Change A Sun Country Airlines Flight

Sun Country Airlines change flight Policy

Do you have booked tickets with Sun Country Airlines, but now a slight shift in the plan is making you worried about the change in flight policy? Don’t worry. We have gathered all the information to assist you with the Sun Country Airlines change flight policy.  Understanding their policy is a breeze whether you’re pondering date adjustments or destinations. If you want to get in touch with a travel expert, call 1-888-990-2621 for any assistance.

What are the Terms and Conditions of Sun Country Airlines Change Flight Policy?

Changing flights with this airline is just a breeze. Passengers can make a seamless flight change by following and recalling key points. The terms and conditions of the change flight policy are provided below for your reference.  

  1. It is crucial to note that only the fares purchased directly from the airline through any medium can undergo Sun Country Airlines change flight process.
  2. For bookings made with a third-party agent, passengers must contact the agent.
  3. After payment, change fees will be considered, and certain fees might not be eligible for a refund.
  4. Apart from the change flight penalty, the fare difference between the initial and new booking is also included in the charges. 
  5. If the price of the airfare increases at the time of the flight change, then the airline is not responsible for any refund. 
  6. The passenger will pay any other increase in airfare charges at the time of the new booking. 
  7. The flight you originally booked, and the new flight you want to switch to should have the same number of stops and follow the same route.
  8. Sun Country Airlines should operate the new flight you choose for changing.
  9. You can use the standby option if you have a high-class ticket or part of the airline’s membership program. But remember, if you want to change to a flight on the same day, it’s best to contact the airline directly. Your flight change will get an acceptance only after checking the availability of the seats.

Methods to Change Flight with Sun Country Airlines 

The easiest and most convenient way you can use to change the flight is by accessing their official website. Apart from the official website, passengers can also change their flight at the airport or contact the airline’s customer care department.

Change Flight through the Website 

  1. Visit the official website of the airline at 
  2. Once you get on the airline’s official page, you can see the option “Manage Trip.”
  3. Click on the option and fill in all the required information to retrieve your bookings made with the airline.
  4. Select the one you want to change the flight for among all the bookings. 
  5. Now search for “Change Flight” and check for the available flight options.
  6. Select the one that suits your travel plans.
  7. Check for the change flight penalty and fare difference.
  8. Your booking will be complete only after the successful payment for the change flight fees and the fare difference.

Change Flight via Phone Call

  1. Call on Sun Country Airlines change the flight phone number 651-905-2737.
  2. Once you connect with the airline’s customer care executive to proceed with the change in flight policy.
  3. Share all the flight and booking details with the airline’s agent so that your bookings can be retrieved.
  4. Check for the available flight options and seat availability for a booking on the new flight.
  5. To complete the change flight process of the airline, you must pay the change flight fees. So enquire about the applicable change flight fees and the fare difference.
  6. Once you pay for the same, the agent will share the new booking details or a new itinerary on your registered contact details.

Note: To change the flight by getting in touch with the service centre, passengers can also be charged with some nominal service charges. 

Change Flight at the Airport 

  1. Depending on the passenger’s choice, they can also change flights at the airport.
  2. To change flights at the airport, you need to locate and visit the reservation or support desk of the airline at the airport. 
  3. You must have all your booking and travelling details handy so that you can share it with the agent once they as for them. 
  4. The agent of the airline can share the list of available flight options. Choose the one that fits best with your changes travel plans.
  5. Seek information regarding the change in flight penalty and the fare difference.
  6. Make the payment to get a new itinerary for your journey.

Sun Country Airlines Change Flight Fees 

The airline holds the authority to bring amendments to change flight fees. The charges to change the flight with the airline applies per passenger/direction. A brief about the Sun Country Airlines change flight fees is given below for your reference.

  1. The airline won’t charge any fees to change the flight 60 days before the scheduled flight’s departure.
  2. If the passenger opts to change the flight 59-14 days before the scheduled departure, then a flight change fee of $39 will be applied. 
  3. Flight Changes made before 13-0 days of the flight departure are entitled to flight change fees of $79. 


How can I change my flight without paying change fees with Sun Country?

To waive the change flight fees, passengers can opt to change the flight within 24 hours of booking or 60 days before the flight’s scheduled departure.

What is the deadline to change a Sun Country Flight?

The airline allows the passenger to change the flight up to 24 hours before the flight’s scheduled departure.

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