Change An Alaska Airlines Flight

How to Change An Alaska Airlines Flight

Discover the joy of unlimited travel with Alaska Airlines change flight policy. Experience unparalleled flexibility as your journey unfolds with endless possibilities. Whether a spontaneous explorer or a careful planner, you can reschedule your travel plans. With Alaska Airlines, jet off for new adventures as freedom and convenience come together, allowing you to embrace the skies. 

What Is Alaska Airlines Flight Change Policy?

With Alaska Airlines flight change policy, passengers get the flexibility to change their flight in case of any changes in their travel plans. However, this airline policy differs for different fares and restricts some fare classes. 

Here are the fare classes of Alaska Airlines and the flight change policies associated with them 

Flight change policy for Saver Fares 

Saver Fares are the most basic fares that Alaska Airlines offers passengers looking for cheaper fares. However, the fare comes with a lot of restrictions. Passengers with Saver fares are not eligible for flight changes, cancellations, or refunds.

If a passenger has a saver fare but wants to reschedule the travel plans, the only way is to cancel the initial bookings and rebook a new flight. However, another way to get a full refund for a saver fare is by canceling within 24 hours of booking.

For Main and First class fares

Alaska Airlines allows the passenger of the main and first-class to change the flight without any charges before the day of the scheduled departure of the flight. The change fees are waived for this class, but the passenger must pay the fare difference between the initial and new booking. Furthermore, if the passenger book a cheap flight, the remaining amount will be refunded as a travel credit. Main and First class fares of Alaska Airlines comes with a comfortable seat and spacious legroom.

Flight change policy for Award flights 

The flight tickets booked with award points are eligible for change without any charges. Similarly, like the main cabin fares, passengers have to add more points in case of booking at higher fares.

Same-Day Flight Change Policy Of Alaska Airlines

Alaska Airlines also offers a same-day flight change policy to passengers. The guidelines for the same-day change policy are:

  1. Alaska Airlines won’t charge any fare difference for same-day change.
  2. The Alaska Airlines change fees for the same-day change will range between $25-$50.
  3. The same-day changes can be done only during the check-in window but before the scheduled flight’s departure.
  4. The departure of the new flight must be on the same day as the initial flight departure. Other things that must remain the same include the destinations, origin, and connected cities. 
  5. The same-day change fee will not apply to the passengers with refundable fares, MVP and MVP Gold, and 75k Mileage plan members.
  6. Travel insurance can make the passenger eligible to claim a full refund for the cost of a new flight.

Steps To Change Alaska Flights

Alaska Airlines makes it smooth for passengers to change the scheduled flights from a different medium. The airline provides flexibility to the passenger to choose the method that suits them the best.

Change Flight Online 

  1. Open the Alaska Airlines website on any of your electronic devices.
  2. Find the option labeled “Manage.”
  3. Now fill in the passenger’s last name and the confirmation code received.
  4. You will be redirected to the page where you can see your booking.
  5. Choose the option “Change this trip.”
  6. You can choose any option from the dropdown menu.
  7. Pay the fare difference (if required).
  8. The airline will share the new itinerary through your mail.

Change flight via phone call

  1. Dial the Alaska Airlines change flight phone number  1 (800) 654-5669.
  2. Wait for the live agent to get connected.
  3. Share all the flight details with the agent.
  4. Ask the agent to change your flight with the available options.
  5. Enquire about the fare difference, if there is any make the payment.
  6. The agent will share the details of the new flight through email.

Fares Are Eligible For Online Changes

Alaska Airlines permits making online changes only if:

  • The passenger directly purchased the ticket through Alaska Airlines.
  • The passenger has not done the check-in for the flight.
  • The fare bought by passengers doesn’t include Saver fares or government fares.
  • The reservation doesn’t include more than 7 members. Moreover, it shouldn’t be a part of a larger group booking.
  • The reservation does not include more than 8 flight segments.
  • The reservation is not falling under the Mileage Plan award ticket for travel country on Cathay Pacific or Latam.
  • The reservation doesn’t include special requests such as pet accommodations.

Notes: Passengers who find their booking with Delta Airlines is not eligible for changes can contact the airlines’ agent at 1-800-252-7522 (Dial 711 for relay services).


How can I cancel a group reservation made with Alaska Airlines?

Group bookings with Alaska Airlines can be canceled by contacting the airline group desk at 1-800-445-4435.

Can I change my flight to another destination with Alaska Airlines?

Yes, Alaska Airlines allows the passenger to change to another destination. However, there are specific guidelines and limitations that the passenger must take care of while changing destinations. For brief information, passengers can contact the customer care department of Alaska Airlines.

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