Change A British Airways Flight

British Airways Change Flight Policy

Introduce yourself to the amazing British Airways change flight policy and get more control over your travel plans. Embrace spontaneity and seize new opportunities worry-free while reveling in various perks offered by the airline. Fly in confidence knowing this air carrier has your back at all times. 

British Airways Change Flight Policy Details

Below are the all initial terms for changing British Airways Flights:

Procedure For Changing Your Flight With British Airways

The air carrier allows you to make changes to your flight journey up to 14 days before the departure. You can carry out this procedure by contacting the call center of the airline and paying a fee for the same. 

  • The number at which you can connect is 1-800-247-9297. The call center is open from 7 am to 1 am Eastern Standard Time daily. 
  • Keep your booking reference ready and dial the British Airways change flight phone number on your mobile device. 
  • Tap on the right key by following the IVR prompts. 
  • Once you connect with the representative, explain the reason for your flight change.
  • The personnel will begin the process and ask you to pay the required amount. After the completion of your payment, your flight will be changed. 
  • You will receive a new flight ticket to your registered email address from the carrier in a short duration. 

Charges For Flight Change With British Airways

The price you have to pay for changing your flight itinerary will vary as per the type of your booked ticket. It will also depend on your departure country, the currency you booked in, and any conditions on your extra purchased products. 

Any changes you make are subject to availability. The representative with whom you connected will tell you whether you can fly on a different departure date, add any extra passengers, or transfer your booking.

In case you want to change your car rental reservation, remove any extras, etc. your booking will be re-priced. The price that will increase will be added to your applicable British Airways change fees. And any decrease in the price will be refunded to you accordingly. 

Policy For Flight Change With British Airways

Go through a few terms and conditions that you need to follow while making changes to your flight itinerary. 

  • The penalty associated with your British Airways change flight might increase as your departure date approaches. So, it is important that you contact the carrier as soon as possible. 
  • Canceling your flight after making changes to it will not provide you with any refund. 
  • The charges you have to pay for the flight changes will be calculated from the date on which the carrier received your request.


What happens if British Airways changes my flight?

The carrier reserves the right to make any minor changes to your booking details at any time. And you will be informed within a reasonable time. You can either accept the flight change or cancel your whole itinerary. The airline will refund you the paid amount within 7 days of your request.

Can I change my British Airways flight by paying with Avios?

Unfortunately, the airline does accept Avios as a form of payment. That means you cannot make any changes to your flight by paying with Avios. You have to pay with other methods of payment that this carrier allows. You can check more information about this concern at the official website of the airline. And also by contacting the customer care department.

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