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Pegasus Airlines Change Flight Policy

Experience outstanding flexibility travel like never before with the help of Pegasus Airlines’ change flight policy. No more worries about rigid restrictions – with this air carrier, modifications are just a few clicks away. Embarking on a dream journey is a breeze on the aircraft of this airline.

Pegasus Airlines Change Flight Policy Details

Below are the all initial terms for changing Pegasus Airlines Flights:

Flight Change Process Of Pegasus Airlines

You are allowed to make flight changes in several ways on this carrier. Go through the processes mentioned underneath for this feature. 

Online Flight Change

The online procedure of changing your flight can be done on both the website as well as the mobile application. The steps to follow in order to make flight changes are:

  • Visit the official website by typing on your preferred browser. 
  • Select the “Manage My Booking” section appearing on the homepage.
  • Now, you have to enter your PNR number along with your surname in the given spaces. 
  • Check out your list of ticketed flights by clicking on the “My Tickets Transaction”  tab.
  • Select the flight you wish to change and fill out a Pegasus Airlines change flight form. 
  • Pay for any charges displayed on your screen to proceed further with your flight change. 
  • Next, you will be directed to a new page where you can re-plan your flight by conducting a new search. 

Flight Change Via Call

You can share your concern regarding making changes to your flight itinerary with a phone call. Dial the Pegasus Airlines change flight phone number 0090 850 250 6777 on your smartphone. Choose the language in which you want to converse. Listen to the instructions given by IVR carefully and click on the right key. 

Once you are connected with the representative, provide them with the information about your flight. The person will verify your details and start the flight change procedure on your behalf. They will tell you whether your reservation qualifies for the changes or not. If it does, then you must pay the required amount to complete the process. 

Points To Consider For Changing Your Flight

There are a few terms and conditions of this carrier if you are considering making changes to your flight. So, first, go through them and then change your flight accordingly. 

  • You cannot change your flight for free if there are less than 24 hours left before the scheduled departure. 
  • You might have to pay a separate service fee for making changes through the call center and travel agents. 
  • If there is any difference in fare between your original and reissued flight ticket. Then, the remaining amount will be collected in reissue transactions. 
  • You can only make changes to your flight if only extra seats are available on the next flight. 
  • You are also entitled to make changes in your origin and destination airport for the flight. 
  • As per the Pegasus Airlines change flight policy, you are permitted to make changes only in specific time frames. 
  • A flight ticket bought in installments will be charged with installment or Bank/Credit commission fee. And it will reflect as a penalty amount on your changed flight.
  • No flight changes can be made on the same day of your flight’s departure or if the airline considers you a no-show passenger. 

Flight Change Prices

The airline charges for changes made to the flight on the basis of the route and the fare you purchased initially. Below is the table regarding the different charges. 

Scheduled International Flights

Flight ChangeTime To DeparturePromo G/P Fare ClassesPromo U/T Fare ClassesStandard Fare Classes
International Scheduled Flights2 hours and more
Less than 2  hours




International – International Connecting Flights

Flight ChangeTime To DeparturePromotion Q/I Fare ClassesPromotion E/W Fare ClassesStandard F/A/J/C Fare Classes
International – International Connecting FlightsMore than 72 hours
Between 72-2 hours
Less than 2 hours


$50 transaction charges
$50 transaction charges
$80 as transaction fees
$85 as transaction fees

International – Domestic Connecting Flights

If you want to make flight changes in your international to domestic connecting flights with this carrier in any fares class. Then, Pegasus Airlines change fees will be applied. Around 30% of the initial price will be deducted if you change it more than 72 hours left before the departure. 

And around 50% of your original flight ticket will be charged for changing your flight between 72 to 24 hours of the flight departure. 

Flight Change Including Special Services And Package Content

In case you have purchased package content like seat selection, checked baggage allowance, Pegasus Cafe, etc, along with your flight ticket. Then, whether they will be carried to your new flight or not depends on the time period and your specific package purchase. 

  • Depending on the availability and aircraft limitations, your additional purchases will be transferred to the new flight. But, only if changes are made more than 23 hours prior to the departure. Otherwise, the amount will be refunded back to you if you make changes less than 23 hours before the departure. Except for Pegasus Cafe (no refund or transfer). 
  • As this air carrier offers different flight packages like Eco, Advantage, and Comfort Flex. Any changes you make to your flight will cancel the entire package content. But, you will get back the amount for the package price difference. Only in Eco Package, your checked baggage allowance will be transferred to your new changed flight. 


Can I change my contact details for the Pegasus Airlines flight?

Pegasus Airlines gives you the benefit of changing your contact details for the concerned flight. You can take advantage of this feature at the official website of the air carrier. Just go to the Manage My Booking section and make the desired changes accordingly.

Is it possible to transfer the Pegasus flight to someone else?

Unfortunately No, the flight you have purchased with this airline is non-transferable. And you also cannot change the name on the original ticket. If you have more concerns regarding this question, it is advised that you contact the customer care department of the airline.

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