Cancel An United Airlines Flight

United Airlines Cancellation Policy

Among the airlines, one name, United Airlines, stands out for its dedication to enhancing the traveller’s journey. Additionally, the United Airlines Cancellation Policy of the airline can be the most helpful policy when the plan doesn’t work the way you expected it to. If you have made any bookings with the airline and want to change your plan, then the cancellation policy described below can be useful.

Important Points Under United Airlines Cancellation Policy 

Before moving ahead with the cancellation policy, passengers must be aware of certain rules and regulations that are applicable to make cancellations

Passengers must have a look at the points jotted down below to understand better the working of the cancellation policy

  • As per the cancellation policy, all the passengers who opt to cancel the flight within 24 hours of booking are eligible for a full refund. 
  • The 24-hour cancellation policy applies to standard economy, premium cabin tickets, and Basic Economy tickets.
  • A cancellation fee may apply after the 24-hour cancellation period to cancel the flight booked. 
  • The cancellation fees depend on the type and class of fare. So it is always recommended that the passenger gets in touch with the customer care department to confirm the charges if cancelling after 24 hours.

What are the steps to cancel a flight on United Airlines? 

The airlines provide several ways to make it easier for the passenger to cancel the flight in a few simple steps. Either the passenger can do it on their own using the online mode, or they can get in touch with the agent at the airline.

To move further with the United Airlines Cancel the Flight policy,  passengers can follow any of the methods mentioned below, along with their steps.

Cancel flight through the Online Mode

Using the online portal to cancel the flight can be most convenient for the passenger. In a few simple steps, passengers can cancel the flight from their comfort zone

  1. Visit the official website of the airline at 
  2. At the top, you can see the option of “My Trips.”
  3. Click on the option and fill in the credentials to retrieve your booking details.
  4. Now select the flight you want to cancel from the options available.
  5. Make the payment for the cancellation charges (if applicable)
  6. The airline will cancel the booking made for your journey. 

Cancel the flight on a Phone Call. 

If you feel that the online method to cancel the flight is quite tricky and confusing, you can connect with the agency’s customer care department and ask them to cancel the flight for you.

  1. You can call the United Airlines flight cancellation phone at 1 (800) 864-8331 or 1-888-990 2621.
  2. Share all the flight and booking details with the agent.
  3. The agent will cancel the flight on your behalf.
  4. Enquire about the cancellation charges from the agent and the refund for the remaining balance.
  5. Once cancelled, the confirmation will be shared on your registered mail.

Cancel the flight at the Airport 

If you have arrived at the airport to board the plane and now some unexpected changes arise on your way. Still, you can use the United Airlines Cancellation Policy at the airport to cancel the flight booked for your trip.

  1. Locate the United reservation desk at the airport.
  2. Contact the agent and ask them to complete the United Airlines Cancellation Policy on your behalf.
  3. The agent may provide you with a form to fill out for cancellation or ask you for certain details needed to cancel the flight.
  4. Complete all the paperwork to cancel the flight.
  5. Once done, you will receive the confirmation mail on your registered mail id. 

United Airlines Cancellation Policy according to the fare type 

The airline’s cancellation policy may differ depending on the type of fare purchased by the passenger. To get a brief clarity about the terms and conditions of the cancellation policy associated with different fares, passengers can look at the below-mentioned points.

Basic Economy Ticket 

The airline has set specific guidelines for cancelling a basic economy ticket. You are allowed to cancel the ticket within 24 hours of purchase, but this option is only available if the ticket was bought at least one week prior to the scheduled departure date.

Non-Refundable Ticket 

If you decide to cancel a non-refundable ticket after more than 24 hours since booking, you still have the opportunity to do so. However, instead of receiving a cash refund, you will be given a complete refund in the form of flight credit. This credit can then be utilised for your future travels.

Refundable Ticket 

When you buy a refundable ticket, you can cancel it before your flight takes off.  By doing so, you can claim a full refund from the airline for your flight cancellation.

Charges to Cancel Flight on United Airlines 

Below  is a brief about the charges to cancel the flight with United:

  • The airline doesn’t charge any money to cancel non-refundable, refundable and award tickets.
  • In case the passenger isn’t able to board the flight and doesn’t changes or cancel it, then the airline may treat the passenger as a “no-show.” the airline $125 in case of a “no-show” for all the status levels.
  • General Members, Premier Silver, Premier Gold, Premier Platinum, and Premier 1k can cancel with redeposit without any charges. However, the charge for the “no-show” is $125.

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