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Jetstar Airways Change flight policy

Changing plans always turn out to be dramatic for travelers, and it becomes more problematic if passengers have a flight booking. The first question is, “Can I change the date and time of my flight?” This Airline has made it easier and more flexible to change flights without surprises. However, Jetstar Airways change flight policy has certain guidelines and restrictions that passengers must re-check before moving further.

Jetstar Change Flight Policy Details

Below are the all initial terms for changing Jetstar flights:

Jetstar Flight Change Policy for Different Fares

Undoubtedly, Jetstar provides passengers with an opportunity to tailor their journey according to their plans. But there are also certain guidelines depending on the type of fare. Every fare comes with different rules and regulations, so the passenger must know the applied rules on their fare to avoid any last-moment surprise. 

Below, passengers can find details of change flight policy related to each fare Jetstar offers for their journey. 

Type of Fare Time/ Date ChangeOrigin/Destination changeChange Fees and fare difference 
Starter Fare Rules Permitted Not permitted (allowed only for fares bought with Farecredit)Both Change fees and fare differences are applicable 
Starter Flex Permitted Not Permitted Both change fees and fare differences are applicable 
Starter Plus Permitted Not Permitted Both change fees and fare differences are applicable 
Starter MaxPermitted Permitted Only fare difference is applicable 
Business Class Permitted Permitted Only Fare difference is applicable 
Business Class MaxPermitted Permitted Only fare difference is applicable 

Flight change deadline and contact Information

  1. Following the Jetstar Airways change flight feature, passengers can only change the flight within 24 hours of booking until the flight’s scheduled departure.
  2. This Airline expects the passenger to make the permitted change before the end of the day of the original scheduled departure.
  3. Passengers can use various channels, including the online website of the airline, get in touch with the customer care executive of the airline, or visit the reservation desk at the airport to contact and change flights booked on Jetstar.
  4. Passengers can also contact the airline’s customer care department or visit the website if they want any add-ons or want preferred seats for their trip. 

Steps to Change Jetstar Flight

This Airline provides different channels for passengers to change their flight according to their travel needs. Most used methods are scripted down below, along with their process. You can choose from them depending on your convenience and comfort.

Change flight online 

  1. Visit the portal at
  2. Click on the option labeled “Menu,” appearing in the top right corner.
  3. In the drop-down menu, you can see the option of “Manage Booking.”
  4. Once you click on the “Manage Booking” option, the airline will ask you to provide the passenger’s reference number and surname.
  5. Now you can select the flight you want to make changes with.
  6. Check for the available flight options to switch your original booking with.
  7. Check for the change fee and fare difference applicable for changing the flight.
  8. Pay for the charges and the difference. The airline will share the new itinerary with you.

Change flight offline 

  1. Call Jetstar Airways change flight phone number to +1866 397 8170 (toll-free) or +613 9645 5999 (charges may apply).
  2. Wait until you are connected with the live agent. 
  3. Share all the booking details with the agent of the airline.
  4. Check the available flight options for the desired changes.
  5. Enquire about the change fees or fare difference applicable to changing your flight.
  6. Pay and the airline will share the new itinerary with you. 
Other contact numbers
Country Contact Number 
Australia 131 538
Cambodia +855 92 398 333
+613 9645 5999
China 4001 201 260
+613 9645 5999
Hong Kong SAR+852 3192 7451
+613 9645 5999
Taiwan +00801 852 015
+613 9645 5999

If you cannot find your region in the list above, you can visit the “Contact Numbers” page on the official website of Jetstar Airways.

Charges to Change Flights

Jetstar charges change fees depending on the channel the passenger chooses to change the flight. Apart from the Jetstar Airways change fees, passengers are also expected to pay the fare difference between the original booking and the new scheduled flight. 

  • For flights changes on call- USD 90
  • For flight changes through the website- USD 65

One-hour Quick Fix policy 

Several times, the passenger accidentally books a flight for the wrong date or destination. For this uninvited situation, Jetstar has developed a “One-hour Quick Fix Policy” that can be used by the passenger.

Using this feature of the airline, passengers can make changes to their booking without any additional charges. 

Who can use the One-hour Quick Fix policy?

This feature is currently available for domestic flights in Australia and New Zealand and for all Jetstar international flights. The list includes connecting flights to or from a Jetstar Asia (3K) or Jetstar Japan (GK) flight.

Changes allowed under One-Hour Quick Fix

Jetstar allows several changes under the One-Hour Quick Fix, but only a few can be done through the airline’s official website. For the other changes, passengers must call the airline’s customer care department.

Type of Change Through the Website On the phone call
Changes to origins and destNot Allowed Allowed
Changes to origins and destinations
Not Allowed Allowed 
Reverse city swap Not Allowed Allowed 
Change fare or bundle type
Not Allowed Allowed 


Can you switch to an earlier flight with Jetstar Airways?

Yes, you can switch to an earlier flight. But remember that the same-day change with Jetstar is subject to change fees. Adding to it further, you can be rebooked on an earlier flight after checking the availability of seats.

How long can you change your flight date with Jetstar Airways?

Jetstar Airlines allows passengers to change flights until airport check-in opens for their flight. You can make modifications to your flight by using. changed flight policy Jetstar.

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