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Air Dolomiti Change Flight Policy

Air Dolomiti, an Italian region based in Dossobuono, has been constantly receiving good reviews in terms of customer assistance. The airline is always ready to assist the passenger in any situation. Even if there are any changes in your travel plan, Air Dolomiti change flight policy secures your reservation. It allows you to switch to another flight according to your preference.

Air Dolomiti Change Flight Policy Details

Below are the all initial terms for changing air dolomiti flight: 

Types of Fare in Air Dolomiti Flight

The flight change policy of Air Dolomiti varies depending on the type of fare the passenger has bought for the journey. 

  • Business Flex Fare- Passengers having a Business Flex Fare can easily make any sort of change to their booking. Moreover, while making any changes in Business Flex Fare, passengers are not required to pay additional change fees to Air Dolomiti.
  • Economy Classic Fare- To make changes in Economy Classic Fare, passengers must pay some charges depending on the route. Economy Classic fares can’t be canceled to get a refund. Cancellation within 24 hours of booking is eligible for a refund.
  • Economy Light Fare – Similarly to the Economy Classic Fare, Economy Light Fare passengers must pay to change the flight. With Economy Light fare, passengers can reserve a preferred seat in advance with Air Dolomiti. 

Air Dolomiti Change Flight Process

Air Dolomiti allows passengers to change their flights through various channels. Passengers have the option to choose between online and offline methods to make these changes. The steps to proceed with the Air Dolomiti change flight process are mentioned below:

Change flight through the website 

  1. Visit the main website of Air Dolomiti at 
  2. Search for the “Manage Booking” option on the website.
  3. Fill in your surname and the booking code received with the itinerary.
  4. You will be able to retrieve your booking made with Air Dolomiti.
  5. You can make the changes according to the change in your travel plans.
  6. Check if there’s any fare difference, and pay for it.
  7. The airline will share the itinerary with you.

Change flight on a phone call

  1. Get in touch with the dedicated team or call on Air Dolomiti change your flight phone number to +39 045 2886140*.
  2. Passengers from Germany can call on +49 089 97580497.
  3. Wait until you are connected with the live agent of Air Dolomiti.
  4. Share all the flight details with the agent.
  5. Ask the agent for the available flight options to switch your previous booking with. 
  6. Pay the fare difference and confirm the new booking with Air Dolomiti.
  7. The airline will share the new itinerary with you. 

What Is Air Dolomiti Same-Day Flight Change Policy?

Air Dolomiti allows the passenger to change flights on the day of the travel. However, this airline policy has certain guidelines and restrictions associated with it. The following are the general rules of Air Dolomiti same-day flight change:

  1. You can change their flight if the new flight departs within 24 hours of their original scheduled departure.
  2. Also, you are expected to pay a change fee, depending on their fare.
  3. You must pay the fare difference if they rebook into a higher class.
  4. You can contact the reservation department of Air Dolomiti to rebook a flight for the same day or use their online change form.
  5. Changing your flight to a different destination may require payment for the fare difference.
  6. When modifying your flight to a different date, you may not be eligible for the same fare as the original booking.

Charges for same-day flight change

The Air Dolomiti change fees for same-day flight varies according to the fare type bought by the passenger. You can refer to the table below to check the airline’s charges to change your fare. 

Fare Type Charges 
Business Flex FareEUR 0
Economy Classic Fare EUR 50
Economy Light Fare EUR 100


Can you change a return flight one way with Air Dolomiti?

Yes, Air Dolomiti allows the passenger to change a return flight. However, it depends on the fare type the passenger buys because certain fares are nonrefundable and non-changeable. So, it’s better to check the terms and conditions of the fare before making changes.

Can we change the flight date twice with Air Dolomiti?

Air Dolomiti allows the passenger to change flights twice, but the passenger has to pay a certain amount as a change fee depending on the fare type and the route they have booked their flight on.

What if I change my flight to a lower class with Air Dolomiti?

If the passenger switches to a lower fare class with Air Dolomiti, the airline refunds the remaining amount as a travel credit. The passenger can use this travel credit to book flights with Air Dolomiti.

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