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Pacific Coastal Airlines Change Flight Policy

Embrace a new era of responsible travel with Pacific Coastal Airlines’ change flight policy. With easy-to-make modifications, you get total control of your itinerary. Plans can change anytime and without any notice. That is why this air carrier ensures hassle-free procedures regarding any changes. 

Pacific Coastal Airlines Change Flight Policy Details

Below are the all initial terms for changing Pacific Coastal Airlines flights:

Process Of Changing Your Pacific Coastal Airlines Flight

To change your flight as per your date and timings, go through the procedures mentioned below.

Fight Change Through Website

You can change your flight at the website of this airline only if you purchased your ticket online initially. Follow these steps to move forward with your changes:

  • From the box appearing on the left corner of the homepage, select the “Manage” tab. And click on the “Manage My Reservation” button.
  • A new page will open where you need to enter your reservation number and last name. If you have an account on its website. Then, you can even login with your email ID and password. 
  • After adding your travel details, click on the “Find Booking” button. 
  • Once your flight reservation details are retrieved, select the “Edit Reservation” tab. 
  • Pay the required amount (if any) to complete the process of flight change. 
  • Soon, the airline will send you new flight ticket information to your registered email address. 

Via Phone Call

This is the easiest method to make changes to your flight reservation. Dial the Pacific Coastal Airlines change flight phone number +1 (800) 663-2872 on your mobile device. Listen to the IVR prompts carefully and press the right number to connect with the representative. 

Provide the official with your travel details and express your wish to make changes to your concerned flight. They will verify your information and check whether you have to pay any change fee or not. Shortly after you are done paying the desired amount, the representative will send you a confirmation along with your new flight ticket to your phone number. 

Email-Based Flight Change

You can get assistance in order to change your flight by sending an email to the carrier. Add the necessary information about your flight in the email and put “Change Flight” as the subject of it. 

Write all the important particulars in it and send the email to Once your email is received by the airline, they will guide you with further steps you need to follow in completing the process of Pacific Coastal Airlines’ change flight.

Policy Regarding Pacific Coastal Airlines Flight Change

There are a few terms and conditions that fall in the Pacific Coastal Airlines change flight policy.

  • You must make changes to your ticket at least 2 hours prior to the scheduled departure of your flight. 
  • If you are done with the changes. Then your travel should be completed within 12 months from the date of the original purchase of your ticket.
  • Travel credits can be transferred and used for any destination in the Pacific Coastal network.  
  • There is a possibility that fax, tax, and surcharges apply when you rebook your flight ticket. 

Fees For Changing Your Flight With Pacific Coastal Airlines

The charges you will have to pay for changing your flight totally depend on the fare type you bought while booking your ticket initially. As this airline offers different types of fares, the charges are also different for every fare. 

Basic Fare

You cannot make any changes to your flight itinerary if you purchased the basic fare. Any changes made will result in forfeiture of your ticket. 

Bravo & QuickPass Bravo Fare

The Pacific Coastal Airlines change fees in this fare are applicable for a single passenger, in one direction. And also includes any fare difference. 

If you make changes on or before October 15, 2023. Then, you have to pay around $78.75 as fees for the flight change. And flight changes made on or after October 16, 2023, will be charged for an amount of $105. 

Classic & QuickPass Classic Fare

To make changes to your flight in this fare, you need to pay $52.50 as the fee, per person, per direction. If there is a difference in fare, then pay the extra charges. 

Encore & QuickPass Encore Fare

You can change your flight for this fare without paying a single penny as change fees. Only any fare difference might be applicable for charges. 

Note: The changes in your QuickPass flight fares are subject to fare availability. 

Same-day Earlier Flight Change

If you have any confirmed tickets except for Basic Fares with this air carrier. Then, you can take advantage of changing your flight to the one departing earlier on the same day of your original travel. But, you can make this flight change only at the airport check-in counter of Pacific Coastal. And you might have to pay some charges depending on your fare purchase. 

  • An amount of $52.50 will be charged to you for Bravo and QuickPass Bravo Fare.
  • You can pay approx $26.25 for changing your flight in Classic and QuickPass Classic Fare. 

Encore and QuickPass Encore Fares can be changed to the same day earlier fight with no Pacific Coastal Airlines change fees.


What is the 24-hour change policy of Pacific Coastal Airlines?

The 24-hour change policy of this airline means you can make changes to your flight within 24 hours of your original reservation. And you don’t have to pay any price for the change. However, a fare difference might apply. If you wish to make changes to your flight during this time period. Then you need to contact the call center of this air carrier at +1 (800) 663-2872. Because only they can apply this policy to your booking.

What is the Pacific Coastal Airlines Quick Pass account?

QuickPass is a bulk-purchase program of this airline, designed for its frequent flyers. You can save up to 20% off the top fare in the same category while you are booking your flight ticket. Anyone can travel on your QuickPass account and provide you with loads of benefits. You can also make changes to your flight by just logging in and clicking on the “Edit Reservation” tab. Just follow the prompts and you are done with the flight changes.

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