Change An Allegiant Air Flight

Allegiant Air Change Flight Policy

In the captivating world of Allegiant Air, your travel story unfolds with endless possibilities. Allegiant Air makes you navigate the intricacies of flight changes. Allegiant Air change flight policy gracefully embraces unexpected twists and turns. 

Allegiant Air Change Flight Policy Details

Below are the all initial terms for changing Allegiant Air flight:

Terms and Conditions of Change Flight Policy

Although the change in flight policy of Allegiant can make challenging situations easier for the passengers, some guidelines are associated with the airline’s policy. Check out all the terms and conditions before proceeding with the airline change flight policy.

  1. To waive the Allegiant Air change fees, the passenger must try their booked flight within 24 hours of booking.
  2. In non-refundable fares, changes made after 24 hours of bookings can result in applied change fees with the additional fare difference.
  3. The flight refund will be credited as a voucher and can be used by the passenger for future travels.
  4. Flights cannot be changed within 7 days of the scheduled departure unless Trip Flex is purchased.
  5. Changes to flights can only be made up to 1 hour before the scheduled departure, but this is only applicable if Trip Flex has been purchased. Additionally, with Trip Flex, passengers can purchase preferred seats. 
  6. Trip Flex allows passengers to modify their reservations without incurring any fees as long as the changes are made up to 1 hour before departure.
  7. Without Trip Flex, a flight change will result in a change fee of up to $75 per person each way.

Steps to Change Flights on Allegiant Airlines

Allegiant Air offers several channels to change the flight. Passengers can choose from any medium depending on their convenience and comfort.

Change Allegiant flight online:

  1. Visit the airline’s main website at 
  2. Search for the “Manage Booking” option on the website.
  3. All the details, including first name, last name, and confirmation number, are required to retrieve your booking.
  4. You will now be able to retrieve your booking.
  5. Go through these details and make the required changes.
  6. Make changes to the date or flight or other.
  7. Click on the option submit.
  8. Check if the airline asks for any payment, like the change fees or fare difference.
  9. Complete the remaining payment and get the itinerary on your mail id.

Change Allegiant flight on a phone call:

  1. Call on Allegiant Air to change flight phone number (702) 505-8888.
  2. Connect with the live agent of Allegiant Air.
  3. Share all the flight details with the agent.
  4. Select from the available flight options.
  5. Pay for the change fee or fare difference (if there’s any).
  6. The agent will share the details of the new flight in your email.

Change Allegiant flight at the airport:

  1. Visit the nearest airport and search for the Allegiant desk at the airport.
  2. Talk with the agent of Allegiant Air at the airport and share all your booking details with Allegiant Air.
  3. Provide the agent with the date and the destination you want to book a new flight.
  4. Enquire about the additional charges that are needed to change your reservation.
  5. Pay for the charges; the agent will share the itinerary with you.

Additional Information About the Flight Change Policy

  • Cancellation Fees: If you cancel your flight without purchasing Trip Flex, you will not receive a refund. 
  • Trip Flex: Trip Flex is an optional travel protection add-on that allows you to change your flight without incurring any change fees. You can purchase Trip Flex at the time of booking or up to 24 hours after your purchase.

Deadlines: To make a change or cancellation without penalty, you must do so at least 7 days before your scheduled departure.


What if I need to change my flight due to a medical emergency?

Passengers with medical emergencies can change a flight by requesting the airline to waive the change fee. Passengers can also cancel the flight with Allegiant Air and request a refund.

What if I need to change my flight due to a flight cancellation?

If Allegiant Air cancels the flight, you can either request a refund from the airline or ask the airline to rebook you on another flight departing on the same day to the same destination.

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