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Oman Air change flight policy

With Oman Air change flight policy, your travel plans take the reins. The airline understands the plans can take an unexpected turn. Still, no matter what the situation is, the airline is always there to assist you in following the demands of the situation. The airline’s flight change policy gives you the authority to seize the moment, redefine your itinerary and embrace spontaneity like never before. It’s time to say goodbye to the rigid schedules and hello to limitless skies of opportunity. With Oman Air, you can embark on a voyage where change is not a challenge but a change to soar higher. 

What are the Guidelines of Oman Air Change Flight Policy?

Looking to spread your wings and explore new horizons, but life had other plans for your travel itinerary? The airline understands that sometimes changes in travel plans are inevitable, and that’s why the airline has worked on crafting a change flight policy that purely aims to make your journey as flexible as your dreams. Before this, there are certain guidelines that the passenger must be aware of for navigating their way through the unexpected twists and turns of travel. 

  • The airline provides unlimited date changes without any extra changes.
  • Ticket validity can be extended up to 24 months from the original issuance date.
  • In changing flights, rebooking should be done in the same booking class as initially booked.
  • Re-routing within the same origin and destination is free of charge.
  • Different routes may require payment of fare differences.
  • Changing your travel date on the same destination incurs no date change fee, only fare and tax differences, if applicable.
  • Refunds can be issued as an EMD/voucher for future travel (valid for 12 months from voucher issuance) or back to the original payment method.
  • For both refundable and non-refundable tickets, if you’re uncertain about new travel dates, you can keep the ticket open/unassociated and re-associate it with new travel dates through Oman Air ticket offices or call centres when needed.
  • The airline charges change flight fees and the fare difference if the price or new flight is higher than the initial booking. 
  • Per the Oman Air change flight process all the Saver and Basic fares are not eligible for any changes.

Steps to Change Flight with Oman Air 

Regarding the steps and methods to change flights, the airline provides flexibility and ease to the passengers. The airline has bought several channels passengers can use to change their flights.

Change Flight Online 

Changing flights online can be much easier and hassle-free. To change flights using the online website of the airline, passengers can adhere to the steps jotted down below:

  1. In the new tab on your electronic device, open the official website of the airline at
  2. On the homepage of your website, an option appears labelled “Manage Booking.”
  3. Click on the “Manage Booking” option and fill in all your details to retrieve the bookings made with the airline.
  4. Once you retrieve all the bookings made with the airline, select the specific flight segment you want to modify.
  5. After clicking on the flight, search for the “Change Flight” option.
  6. Check for all the flight options with available seats, and proceed by selecting the one you would prefer for your trip.
  7. In the next step, the airline may ask you to change flight fees and the fare difference.
  8. Once you pay through accepted payment methods, the airline will share the new itinerary on your registered email address.

Change Flight via Call Centre

In case you want to change the flight by getting in touch with the customer care executive of the airline, then you can make use of the steps below:

  1. Dial the Oman Air change flight phone number + 968-2453 1111.
  2. Follow the IVR menu to connect with the customer care executive of the airline.
  3. Once connected with the agent, share your wish to change the flight and provide all the reservation details of the initially booked flight.
  4. Check for the available flight options with the airline’s agent.
  5. Enquire about the change flight fees and the applicable fare difference. 
  6. Once confirmed about the charges, make the payment for all the applicable charges to receive the new itinerary for your journey.

Note: To change flight via a phone call passengers are expected to pay service charges in addition to all the other applicable charges. 

Change Flight at the Airport 

If you believe in old and traditional methods then you can even change your flight at the airport as well.

  1. Visit the nearby airport and locate the customer support/reservation desk of the airline on the airport.
  2. Wait for your turn to get in touch with the respected agent of the airline.
  3. Once you connect with the customer care executive of the airline, share all the flight and booking details.
  4. Clearly mentioned your intentions to change the flight as per the demand of your travel plans.
  5. Check for the available flight options and the seat availability with the agent of the airline. 
  6. Once you find the preferred flight with available seats make the payment for the applicable change flight fees and fare difference to secure a booking.
  7. Once done the airline will share the new itinerary and your registered email address.

Charges To Change Flight 

  • Oman Air change fees are based on the fare type of your ticket, the number of changes, and when you make the change.
  • Flexi Plus fares offer unlimited free date changes, valid for up to 24 months from the original ticket issuance date. However, you may need to pay the fare difference if the new flight is more expensive.
  • Flexi fares allow one free date change, but it must be made at least 24 hours before the original flight’s scheduled departure. You might incur a fare difference if the new flight costs more.

Same Day Flight Change 

Oman Air offers passengers the option to make same-day flight changes, provided they meet the following criteria:

  • The request for the change must be submitted within 24 hours prior to the scheduled departure time of your original flight.
  • The new flight you wish to switch to must have the same departure and arrival locations as your original flight.
  • The new flight must have available seats for you to make the change.
  • It is important to note that there may be a difference in fare for the new flight, and this will be determined at the time of the change request.

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