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Singapore Airlines Cancellation Policy

Venturing into a journey with Singapore Airlines unveils unmatched elegance and top-notch services and facilities. Amidst the unpredictability of travel, the Singapore Airlines Cancellation Policy emerges as a safeguard of flexibility and understanding. Just stick to the terms and conditions of the cancellation policy, and you can cancel your flight without any extra losses. In plan to cancel your flights with this airline? Continue reading, and you will find answers to your every question.

What are the Terms and Conditions of Singapore Airlines Cancellation Policy?

  1. The fares directly purchased from the airline’s website or through the reservation desk are eligible to be cancelled by the airline.
  2. The cancellation policy allows the passenger to cancel the unused part of the itinerary and claim a refund. However, the terms and conditions of the fare will be applicable in the same case.
  3. Bookings made with the partnered airlines are also entitled to cancellation with the airline.
  4. Per the Singapore Airlines cancel flight policy, the airline won’t take any action to cancel the fare booked from any third-party agent or website. For cancellations of fares bought from external sources, the passengers must contact the third-party agent.
  5. For the flights originating to/from Italy, the airline has some specific terms and conditions associated. The airline’s official website shows the terms and conditions of the flights operating to/from Italy. 
  6. For the fares of flights operating to/from the USA, passengers can cancel the flight within 24 hours or book to waive the cancellation charges. To claim a full refund from the airline, the passenger must cancel with their local airline office.
  7. The airline allows cancellation with partnered airlines as well. However, the cancellation made for the fare bought with the partnered airline applies to the whole itinerary and all the passengers included on the reservation.

Methods to Cancel Flight with Singapore Airlines 

To proceed with the Singapore Airlines cancel flight process, you can use any medium of cancellation, including the airline’s official website, get in touch via phone, or even visit the nearby airport. Steps for all the different cancellation channels are provided below for your reference.

Cancel Flight Online 

The easiest and most convenient way to cancel the flight is by accessing the airline’s main website. Passengers can follow the steps mentioned below if they opt to cancel the flight by visiting the airline’s main website.

  1. Access the main website of the airline at 
  2. Click on “Sign in” or “Log in”.
  3. Use your correct login credentials to access your account.
  4. Navigate to the “Singapore Airlines Cancellations Webpage”.
  5. Enter the required information, like the confirmation number and the passenger’s last name.
  6. Choose the “Flight l Hotel l Car” option.
  7. Look for and click on “Manage Singapore Airlines Reservations”.
  8. Find and click on the link for “Singapore Airlines Cancel Reservation”.
  9. Proceed by clicking on “Manage Reservations”.
  10. Select “Cancel Reservation” from the available options.
  11. The airline will ask you for details, including first name, confirmation number, and last name.
  12. Review the flight details displayed on the screen, then cancel the ticket. 
  13. Now you can choose “Travel Funds” if you want to apply for a refund in the form of travel funds, or else you can select other refund methods.

Cancel Flight on a Phone Call

Apart from the online website of the airline, passengers can also opt to cancel the flight by getting in touch with the agent at the airline. To cancel the flight on a phone call, passengers can follow the steps jotted down below:

  1. Passengers can reach out to the airline’s customer care department by calling +65 6407 5332.
  2. Wait until you are connected with the live agent of the airline. After connecting with the agent, share all the flight details with the agent.
  3. Make it clear to the agent that you want to proceed with the Singapore Airlines cancellation policy. 
  4. Enquire about the cancellation charges of the airline.

Cancel the Flight at the Airport 

  1. Visit the nearby airport and locate the reservation desk of the airline.
  2. Wait until your turn comes to contact the airline’s agent.
  3. Ask the agent to complete the cancellation policy on your behalf. The agent may ask you for certain details to retrieve your booking. Share all the details to move ahead with the cancellation policy.
  4. It is crucial to remember that the airline’s agent will cancel the flight, but certain charges may apply.

Charges to Cancel a Flight with Singapore Airlines 

The charges to cancel a flight are determined by the type of fare and the route the passenger has booked the flight on. Generally, the charges to change a flight can range between $100-$400, depending on the fare type. 

The air carrier also charges for the “no-show.” The no-show fees for different fare types are provided below.

  • The airline charges a no-show fee of $100 for economy class.
  • For Premium Economy Class, the no-show fee charged is $200
  • Lastly, the airline charges $300 as a no-show fee for Business and First Class fare holders.
  • Other charges may apply in addition to the no-show fee with the airline.


How late can I cancel my fare with Singapore Airlines?

The airline allows the passenger to cancel the flight from the initial time of booking up to 24 hours after the scheduled flight departure. The deadline for the flight cancellation is applicable on international and domestic flights.

Does Singapore Airlines refund unused fare segments upon cancellation?

The refund for the unused portion of the airfare depends on the type of fare purchased. In cases of refundable fares, the whole amount will be refunded, but for non-refundable fares, the refundable taxes will be refunded. 

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