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Air Canada Change flight policy

Air Canada Change flight policy is the new breeze in travel flexibility. Book a flight with the airline and take a convenient journey. Whether it’s a spontaneous adventure or a shift in your itinerary, you can enjoy the freedom to soar through changes. Glide through the clouds of uncertainty with ease, as you can be the captain of your itinerary. This vacation, discover a horizon of stress-free travels with Air Canada, where your plans evolve as gracefully as your destination unfolds. 

What are the Rules and Regulations of Air Canada Change Flight Policy?

While talking about the flight change policy of the airline, there are a few key points that passengers must consider before changing their flight. A brief knowledge about the change flight policy of the airline can help the passenger to change their flight smoothly without any problems coming their way.

  1. The airline allows passengers to change the flight anytime but 2 hours before departure.
  2. To proceed with any time changes, the passenger is expected to pay a change fee and the fare difference between the initial and the new booking made by the passenger.
  3. All the basic fares provided by the airline are not eligible to undergo flight changes. Passengers having basic fares have to cancel and rebook another flight if there are any changes in the travel plan.
  4. Unlimited changes are not provided to any kind of airfares. There are special flight change rules that apply to the fares.
  5. You can contact the airline’s customer care department to make changes only if the ticket is purchased directly from the airline (online website, via reservation number or at the airport).
  6. In case of bookings made with any third-party agency or website, the passenger must contact the agency to make flight changes.
  7. The airline’s flight policy change may vary depending on the type of airfare the passenger has bought for the journey. 

Steps to Change Flight with Air Canada 

The most convenient and easy way to change a flight with the airline can be by accessing the airline’s main website. However, depending on the fare type, passengers can change their flight by contacting the airline’s customer care executive. Lastly, passengers can also use the old traditional method to change the flight at the airport itself. 

Change Flight via Online Mode 

  1. Start by accessing the official website of the airline at
  2. On the airline’s home page, an option of “My Bookings” appears. Click on the option.
  3. You can sign in or retrieve your booking by entering the ticket number and the passenger’s last name.
  4. Once you retrieve your booking, click on the flight you want to make changes with.
  5. You can select from the available flight options to swap your original booking.
  6. Check for the applicable change flight penalty and the fare difference (if any).
  7. Once the payment is made, the airline will confirm your rebooking with another flight and share the new itinerary on your registered email address.

Change Flight via Phone Call 

  1. To change the flight over a phone call, dial the Air Canada Change Flight Phone number 1-888-247-2262. You can also visit the “Contact Us” page to find contact numbers for your region. 
  2. Once you connect with the airline’s agent, share your booking and flight details with the agent. 
  3. Enquire with the agent for the available flight options and seat availability.
  4. Once you find your preferred seat, pay for the change flight penalty and fare difference to secure your seat.
  5. Once done with the payment, the airline will share the confirmation on your provided email address.

Change Flight at the Airport 

  1. The airline allows passengers to change flights up to 2 hours before the flight’s scheduled departure. So you can also change the flight if you are already at the airport.
  2. Locate the reservation desk, or use the self-service kiosk at the airport.
  3. If using the self-service kiosk, fill in all the details and follow the instructions on the screen to change the flight.
  4. If connecting with the agent through the reservation desk, check for the available flight options with the agent.
  5. Pay for any incurring charges to confirm your booking with the new flight.

Same-Day Flight Change Policy

Apart from the anytime change with the airline, the Air Canada change flight process also includes same-day confirmed changes. These changes can be requested at check-in at the airport but before the flight’s scheduled departure.

Here are certain rules and regulations associated with the same-day confirmed changes.

  1. The same-day changes provided by the airline are not guaranteed. These changes are subject to seat availability.
  2. To complete the same-day change flight process, passengers must pay change fees pre-direction + applicable taxes.
  3. There are no additional charges for fare differences for flight changes made on the day of travel.
  4. The airline allows the passenger to complete the same-day change at the time of check-in as well.
  5. Economy Basic Fare is not eligible to undergo the same-day flight change policy of the airline.

Same-Day Airport Standby Changes 

The eligible passenger can use the same-day standby airport changes to change their flight with an earlier flight on the same day of departure.

  1. Passengers having Business Class (flexible), Premium Economy (Flexible) Latitude or comfort fare are eligible for free same-day airport standby changes.
  2. Airport standby on the same day depends on whether there are free seats left, and you can’t use this option if you’ve already dropped off your luggage.
  3. If you’ve asked to be put on a waiting list for an upgrade, you might see the list in the Flight Status part of the Air Canada App. In this list, passengers are ranked by importance. They will be identified by the first three letters of their last name and the first letter of their first name.

Charges to Change Flight with Air Canada 

The Air Canada Change flight fee may vary depending on the type or fare and the route on which the flight is operating. You can check the charges to change flights below:

Changes to Change Flight Within Canada 

Changes Basic
Premium Economy
Business Class
Anytime Changes No changes permitted$100 CADFare difference only*Fare difference onlyFare difference onlyFlexible:Fare difference only*Lowest:$100 CADFlexible:Fare difference only*Lowest:$100 CAD
Same day Changes No changes permitted$150 CAD$100 CADon select routes$75 CADIncludedIncludedFlexible:IncludedLowest:$75Included
Same Day Standby Changes No changes permittedFree on select routesFree on select routesIncludedIncludedFlexible:IncludedLowest:Free on select routesFlexible:IncludedLowest:Free on select routes

Changes to Change Flight  to International Destinations 

Changes Basic
Latitude Premium Economy
Business Class
Anytime Changes No changes permittedA fee appliesA fee appliesFare difference only*A fee appliesA fee applies
Same day Changes No changes permitted$100 CAD$100 CADIncludedA fee appliesA fee applies
Same Day Standby Changes Not Available Not availableNot availableIncluded$100 CAD
A fee applies

Note: The charges to change flights with Premium Economy (Flex) and Business Economy (Flex) may vary. 


Can I change an Aeroplan flight reward ticket after I book with Air Canada?

Yes, passengers can change an Aeroplan flight reward ticket. However, the passenger must make amendments to the itinerary 2 hours before the scheduled departure of the flight.

How many times can I change my flight with Air Canada?

The airline allows the passenger to change the flight 2 times. However if the flight is canceled by the airline then passengers can change flight unlimited times without any extra charges.

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