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Fiji Airways change flight policy

In a world where change is the only constant, Fiji Airways has redefined the concept of flight flexibility. Imagine yourself at the helm of limitless possibilities, where the ever-shifting winds of travel plans are effortlessly accommodated. In the spirit of adventure and the quest for seamless journeys, the airline has introduced a flight change policy that mirrors the vastness of the Pacific horizon. Prepare for a thrilling journey into innovation, where your travel dreams can take flight at a moment’s notice, and spontaneity becomes your reliable co-pilot. Welcome to Fiji Airways Change Flight Policy – where your adventure knows no bounds!

A Guide for Fiji Airways Change Flight Policy 

Here’s the comprehensive guide on Fiji Airways Change Flight Policy. Navigating flight changes can be a complex process, but understanding the guidelines and procedures set forth by Fiji Airways can make it a smoother experience.

  1. Following the flight change policy of the airline, all the tickets directly purchased from the airline are eligible for the change policy.
  2. A change fee will be charged for any modifications to your flight.
  3. An additional fee will be incurred if you fail to rebook your flight within 72 hours of canceling a segment.
  4. Not all flights are eligible for changes through the online system.
  5. To determine eligibility, please input your booking details on the left side panel of the Fiji Airways website.
  6. Limitations:
    • Changes cannot be made online if:
    • Your flight was booked through a travel agent.
    • You have a multi-city itinerary with stopovers.
    • You have already commenced your travel.
    • Passengers have any used segment of the airfare.
    • Your booking does not have an associated email address.

Flight Change Policy as per the Fare Type

The Fiji Airways Change Flight process may vary depending on the fare type. You can check below the change flight policy for various ticket types.

Ticket Changes: Flexible Updates 24 Hours or More Before Departure

If you need to make changes to your ticket and you have a “Flexible Updates 24 Hours or More Before Departure” option, here’s how you can proceed:

  • BULA SAVER & SPECIAL: This type of fare comes with less flexibility. Moreover, passengers can only change their airfare within the same fare class, and changes are limited.
  • BULA PLUS: The fare type comes with unlimited flight change options. Passengers with this fare can make unlimited changes to their flights and plans.
  • BIZ SAVER: More than 24 hours before your flight, you can switch your ticket to the Biz Saver option.
  • BIZ PLUS: Passengers holding the Biz plus fares are permitted for unlimited changes.

Ticket Changes Within 24 Hours of Departure

If you need to change your ticket within 24 hours of departure, most airlines have specific policies and procedures for such situations. Here are the general steps you should follow:

BULA SAVER & SPECIAL: Following the Fiji Airways change flight policy, passengers having Bula Saver and special fare can change the fare to the same, but after paying the change flight fees.

BULA PLUS: This fare permits unlimited changes without any additional charges.

BIZ SAVER: Passengers are eligible to make changes after making the payment for the change flight fees. 

Steps to Change Flight with Fiji Airways 

Depending on the passengers’ choice, they can either use the online or offline method to change the flight. 

Change Flight Online 

To change flights online, follow these steps:

  1. Navigate to the Fiji Airways website and locate the “Manage Your Booking” tab.
  2. Input your booking reference number and last name into the designated fields, then click “Search.”
  3. You’ll encounter a “Change Flight” button if your booking qualifies for online modifications. Press this to initiate the alteration process.
  4. Choose the desired new flight date and time. Depending on your fare type, you can also modify your departure or arrival cities.
  5. Review the alteration details thoroughly and proceed to pay the applicable alteration fee.
  6. After successfully submitting the change fee, your new flight will be confirmed, and you’ll receive an email confirmation containing the updated flight particulars.

Change Flight Offline 

Passengers can change flights via phone call as well. To change flights via phone call, passengers can follow the steps mentioned below:

  1. Dial the Fiji Airways change flight phone number at 1 800 227 4446 (For US) during operational hours.
  2. Have your booking reference number accessible, found on your flight confirmation email or on the Fiji Airways website.
  3. Inform the reservations agent about your intention to change your flight and provide your booking reference number and the specifics of the change you wish to make.
  4. The agent will verify if the requested change is possible and provide information about associated costs, especially if changing to a more expensive flight requires payment of the fare difference.
  5. Upon confirmation of the change, the agent will proceed to update your booking. You will then receive a new flight confirmation email reflecting the updated details.

Charges to Change Flight with Fiji Airways 

If you’re considering changing your flight reservation, knowing the associated ticket change fees is important. The Fiji Airways change fees vary depending on the currency in which your ticket was purchased. Here is a breakdown of the ticket change fees in different currencies:

Charges for BULA SAVER & SPECIAL         

  • Australian Dollar (AUD): AUD $130
  • New Zealand Dollar (NZD): NZD $130
  • Fijian Dollar (FJD): FJD $150
  • United States Dollar (USD): USD $150
  • Canadian Dollar (CAD): CAD $150
  • Hong Kong Dollar (HKD): HKD $680
  • Singapore Dollar (SGD): SGD $110
  • Japanese Yen (JPY): JPY 15,000

Charges for BIZ SAVER

  • Australian Dollar (AUD): $130
  • New Zealand Dollar (NZD): $130
  • Fijian Dollar (FJD):  $150
  • United States Dollar (USD):$150
  • Canadian Dollar (CAD):$150
  • Hong Kong Dollar (HKD): $680
  • Singapore Dollar (SGD): $110
  • Japanese Yen (JPY): 15,000


How many times can I change my flight with Fiji Airways without any charges?

Following the changed flight policy of the airline, few fares can be changed once without any charges, and some are permitted for unlimited changes. It is advisable to cross-check with the airline’s agent.

What happens if I miss my flight instead of changing it with Fiji Airways?

In case the passenger misses the flight without canceling it, then the whole value of the airfare will be forfeited. It is better to either cancel the flight or change it.

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