Change An Edelweiss Air Flight

Edelweiss Air change flight policy

Make changes to your flight with Edelweiss Air change flight policy and experience fruitful and flexible flight routes and timing. This airline allows you to be the leader of your itinerary and decide when to go and where to go without much hassle. Simply just proceed to make changes to your flight and explore some amusing perks and offers. 

Terms and Conditions of Edelweiss Air Flight Change Policy

To change an Edelweiss flight, you are required to know some of the basic yet essential terms and conditions applied by the airline. 

  • You can change your flight dates, times, or destinations up to 24 hours before your scheduled departure time, for a fee. 
  • If you change your flight to a higher fare, you will be required to pay the difference in fare.
  • If you change your flight to a lower fare, you may be eligible for a refund of the difference in fare.
  • To proceed with a flight change procedure, it is advisable to check the terms and conditions applied to your ticket thoroughly. 

Note: If you booked your flight via the official website of Edelweiss or their customer service center, only then you will be able to proceed with the flight change procedure with the airline. If you booked the initial flight via a third-party agency then you will have to contact them for further guidance.  

Different Methods to Change Edelweiss Flight 

The airline values your money, time, and trust. It offers various ways to change a flight anytime before departure. Scroll down the page and check out the steps given below; 

Online Edelweiss Air Change Flight

If you want to change your flight online, then you will have to fill out a contact form. Once you fill that with the required and mandatory details, the airline will soon contact you to proceed further. 

Calling Edelweiss Service Center

Another way to proceed with the Edelweiss flight change is to call the service center. 

If you are not familiar with this method then you can take a look at the below-given points and proceed ahead. 

  • Call on Edelweiss Air change flight phone number at +41 (0)848 333 593 (local rate). 
  • Let the IVR menu guide you. 
  • Once connected with the Edelweiss agent, give them your six-digit flight reservation number.
  • Wait till they view your flight terms and conditions applied. 
  • If the changes are available, they will ask you about the changes you want to make to your ticket. 
  • Then the agent will proceed with the changes and will ask you to make the payment (if applicable). 
  • After paying the charges, your new itinerary details will be provided. 

Note: The customer care center operates from Monday to Sunday, 24 hours. 

Flight Change at the Airport

To change your Edelweiss Air flight at the airport, you are required to follow these steps;

  • Arrive at the departure airport well in advance of your original flight’s departure time. Doing so will give you ample time to make all the necessary changes.
  • Head to the Edelweiss Air check-in counter or kiosk. If you have checked in online already, you might still need to visit the counter for flight changes.
  • Approach an Edelweiss Air customer service agent at the counter. Explain that you need to change your flight and provide them with your reservation details.
  • The agent will check the availability of other flights that match your new travel plans. They will provide you with all the available flight options that fall under your required factors like date, time, and destination.
  • If you had pre-selected seats on your original flight, inquire about seat availability on the new flights. You might need to select new seats.
  • Depending on the fare rules and the new flight you choose, there might be a fare difference. The assigned agent will notify you about the additional fees or charges that might apply.
  • If there is a fare difference or change fee, you’ll need to pay it at this point. Be prepared with a valid payment method.
  • Once you’ve chosen a new flight, paid any fees, and finalized the changes, the agent will provide you with an updated itinerary. Make sure to review the details and confirm that they match your preferences.

Note: If you had already received a boarding pass for your original flight, the agent will likely print a new one for your changed flight.

Call Third-Party Agency to Change the Flight 

To change your flight with the help and guidance of the third-party agency, you can check out and follow the steps return below; 

  • Connect with the agency representative. 
  • Provide them with your flight details
  • Then tell them you want to make changes to your flight. For instance, I want to change the flight date and time or destination. 
  • After that, the representative will review your fare ticket and its flight change policy.  
  • If the flight changing procedure is available, then the representative will proceed further. 
  • To complete the procedure smoothly, you might have to pay some additional flight change charges. 

Once you pay Edelweiss Air change fees, the representative will provide you with new itinerary details.


How much do I need to pay for the Edelweiss flight change?

The amount you need to pay for an Edelweiss flight change will depend on the fare class of your original ticket and the difference in price between your original flight and your new flight. For more details, you can contact the airline.

How many times can I change my Edelweiss flight?

You can change your Edelweiss flight up to 3 times, free of charge, if you booked your ticket at or via their Service Center. However, the fare conditions of your ticket may apply, so it is always best to check with Edelweiss before making any changes.

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