Change A Lufthansa Airlines Flight

Lufthansa Airlines Change flight policy

The Lufthansa Airlines change flight policy allows passengers to change their travel plans easily. Whether it’s changing the departure dates or destination, you can easily use the Lufthansa Airlines policy and adjust your travel plans. Lufthansa Airlines gives you the control and freedom to align your travel with your lifestyle. So keep all the stress aside, and board the flight according to your travel plans.

Details of Lufthansa Airlines Flight Change Policy

Before moving ahead with the change in flight policy of Lufthansa Airlines, passengers must look at the guidelines that come with the change in flight policy. These guidelines will give them a brief understanding of the change in flight policy.

  • The airline will not charge any change fee if the passenger opts to change the flight within 24 hours of booking.
  • Changes made after 24 hours of booking can incur a fee that the passenger must pay for changing the Lufthansa flight.
  • However, Lufthansa Airlines allows the passenger to change the flight upto 1 hour after the flight departure.
  • The change fee Lufthansa Airlines charges depends on the destination, date, and new ticket type.
  • Whether the passenger has a refundable fare or a non-refundable fare, the passenger is expected to pay the flight change fee,
  • If the passenger changes to a more expensive fare, then apart from the change fee, the passenger must also pay the fare difference. While rebooking with a lower fare, the refund will be transferred to the passenger.
  • A refund for the fare difference will process within 7-8 days in your original mode of payment.

Flight change policy for different fare classes

Here’s a brief for the change in flight policy that applies to different classes of Lufthansa Airlines:

Economy Light: As per the Lufthansa Airlines change flight guidelines, all economy light fares are not eligible for changes or cancellations. The Economy light fare of Lufthansa Airlines is known to be one of the most restrictive fare types. 

Economy Classic: Passengers with economy classic fares can change the flight upto 24 hours before the flight’s departure. Lufthansa Airlines won’t charge any change fee for Economy Classic fares. Instead, passengers are required to pay the fare difference.

Economy Flex: All passengers with Economy Flex fares can make the changes upto 24 hours before the flight’s departure. Similarly, like the economy classic fare, there are no change fee charges associated with this fare as well. But the passenger must pay the fare difference between the original and new booking made with Lufthansa Airline. Lufthansa Airlines allows seat selection without any charges for the Economy Flex fare. 

Steps to change flight with Lufthansa Airlines 

Lufthansa Airlines has made the process of changing flights easy and quick. Passengers can change flights with Lufthansa Airlines through various channels without adjusting to their comfort.

Change flight through the website of Lufthansa Airlines 

Passengers can access the main website of Lufthansa Airlines to make changes to their flights.

  1. Visit the website on 
  2. Log in to your Lufthansa account using the credentials.
  3. Search for “My Bookings.”
  4. Fill in your booking ID number and the scheduled date of traveling.
  5. Click on the booking you want to modify.
  6. Check the eligibility for the desired changes.
  7. Make the desired changes, and pay the Lufthansa Airlines charge fees for making a new booking.

Change flight on a phone call

Another easy-to-use method for changing the flight on Lufthansa Airlines is by calling the reservation desk of Lufthansa Airlines:

  1. Dial the Lufthansa change flight number 1 (800) 645-3880.
  2. Now you have to share the traveling details, such as the booking id number and the passenger’s last name, with the live agent of Lufthansa Airlines.
  3. Inform the agent about the changes you want to make with your Lufthansa Airlines booking. 
  4. The agent will share the payment link if any change fee or fare difference is applicable.
  5. Make the payment and retrieve your new booking with Lufthansa Airlines.

Charges to change flights with Lufthansa Airlines 

If the passenger proceeds with the change flight feature within 24 hours of booking, the airline won’t apply any change fee. But after 24 hours, the airline may imply some charges as a change fee to be paid by the passenger.

Here’s a table with the Lufthansa Airlines changes fees that may incur:

Fare Class Change Fee (Approximately)
Economy Classic$0 up to 24 hours before departure
Economy Classic$300 after 24 hours before departure
Economy Flex$0 up to 24 hours before departure
Economy Flex$750 after 24 hours before departure

Note: The charges mentioned above are subject to changes depending on the airline’s policy. So it’s best to contact the airline to confirm the charges for changing flights.


Can I change my flight to a different destination?

Yes, passengers can change their flight to a different destination. However, the airline may charge a fare difference between the original and new flights booked. Passengers can use the Lufthansa online rebooking tool to get more information and estimation of the cost.

How far in advance can I change my flight?

Lufthansa Airlines allows the passenger to change the flight until the scheduled departure. But if you want to change your reservation to a different destination, you may need to change your ticket more than 24 hours in advance.

What if my flight was canceled through the airline?

In case of cancellation through the airline, the passenger is eligible for a full refund or rebooking without any additional charges. Contacting the customer care department of the airline can be the best option.

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