Change A JetBlue Airways Flight

How to Change An JetBlue Airways Flight

JetBlue Airways has received appreciation from passengers because of top-notch in-flight services, 24/7 assistance, personalized itineraries, and more. JetBlue Airways understands that the travel plan can witness unavoidable situations requiring modification. So in case you have made any bookings, use the JetBlue Airways change flight policy and handle the reservation according to your needs!

What Is Jetblue Airways Flight Change Policy?

With the help of JetBlue Airways, passengers can manage to make modifications to their flight reservations. However, the policy differs depending on the fare type purchased by the passenger. 

Here are some points passengers can refer to before changing their flight with JetBlue Airways:

  • JetBlue Airways allows passengers with Blue, Blue Extra, Blue Plus, or Mint reservations to change flights without any change fee.
  • Passengers with Blue Basic fares are expected to pay $100 per person as the change fee to change flight reservations with JetBlue Airways. 
  • The charges also differ according to the routes flights are scheduled on: for instance, JetBlue Airways charges $100 per individual having plans to travel for routes in the U.S., Mexico, Canada, and Central America.
  • For other destinations, JetBlue Airways change fees is $200 per person. 
  • Apart from the charges to change the flight, passengers must also pay the fare difference between the initial and new booking made with the airline.
  • In case of bookings in the lower class, the passenger will receive the remaining amount as a travel credit that can be used in future bookings. 
  • The flight credit is valid upto 12 months from the date of refund.

Same-day flight change policy of JetBlue Airways

JetBlue Airways allows passengers to switch to another flight scheduled on the same day. However, the same-day change policy provides relief with the fare difference. Beginning at midnight on your travel day, you can switch to another JetBlue flight. This is allowed if you travel on the same route or to a nearby airport.

Apart from the Blue Extra fare, all the other fares will be charged $75 as the flight change fees. Passengers with Blue Extra fare can change the flight same day without any additional charges. 

Steps To Change Flights With Jetblue Airways

JetBlue Airways has made it convenient for passengers in various aspects, like adding extra seats or changing their flights through various mediums. Passengers are free to choose any medium, including the main online website, through a phone call, or from the reservation desk at the airport.

Below are the steps mentioned involved in JetBlue Airways change flight through various mediums:

Change flight through the main website:

  1. Visit the official website of JetBlue Airways.
  2. Search for the “Manage Trip” option.
  3. Fill in all the required fields to retrieve your booking.
  4. Click on the “Change Itinerary” option.
  5. Choose from the flight options available.
  6. Pay the charges (if any).
  7. The airline will share the new itinerary.

Change flight on a phone call:

  1. Dial JetBlue Airways change flight phone number 1-800 (538-2583).
  2. Wait until the live agent of the airline connects with you.
  3. Share all the flight details with the agent of the airline.
  4. Ask the agent to make the necessary changes to your flight.
  5. Enquire about the charges applied to change the reservation.
  6. Choose the method to pay, and make the payment.
  7. Once done with the payment, the airline will share the new itinerary with you.

Change flight on the reservation desk at the airport:

  1. Schedule a visit to the nearest airport and the JetBlue Airways reservation desk.
  2. Share all the details with the agent at the counter.
  3. Follow the instructions as instructed by the agent of the airline.
  4. Confirm the charges to change flight.
  5. Once done with the payment, the airline will make another new reservation for your trip.

Some Other Information Regarding The Flight Change Policy 

  • You can change your flight up to 60 days before departure for free.
  • If Flight change is done within 24 hours of departure, it incurs a $100 fee per ticket will apply.
  • Changing your flight 1-7 days before departure will incur a $200 fee per ticket.
  • Changing your flight 8 or more days before departure will result in a $300 fee per ticket.
  • Flight changes are allowed only once.


How can I change my flight for free with JetBlue Airways?

To change flights without any charges, you can follow the restricted timelines. Per the JetBlue Airways change in flight policy, passengers can change flights within 24 hours of booking without additional fees.

Does JetBlue Airlines allow you to change flights with different airlines?

JetBlue Airways doesn’t permit the passenger to change the flight to a different airline. Passengers can change the flight within different fare classeJetBlue Airways offers but not with another airline.

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