Change A Bearskin Airlines Flight

Bearskin Airlines Change Flight Policy

Be the captain of your travel plans and itinerary with Bearskin Airlines change flight policy. Picture a realm of boundless horizons where your journey obeys your command. No more rigid routes as the reimagined policy bends and flexes with your evolving itinerary. Sudden whims or serendipitous fancies, your flights dance to your tune. Glide through changes seamlessly, embracing a newfound dominion over your travel trajectory. So, get ready to harness a travel encounter where the ordinary is left behind, and the extraordinary becomes the norm. 

What are the Terms and Conditions of Bearskin Change Flight Policy?

It is essential to check the terms and conditions of the change flight policy before proceeding with the process of flight change. By going through the terms and conditions, passengers can get a clear idea of all the details and perks of the flight change policy.

  1. The airline allows passengers to change anytime before the flight’s scheduled departure. 
  2. Changing flights within 24 hours of booking may not incur any change flight penalty. But after the 24-hour portal, the airline may ask the passenger to pay the flight change fees.
  3. The medium to change flight should be the same as the booking medium. For instance, if passengers book a flight online, they are supposed to change the flight through the online portal.
  4. The flight change policy of Bearskin may vary depending on the terms and conditions of the fare.
  5. The airline provides a complimentary flight change facility for some of the fares.
  6. In addition to the flight change fees, the charges for the fare difference are also applicable to change the flight.

Bearskin Airlines Change Flight Policy for different Fares 

The change flight policy of the airline may vary depending on the fare type and terms and conditions of the airfare. It is always best to refer to the eligibility and restrictions of the airfare. 

However, we have made it easier for you as we have gathered the information regarding flight changes for different fares the airline provides to the passengers. 

Fixed Fares 

  • The holders of fixed fares can change the flight anytime before the scheduled departure with a change fee. The change fee applies per direction and individual.
  • The fixed fares bought by the passenger can go through same-day airport change.
  • Fixed Fare holders are eligible for a complimentary airport standby on an earlier flight.

Flex Fares 

  • Similarly, the Fixed fare holders of flex fares can change the flight before the scheduled departure of the flight but with a change flight fee. 
  • The flex fare of the airline is also eligible for same-day airport changes.
  • The airline offers a complimentary same-day airport standby on earlier flights.

Plus Fares 

  • Holders of Plus fares are eligible for anytime change fee without any charges. The flight change feature is complimentary for Plus Fare buyers.
  • The same-day airport change and airport standby on earlier flights are also complimentary for passengers with Plus Fares.

Freedom Fares 

  • Per the Bearskin Airlines change flight policy, there are no charges to change the flight for Freedom Fare holders.
  • Among all the other fares provided by the airline Freedom Fare is the most flexible fare that comes with many complementary features like flight change, same-day airport change and same-day airport standby on an earlier flight.

Steps to Change Flight with Bearskin Airlines 

The airline provides both online and offline modes to change the flight. The steps to change flights from online and offline mode are briefed down below. In case you need to change flights with the airline and you are not aware of the steps, then refer to the points below:

Change Flight Online 

If you have booked your flight through the airline’s website, you should change your flight by accessing the airline’s official website.

  1. Access the main website of the airline at 
  2. The option labeled as “Modify Reservations” appears on the screen, click on it. 
  3. To retrieve your booking, either fill in the reservation number and last name or login into your account (for passengers with an account).
  4. Choose the flight you want to change.
  5. Make the selection from the available flights with elect seats. If you don’t find your favourite spot then you can also upgrade your seat with Bearskin.
  6. The airline will ask you to pay the change flight fee (depending on the type of airfare).
  7. Confirm and make the payment to change your flight.

Change Flight Offline 

Passengers who have either used some portion of the airfare or bought it from the reservation counter of the airline need to change the flight via phone.

  1. Call on Bearskin Airlines change the flight phone number to 1-800-465-2327.
  2. Connect with the reservation executive of the airline.
  3. Share all the flight and travelling details with the airline so that they can easily retrieve your bookings.
  4. Check for the available flight options with the airline’s agent.
  5. Choose the flight that suits you the best.
  6. Enquire about the change fees and pay the amount if there are any.
  7. Once you make the payment, the agent will share the confirmation of the flight change with you.

Charges to Change Flight with Bearskin Airlines 

Fare Types Change Flight FeesSame-Day Changes Same Day change to an earlier flight 
Fixed Fares $50 per direction + fare difference$150Complimentary
Flex Fares $30 per direction + fare difference$75Complimentary 
Plus Fares complimentary + fare differenceComplimentary Complimentary 
Freedom FaresComplimentary 

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