Change An American Airlines Flight

American Airlines Change Flight

Choose American Airlines this time as your travel partner because, with American Airlines, your journey takes flight with unparalleled ease and comfort. Passengers receive the freedom to modify their travel plans effortlessly with American Airlines change flight policy. Passengers can discover a new level of convenience as they explore the vast network of destinations, unlocking the possibilities of your adventure. American Airlines customer-centric approach and commitment to excellence is the key to making your travel experience exceptional.

What are the Guidelines for American Airlines Change Flights?

American Airlines has recently upgraded their change flight policy, making it more flexible for the passengers. The guidelines under American flight change policy are:

  • There are no change fees for all domestic flights.
  • For short-haul international flights or long-haul international flights, there are no change fees.
  • American Airlines change fees are applied to basic economy fares.
  • All the Basic economy fares of American Airlines are nonrefundable and non-changeable.
  • Standby flying allowed for earlier domestic flights on the same day.

Steps to Change a Flight on American Airlines

The process to change the flight with American Airlines depends on the fare type, if it’s a paid reservation or bought with reward points. Below is the brief for the steps to change flights bought with cash and reward points.

Change flight purchased with cash 

Changing the fare bought after paying is quite easy and straightforward. The travel details can be modified directly through the website of the airline. 

  1. Access the main website of American Airlines (
  2. Passengers can access their booking by logging into the American AAdvantage account or through the “Find Your Trip.”
  3. Now from the available options, select the flight you want to make changes with.
  4. Search for the option “Change Trip” and follow the on-screen instructions.
  5. In case of any fare difference, pay for it.
  6. American Airlines will share the new itinerary with the provided contact details.

Change flight bought with reward points 

Unlike the paid fares, the American Airlines change flight process is different for the fare purchased with reward points. In most cases, changing the award flight online can be hard. However, passengers can get in touch with the customer care department of the airline to make changes to the fare bought with reward points.

  1. Dial the American Airlines change flight phone number 800-433-7300.
  2. Connect with the live agent of the airline.
  3. Share the flight details of your original booking and the changes you want to make to it.
  4. Ask the agent about the fare difference. In case of booking in the higher class, the airline will use additional miles. Whereas for the bookings in the lower class, the difference in miles will be returned to your account.
  5. If you want to switch the booking method and pay the difference in cash, you can contact the airline’s customer service department.
  6. American Airlines offers three kinds of award tickets: AAnytime, MileSAAver, and Web Special. However, Web Special is the cheapest among these three and can’t be changed.

Charges to change flight with American Airlines 

  • There are no charges to change flights with American Airlines. However, passengers must pay the fare difference between the earlier and changed bookings. 
  • The value of your ticket can be applied toward the new fare if you need to make changes to your flight.
  • It is possible to modify your ticket’s origin and/or destination.
  • If the new fare is lower than what you initially purchased, you can use the remaining value as credit for a future flight.

Guidelines for Same-day Flight Change 

Passengers having reservations with American Airlines can adhere to the below guidelines to make changes to their flight:

  • As per the American Airlines change flight policy, the new flight must have the same departure and arrival airports as your original flight. Additionally, it should have the same departure day.
  • The number of stops and the airports involved in your original flight should remain the same on the new flight.
  • Your new flight must be operated by either American Airlines or American Eagle.
  • Make sure that standby options are available for earlier flights, but only AAdvantage status members can standby for a later flight on the same day.
  • Same-day confirmed changes and standby options are subject to availability and may only be applicable to select flights.
  • If you purchased your ticket through a partner airline for a flight operated by American, you can still take advantage of standby, or same-day confirmed changes. 

Charges for same-day flight change 

Origin Charges 
U.S., Puerto Rico, and the U.S. Virgin IslandsStarting at $50
Canada and the CaribbeanStarting at $50
Between/through New York (JFK) and London Heathrow (LHR)Starting at $50


How long do I have to change a flight on American Airlines?

You can modify your flight booking 24 hours before the scheduled departure time. However, a change fee might be associated with the modification if you wish to change your flight to a different date or time.

Can I switch my American Airlines flight for free?

If you buy a ticket without restrictions, you can change your flight without any additional charge as long as seats are available. However, for most tickets, there are fees for making changes, which can vary from $25 to $200.

Can I change my flight if I have a layover?

Yes, you can change your flight if you have a layover. However, you’ll need to ensure the new flight has a layover at the same airport as your original flight. You may need to pay a change fee if you change your flight to a different airport.

How do I know if I’m eligible for a change fee waiver?

American Airlines provides various change fee waivers in specific situations. For instance, if your flight gets canceled or delayed due to inclement weather, you might qualify for a change fee waiver. Please visit the American Airlines website for a comprehensive list of available change fee waivers.

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