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Brussels Airlines change flight Policy

Enter the world of Brussels Airlines, where even the slightest changes in your travel plans are met with flexibility and understanding. The Brussels Airlines change flight policy allows you to easily adjust your journey to accommodate life’s unexpected twists. Whether you’re drawn to new horizons or suddenly want to explore, know that with this airline, adjusting your travel route is as easy as a river flowing along its path and as freeing as a traveller leaving their footprints on shifting sands.

An Overview of the Brussels Airlines Change Flight Policy

The airline’s flight change policy is made to provide assistance and flexibility to the passengers even if they are looking forward to modifying their itinerary. However, there are a few points that the passenger must consider before initiating the change flight policy with the airline.

  • The change policy of the airline states that passengers can make changes to their itinerary within 24 hours of booking to save themselves from any higher change flight penalties.
  • The changes done by the passenger are only permitted after the successful payment of the change flight penalty.
  • When tickets are booked as a group, passengers must separate individual tickets to make changes. Change fees are applicable only for individual tickets, not the entire group.
  • Passengers who change their flight after paying for an upgrade will receive a refund for the upgrade amount.
  • Passengers must pay an extra flight fare for making changes, regardless of any free change period.
  • If the new flight cost exceeds the previous one, passengers must cover the price difference themselves.
  • Following the Brussels Airlines change flight process for the flight change after seat upgrade, the passenger can request the airline to refund the amount charged to upgrade the class or seat. For a complimentary upgrade, the airline may withdraw it during the rebooking with a new flight.

Steps to Change Flight with Brussels Airlines 

Now that you have an overview of the change flight policy of the airlines, you may wonder what are the steps to change a flight. So for you, the airline has made several user-friendly windows to change the flight. 

Here are the various channels and the steps involved in changing a flight with the airline.

Change Flight Online 

The airline has made a user-oriented website for passengers to change their flights. Through this website, passengers can change their flights seamlessly.

  1. Visit the main website of the airline 
  2. You can retrieve your booking using your Travel id or the booking code. You can also directly visit the “Manage Booking” section to change flights.
  3. Once you have retrieved your booking, choose the flight you want to change.
  4. Search and click on the “Change Flight” option.
  5. The airline will share the list of available flight options.
  6. Check for the change flight fee and the fare difference (if any).
  7. Make the payment to confirm the flight change with the airline. 

Change Flight via Phone Call

If you feel the airline’s online website is confusing, you can also opt to contact the airline’s customer care department to change your flight. To change the flight on a phone call, follow the below-provided steps:

  1. Call on the Brussels Airline change flight phone number 866-308-2230 (United States).
  2. Wait until you are connected with the live agent of the airline to change the flight.
  3. As soon you are connected with the customer care executive of the airline, share all the flight details.
  4. With the provided credential, the airline agent will retrieve your bookings.
  5. Enquire about the available flight to change your flight with.
  6. The airline’s agent may ask you to pay for the flight change and the fare difference between the original and new bookings.
  7. To confirm the booking you have to pay the charges. Once you make the payment, the airline will share the new itinerary details with you. 

Change Flight at the Airport

If you prefer to go with the traditional method of changing flights, you can also opt to change the flight at the airport.

  1. Visit the nearby airport.
  2. Locate the reservation/support desk of the airline to seek assistance in changing the flight process.
  3. Share all the booking and travelling details with the airline’s agent so that your bookings can be retrieved.
  4. Convey the suitable date and time to the agent so that you can get details about the available flight options with preferred seats.
  5. Select the flight that fits your changed plans, and you find it suitable to switch your original bookings.
  6. Once done with selecting the new flight, enquire about the change penalty fees.
  7. Pay the change flight charges and the fare difference between the original and new booking to confirm your reservation.
  8. Once done with the payment, the airline will share the new itinerary on your registered email address. 

Charges to Change Flight with Brussels Airlines 

  • The airline charges fees to change flights but depends on the fare’s terms and conditions, the route the flight is operating on and the time the passenger chooses to change the flight.
  • Apart from the change fees, the airline also charges the fare difference if the passenger opts to switch to a flight with much more expensive fares.
  • If the passenger opts to change the flight by contacting the customer care department, approximately 40 EUR will be charged as service charges.
  • The airline charges the entire ticket amount as a change fee for the basic ticket fare holder. 
  • A Brussels Airlines change fee of 30 EUR is applied to change the date with the airline.


How many times can I change my flight with Brussels Airlines?

The airline allows passengers to change their flight booking up to 2 times. However, a higher change penalty fee will be charged to the passenger for more changes.

How can I pay for the Brussels Airlines flight change?

The airline accepts several payment methods like credit/debit cards, PayPal and bank transfers to make it easier and more flexible for the passenger. If you are changing flights at the airport, you can also pay in cash.

What is the deadline to change a flight with Brussels Airlines?

The deadline to change the flight with the airline depends on the terms and conditions of the fare type. It is advisable to check the eligibility of your airfare. You can also directly connect with the airline to confirm the deadline. 

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