Change A Lot Polish Airlines Flight

Lot Polish Change Flight Policy

Get ready for a smoother ride with the revamped LOT Polish Airlines change flight policy. Life’s full of surprises, and your travel plans can easily roll with them. Whether you want to adjust your dates or take a different route, the airline’s change flight policy covers you. Enjoy the freedom to travel your way.

Rules and Regulations of LOT Polish Airlines Change Flight Policy

The airline can assist the passenger in changing flights only when they abide by some rules and regulations that come with the flight change policy. All the associated rules and regulations of the flight change policy are mentioned down below:

  1. Following the change flight policy of the airline, only the fares directly brought from any reservation methods qualify for the flight change policy.
  2. In case of bookings made with a third-party agency, passengers need to contact the agency’s agent to change the flight. 
  3. The airline permits route changes in the case of a change from an international flight to an international flight. Similarly, for the domestic flight, the flight can be changed to another domestic flight.
  4. The service is not included in your reservation for passengers with a pet reservation. For this, you must get in touch with the customer care department of the airline.
  5. If the passenger is travelling with a pet, they must check the availability of seats with pets on another flight. If the seats are unavailable, the airline may be unable to change the flight.
  6. Some of the itineraries with many combinations can be changed through online mode. To change such itineraries, passengers must contact the airline’s customer care executive or live agent to modify the itinerary. 
  7. Apart from the LOT Polish Airlines change flight process, passengers can amend their name and contact details on the itinerary. 
  8. The airline may or may not implement some change flight fees to change the flight. But passengers are always entitled to pay the fare difference between the initial and original booking. 
  9. The airline also provides passengers with a form to complete the change flight process of the airline.

Steps to Change Flight with LOT Polish Airlines 

To ensure a hassle-free and seamless flight change, the airline has provided several channels for passengers to change their flights. From online to offline mode, you can use any mode to change your flight depending on your comfort and convenience. 

Change Flight Online 

To change flights online using the airline’s official website, passengers can follow the steps below for reference.

  1. Visit the official website of the airline at
  2. An option labelled “Manage Booking” appears on the airline’s home page.
  3. Click on the option to make changes to your flight. 
  4. Once you click, a page with some blank required fields appears on your screen. 
  5. Fill in all the necessary details to retrieve your booking with the airline.
  6. Once you retrieve all the bookings made, select the flight you want to change.
  7. Now click “Change Flight” and check for the available flight options.
  8. Choose the most preferred flight and make the payment for the change flight penalty.
  9. After successfully paying the change flight fees, the airline will share the confirmation of the new itinerary on your registered contact details.

Change Flight Offline

Passengers can also connect with the customer care executive of the airline to change their flight. Follow these steps to change a flight on a phone call.

  1. Dial up the LOT Polish Airlines change the flight phone number 1 (212) 789-0970
  2. Try to connect with the live agent of the airline.
  3. While waiting to connect with the customer care executive of the airline, you can keep your booking details ready as you will need it during the change flight process.
  4. Inform the agent about your intentions to change the flight.
  5. Seek information with the agent regarding the available flight options.
  6. To complete the LOT Polish Airlines change flight process pay the change flight fee and the applicable fare difference. 

Change Flight at the Airport 

Are there any last-minute changes you want to make to your bookings? Don’t worry you can change the flight with the airline at the airport as well

  1. If you are already at the airport, navigate the airline’s reservation desk.
  2. Connect with the agent at the reservation desk to seek assistance in the flight change process.
  3. The airline may provide you with the form to change the flight, and you can fill out the form.
  4. Enquire about the applicable change flight fee and fare difference (if any), make the payment, and you are all done.

LOT Polish Airlines Change Flight Fees 

The airline can charge a minimal amount to change the flight. These charges are decided after going through several parameters like the terms and conditions of the fare and the time of flight change. The charges are relatively higher if the passenger changes flights while departure is approaching.

  1. The airline waives the change flight penalty for all the refundable fares.
  2. To change the non-refundable fare, the airline charges approximately EUR 30.
  3. Interestingly, passengers are advised to use travel insurance if they don’t want to pay any change flight penalty.
  4. The changes made within 24 hours of booking are not charged.


Why can’t I change my reservation with LOT Polish Airlines?

The airline won’t allow you to change your flight if the terms and conditions of your fare don’t permit you to. Moreover, the airline won’t initiate the change in flight policy for tickets booked with a third-party agency.

Can I change my flight date within 24 hours of booking with LOT Polish Airlines?

Yes, the 24 hours of time within the booking is considered to be a risk-free period. Passengers can make dates or any either changes during this portal without any charges. 

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