Change An United Airlines Flight

United Airlines Change Flight Policy

Explore the world with newfound flexibility and assurance by United Airlines’ change flight policy. No more worries about rigid itineraries on this air carrier. Modify your flights hassle-free, accommodating new adventures and unexpected twists. This policy is surely crafted to empower your journeys like never before. 

How to Make Flight Changes?

You can adjust your travel plan all up to the day of your trip. There are many ways in which you can use this facility. 

To make changes online to your flight, you must navigate to the website of this airline at Or install its free mobile application known as United App. Then, there are just a few easy steps to follow.

  • Go to the “My Trips” tab displayed on the header of the website or the app’s sidebar menu. 
  • Enter your confirmation number and last name to retrieve your flight reservation.
  • Once you are able to see your flight booking, select the “Change Flight” option.
  • Now, you need to click on the “Edit” button to update your flight. In this step you can change:
    • Date of travel or destination.
    • Add a flight.
    • Remove a flight. 
  • Lastly, Choose a new flight for your trip according to your preferences. 
  • Continue through booking to confirm your new flight. A difference in fare may apply, so pay it and your changes are complete. 

You can also change your flight over the phone. Dial the number +1 (800) 864-8331. United Airlines’ change flight phone number offers an automated IVR phone system. It gives you a choice between speech recognition and touch-tone options. To navigate the menu, press number 3 for your existing reservation. Personnel will connect with you to whom you can give your details about the flight change. 

In case you are at the airport, you can use a kiosk or speak to an agent in order to make changes to your flight.

Your new flight must:

  • Have the same departure and arrival airport.
  • Leave within 24 hours before or after your original flight.
  • Be operated by United or United Express.

Award Flight Ticket Changes

Changes to a ticket paid for with Money + Miles are only permitted in accordance with the fare rules of the ticket purchased. Some types of fares do not allow changes. 

The fares in which you can make changes are:

If the new ticket is higher, the difference will be collected in money.

In case the new flight ticket is lower, the residual value will be issued as future flight credit. 

Fees For Changing Your Flight

Whether or not you have to pay United Airlines change flight fees depends on where you are flying and the type of your ticket. 

If you have an Economy, Economy Plus, or Premium cabin ticket. Then, your change fees will be waived for the following:

  • Domestic flights within the US, Puerto Rico, and US Virgin Islands.
  • Flights between the US and Mexico.
  • International flights originating in the US.
  • Flights between the US and the Caribbean.

Note: You can’t change your flight unless you upgrade to Economy or premium cabin first if you are flying on a Basic Economy ticket. And in case your international flight does not depart from the US, you can make changes to it but change fees will apply. 

Flight Schedule Changes

So that you get as much time as possible to plan your journey, this air carrier publishes flight schedules up to 11 months beforehand. It can make some adjustments to accommodate changes to aircraft and routes. This includes:

  • Changes to flight departure or arrival times.
  • Flight frequency changes.
  • Addition or discontinuation of routes.
  • Changes to aircraft type. 

Most flight schedule changes are minor, but if the changes don’t work for you, other flights might be available. 

If you booked your flight through a travel agency or another airline. Then, you should receive a notification of the change from them. You can also contact them for assistance with your reservation. 

For flights booked directly with United, you will be to review your updated itinerary through Manage Reservations. You might be given the option to accept the United Airlines change flight online. 


How many times can I change my United flight without fees?

You can change your flight as many times as you want without paying any change fees. But, you will have to pay any fare differences that apply each time you change. You can contact the airline’s reservation department for more information. 

Can I make same-day changes to my flight with United?

You can switch to an earlier or later flight within 24 hours for a reduced fee if you hold an eligible ticket depending on availability. Basic Economy tickets are not eligible for flight changes. Mileage Plus members may request a same-day change for free. And for others, even if the same ticketed fare class is available, you might need to pay the fare difference.

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