Change An Ethiopian Airlines Flight

Ethiopian Airlines' change flight policy

Experience supreme level flexibility with the help of Ethiopian Airlines’ change flight policy.  Enjoy exclusive perks by changing your travel dates, flights, etc., and go on a blissful journey. No matter when you fly, this air carrier will always be there for every solution. 

Ethiopian Airlines Change Flight Policy Details

Below are the all initial terms for changing Ethiopian Airlines Flights:

Flight Changing Process Of Ethiopian Airlines

You can modify your travel itinerary including date changes if you are traveling within a week and flight change for the same date. It can be done via various platforms offered by the carrier. Let us discuss a few of them in detail. 

Website Flight Change

Changes through the website are allowed by the airline only for dates. Below are the steps to continue with this process.

  • Scroll down a bit on the homepage and select the “My Bookings” tab. 
  • Now, you need to enter your booking reference along with your last name and click on the “Retrieve Booking” button. 
  • Your flight information will open up on a new page where you can fill out a form for flight date changes. 
  • Follow the prompts mentioned on the screen and submit your date change request form for the flight.
  • Pay the required amount (if any) and complete the process. 
  • Your flight ticket with new traveling dates will be sent via email to your given contact details in some time. 

Flight Change Via Call Center

This process is your best option if you wish to travel on the same date but on a different flight. You can connect with one of the representatives of the carrier and they will carry out the flight change procedure on your behalf. 

The Ethiopian Airlines change flight phone numbers which you can call are +1 909 328 6127 (California), +1 352 436 1902 (Florida), and +1 458 204 1425 (Oregon). Dial the one according to your preferences and listen to the IVR instructions carefully. Tap on the key which allows you to connect with the personnel. 

After your line is connected, give them your travel details correctly. And also, explain to place you on a new flight. The representative will make changes according to your will and tell you about any additional charges. Make the payment and soon you will receive a ticket for a different flight including your comfort seat

Note: You can also reach out to the airline via digital channels like Facebook Messenger or Telegram Bot in order to change your flight. 

Rules For Flight Changes With Ethiopian Airlines

There are some regulations that you should be aware of in Ethiopian Airlines’ change flight procedure. 

  • The information you fill in the form should be accurate to make hassle-free flight changes. 
  • In case you request a date change on the departure day or after your flight has departed. Then, you need to pay an additional No-show fee to the carrier. 
  • You can carry out the online procedure and change your flight only if you have purchased the directly from the website or the mobile app. 
  • You are not permitted to reverse your change request once your application is submitted. 

The Ethiopian Airlines change fee that you are required to pay is subject to changes and will be displayed while you fill out the form.


How many times can I change flight dates on Ethiopian Airlines?

You can make changes to the date of your flight multiple times with this air carrier. But make sure that you are traveling between 7 days including the original departure date of your flight. You can contact the airline directly and get more information on this topic. 

Can I change my flight destination with Ethiopian Airlines?

The air carrier allows you to change your origin or destination airports for sure. However, it is only possible while you are booking your flight ticket. So, before finalizing and paying for your flight, verify the details once and make any necessary changes to your flight’s destination. You can also change your connection preferences in the “Manage My Booking” section.

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