +45 33 22 31 41. 

France: If you want to contact the air carrier from France, then you can use the number + 33 1 78 900 459 for calling. 

Germany: The carrier has two contact numbers to connect with it from Germany. They are + 4 96 920 756 and + 4 96 920 956. 

Netherlands: You can connect with the call center of the carrier from the Netherlands on the number + 31 (20) 3690926. 

Russia: The number you can use to connect with the airline from Russia is +7 495 374 0531.

Slovenia: You can use the contact number + 386 17 774 390 in Slovenia in order to speak with the agent of the airline. 

United Kingdom: The number to reach out to the professionals of the carrier from the United Kingdom is + 44 20 37 695 856. 

Other Countries: If you want to call the airline from some other part of the world that is not mentioned above. Then, you can dial the number +381 11 311 2 123 and speak to the agent. 

Note: Please keep in mind that these calls will be charged in accordance with the tariff of the network which you used to make the call. 

Group Booking Contact

Traveling with a group of 10 or more people on this carrier is a simple and hassle-free booking process. You can click on this link Group Request and request group travel. 

If you don’t get a reply from the airline within 3 business days, then the carrier advises you to check the status of your request at

Social Media Contact

The Air Serbia customer support team is available to assist you on social media. To connect with the airline on its social media platforms, you can choose from the options given below.  







Is contact through text message possible with Air Serbia?

Unfortunately, the carrier does not have any specific contact number that you can use to send a text message or chat with the agents. However, you can send your feedback on the official website of the airline. You can also find additional information at for contacting the airline from other communication channels.

Can I contact Air Serbia in some other way regarding my refund?

Yes, apart from calling the airline and requesting a refund, you can get it from other methods too. You can visit the official website of the carrier and within the contact section, click on the “I want to enquire about a refund.” Or you can write an email to the airline and send it to The refund request via email can also be submitted if you want a refund for the ticket within 24 hours of its purchase.

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