Change An Aer Lingus Flight

Aer Lingus Change flight policy

Even Aer Lingus understands that life is full of unexpected twists and turns. And that’s why this airline has simplified the process, eliminating unnecessary hassle. So fellow passengers, whether you need to alter your destination, departure date, or even your flight time, you can easily do it following the Aer Lingus change flight policy.

The flight change policy makes the whole changing process smooth as a gentle breeze. Fly with confidence, knowing that flexibility is now just a call away.

General Guidelines of Aer Lingus Flight Change Policy 

There are a set of certain rules and regulations that Aer Lingus have made alongside the change in flight policy. All passengers are expected to have a look at these terms and conditions before moving further with the flight change policy 

  1. In case of bookings directly made through the official website, passengers can use the “Manage Trip” facility to make changes to the booked flight.
  2. Conversely, if the booking includes partner airline connections or was made from the airline’s reservation desk, you can contact the airline directly to make the changes.
  3. Passengers who purchase travel extras must remember that these are not automatically transferred to the new booking. You have to contact the airline to make the desired changes. 
  4. This airline allows passengers to make changes until 2 hours before the flight’s departure. After the allotted periods, the whole money associated with the fare (except the Government tax) is forfeited.
  5. All the changes made under the change flight feature are subject to a change fee with an additional fare difference. However, it varies according to the fare type the passenger buys. 
  6. Cancellation or failure to use specific flight segments on your ticket will be considered a change.
  7. Depending on the fare you purchased, fees and fare differences may apply.
  8. Passengers must know that the changes can only be made from the same country of origin.
  9. If you voluntarily change your itinerary, please be aware that the ‘Upgrade Yourself’ product cannot be transferred to another booking. Moreover, the cost of the ‘Upgrade Yourself’ product is non-refundable.

Flight Change Policy for Fares

This Airline offers several fare classes for the passenger to travel in, and every fare class comes with different terms and conditions. So the passenger must look at the below-mentioned fare class and associated flight change policy.

Flights within Europe

Saver or Plus Fares

  • Passengers with Saver or Plus fares can make changes through the airline’s main website. The changes will be chargeable for a fee per customer per flight. Moreover, the passenger has to pay the fare difference between the original and the new booking.
  • All the changes, including the upgradation of fare type, will be subject to change and any other applicable charges like fare difference.

Advantage or AerSpace Fares

  • The itinerary change fee will be waived for passengers with the advantage of AerSpace Fares.
  • Waived Missed Departure Fee for Same-Day Changes at Check-in Desk.
  • All the changes made in Advantage or AerSpace Fares with a change in flight policy will be only subject to fare difference charges.

Transatlantic Flights

Saver fares

  • Changes can be made through the website only after paying the change fee and fare difference.

Smart Fares

  • No itinerary change fee is required to change the smart fares. 
  • The fare difference is still applicable between both bookings.

Flex Fares

  • The change fee does not apply to the flex fares.

Business Fares

  • Passengers with business fares can change dates, times, and routes. 
  • The fare difference will be applicable between the original price and the price available at the time the change is being made by the passenger.

Business Flex Fares

  • With Business Flex Fares, passengers can change the date, time, and route on their booking only after checking the seat availability.

Methods of Changing Flight on Aer Lingus

There are two methods of changing flight:

Online Mode 

Passengers booking through the official website can use the same portal to change their flight.

  1. Visit the official website at
  2. Look for the “Manage Booking” option on the website.
  3. Fill in the required field to retrieve your booking.
  4. As soon as you retrieve your booking, make the desired changes.
  5. Check for the change fee and applicable fare difference (if any)
  6. Pay and the airline will share the new booking details with you. 

Offline Mode 

All the other bookings, including bookings with partner airlines and the booking made through the reservation desk, are supposed to be changed by contacting the support department of the airline.

  1. Passengers can visit the “Contact Us” page or directly get in touch with the agent by calling on Aer Lingus change flight phone number (516) 622-4222 or (800) 474-7424 (For US only).
  2. Share all the flight details with the agent and the change you want.
  3. Confirm and pay for any change fee or applicable fare difference.
  4. You will receive your new booking from Aer Lingus. 

Charges to Change Flight

Passengers from different places can refer to the table below to check the charges to change a flight:

Shorthaul flights (Between Ireland/UK/Europe)Longhaul flights (Between Ireland and North America)
EUR 40
EUR 100
GBP 35
GBP 90
USD 60USD 150
CZK 1000
CZK 2400
PLN 190
PLN 470


What if I change my flight to a lower class with Aer Lingus?

If a passenger switches to a lower class, Aer Lingus won’t provide any refund or travel credit for the fare difference. 

Can we change the flight date twice with Aer Lingus?

Yes, this airline allows the passenger to change the flight twice, but only after paying the change fees. The charges may depend on the type of fare and the route.

Is 3 hours enough to change flights with Aer Lingus?

Yes, 3 hours are enough to change flights. Passengers can make the desired changes with their bookings 3 hours prior to the departure of the flight.

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