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SpiceJet Flight Change

Life often takes unexpected turns. One moment, you’re eagerly planning a peaceful beach vacation, and the next, you’re confronted with a work crisis or a family emergency. However, this doesn’t have to mean abandoning your travel aspirations.

Thanks to SpiceJet Airlines change flight policy, you can adapt to unforeseen circumstances without incurring excessive charges. This offers you the assurance to make reservations in advance, knowing that you can alter your plans if necessary. Whether rescheduling due to professional commitments, adjusting travel dates for important family occasions, or simply changing your chosen destination, SpiceJet ensures this can be done easily and affordably.

Guidelines of Spicejet Airlines Change flight policy 

The airline offers a flexible change flight policy to accommodate the needs of its passengers. Passengers can change their flight date, time, or origin/destination airport for a fee, subject to availability. The fee and other restrictions vary depending on the fare type and timing of the change request.

Below is a comprehensive overview of the SpiceJet Airlines change flight policy:

  1. Changes to booking dates in domestic sectors incur applicable charges, including the difference in fares if the original fare is unavailable at the time of change, in addition to change fees and other applicable charges.
  2. Requesting a change of sector within the booking incurs cancellation fees based on the booking class or base fare, whichever is lower. If the same fare is unavailable, the difference in fares will be applied in addition to the change fee and other applicable charges. 
  3. Name changes in the booking are not allowed, and passengers should ensure that the booking name matches the proof of identification.
  4. Some fares may have specific change policies. You can book separate PNRs for each sector without fare restrictions if you prefer more flexible fares.
  5. No change fees are payable for the change, and neither the passenger nor SpiceJet is liable to pay any differential airfare.
  6. For round trips or multi-city bookings under the same PNR, changes will apply only to the relevant flight for which the change is requested. Other sectors or flights under the same PNR remain unchanged, and fare types and SpiceJet services purchased with the original flight apply to the changed flight, subject to availability.
  7. In the case of multiple passengers under a single PNR, the change affects all passengers unless otherwise requested and consented to by SpiceJet and the relevant passenger.
  1. Flight changes by SpiceJet, including denied boarding, are governed by SpiceJet’s terms of carriage, available at, as it is a binding contract between passengers and SpiceJet.

Steps to Change Flight with Spicejet Airlines 

You can change the flight by using the airline’s official website or by contacting the airline’s customer care executive. The steps to change flight from these channels are mentioned below:

Change Flight Online 

To change flights online with the airline, you can follow the steps jotted down below:

  1. Begin by visiting the official SpiceJet website and locate the ‘Manage My Booking’ tab.
  2. Input your specific booking reference number and your last name, then proceed to select ‘Retrieve Booking.’
  3. Upon reaching the ‘Manage Booking’ page, tap on the ‘Change Flight’ option.
  4. Choose your desired alternative flight and continue by clicking the appropriate button.
  5. Thoroughly go through all the modifications made, ensuring all details are accurate, and then select ‘Confirm Change.’
  6. If applicable, proceed to complete the payment for any associated change fees.

Note: Online flight changes are permissible up to 2 hours before the scheduled departure. If adjustments are needed beyond this timeframe, it is advisable to contact SpiceJet customer service for further assistance.

Change Flight Offline 

You can also change your flight by calling Spicejet Airlines change flight phone number. You can follow these steps if you want to change flights via phone.

  1. Call the change flight phone number of the airline: +91-124-4983410 or +91-124-7101600.
  2. Follow the IVR menu and select the option to change the flight.
  3. Now, you must share your booking and traveling details with the airline’s agent.
  4. A customer care representative will retrieve your booking and assist with flight changes.
  5. Options include changing your flight’s date, time, origin, and destination.
  6. Be prepared to cover any fare difference between the original and new flights.
  7. Confirm the changes with the representative for processing and issuance of a new itinerary.

SpiceJet Voucher for Voluntary Flight Change Request

  • The Voucher is issued to the primary passenger listed in the PNR with a registered mobile number or email address.
  • Vouchers cannot be transferred, exchanged, or encashed.
  • Each Voucher is valid for one year from the date of issuance.
  • Customers can redeem the Voucher:
  1. on the SpiceJet website
  2. on the SpiceJet mobile application
  3. by calling the SpiceJet customer care center.
  • Vouchers can be redeemed against SpiceJet base fare and other services, excluding specific charges and taxes.
  • Not valid for group bookings or bookings in currencies other than INR.
  • One-time use only cannot be combined with other SpiceJet offers.
  • The Voucher is considered fully utilized if partially redeemed, and the remaining balance is forfeited.
  • SpiceJet is not liable for loss, theft, or unauthorized use of the Voucher.
  • SpiceJet reserves the right to deny Voucher acceptance in suspected fraud or misuse cases.

Voluntary Flight Change Offer

The Voluntary Flight Change Offer (“VFCO”) provides an opportunity for passengers of SpiceJet Limited to modify their confirmed flight booking to a reservation on an alternative flight as per the options provided by the airline (“Change”), in exchange for receiving vouchers.

Passengers are invited to consider changing their flight through any of the following means:

  • Receiving an email on the email address provided during the original flight booking (“Primary Email Address”).
  • Receiving electronic messages on the primary mobile number provided during the original flight booking (“Primary Mobile Number”).
  • Receiving a telephone call on the Primary Mobile Number.
  • Any other communication method that the airline may find appropriate.
  • By responding to the invitation within the specified time period mentioned in the message sent to the Primary Mobile Number or the email sent to the Primary Email Address, passengers have a chance to receive a voucher equivalent to the amount mentioned in the invitation if the request is accepted and the change is confirmed by the airline.

Submitting a Change Request

Submitting a Change request or opting for an alternative flight is voluntary. Passengers should respond to the invitation clearly and coherently using the following methods:

  • If the invitation is received through a message on the Primary Mobile Number, passengers need to click on the provided link in the message, which will redirect them to the airline’s webpage. Here, they can choose an alternate flight option and submit their response.
  • If the invitation is received via email on the Primary Email Address, passengers must click on the provided link in the email, redirecting them to the airline’s webpage. Here, they can select an alternate flight option and submit their response.
  • If the invitation is conveyed by the airline call center or airport representatives, passengers should submit their Change request as the airline instructs.


Can I change my flight via Spicejet Airlines’ mobile app?

Yes, passengers can use the user-friendly mobile app of the airline to change flights. Apart from the mobile app, the airline’s official website can also be used to change the flight.

What are the charges to change flights with Spicejet Airlines?

The Spicejet airline change fees may vary depending on the fare type and the time of flight change. You can also connect with the customer care center of the carrier for more information. 

Spicejet airline allows upto how many flight changes?

While talking about the number of changes, passengers can make unlimited changes with Spicejet Airlines. However, the changes must be made a few hours prior to the departure of the flight. Additionally, the change may incur some change fees as well.

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